Saturday, January 27, 2007

booo! meeting mummy later to go bugis =D
its been ages since i went there
hope to enjoy myself (:
back to blogging later !

sometimes i really loved to be perfect
but i know its impossible

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

sorry dear for not being able to make u happy most of the time. for most of the quarrels we had so far, i admit i was really dumd and childish. i knew that time and time again you forgave me. im sorry for being such a lousy and petty gf. i hope everyday will be like ytd where you will hug me ard ur arms and whisper those words "i love you" (:

pictures for ytd's steamboat (: sadly i din managed to take alot of pics and can only proudly present one group photo

haf you ever really love & lost somebody
wishing there was a chance to say im sorry

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

the steamboat last night was greattt. i enjoyed myself with dear and the rest alot. (:

they had the things bought. so when they reached, we went preparing the food and all. after much preparation, its time to start! (: everyone was so high and were talking on th top of their voice. LMAO. it was really fun. after eating so much, we were really full. so vien and ah min entertained us by their funny actions. it was really very funny. i almost die of laughter.

cleared up time! everything was cleared in 15mins time. then we went to take grp photo. and aft which we surprised dear with her fruit cake. she pretended to her surprised LMAO. after cutting cake, they played ard with th cake and i got some as well on my face. how unlucky. then went to wash up and stuff and some of them left.

the rest of us stayed back in dear's room and played mahjong and slack. they had such a fun time laughing at some people's friendster. LOL. glad that dear enjoyed herself and loveee the present i gave her (: really love that moment so much. cause dear kept on hugging me th way i really loved to be hugged ((: they left at 1 plus and left with me and dear.

both of us were so tired and fell asleep at 2.

a great birthday party and everything went on so fine(: thanks to vivien they all for buying the groceries, chienying for buying the fruit cake. thanks for those who were here. im so glad that dear said that this yr was the yr she had her birthday celebrated so happily. i loveee you! (:

*but somehow today i made dear angry. things happened all because of me. i suck =(

toodles people
in no mood right now =(

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, January 26, 2007

alright im fine after a night's sleeep (:

watched gong for the whole day alr. LMAO. it was superb sad can! hahas and i went tearing cause i really cant take it anymore. reminds me of someone. mom and me had a tiff ytd nite due to some probs.

sorry mom. its not that i don't wanna let you guys know anything. its just that i don't want ur to know also. since its my personal problem i will try and settle it myself. you said you seen me crying every night over the phone and then you cared about me. but then i really don't wan to say wads happening. i will be strong and deal with it. i know you care for me, just that everytime i make you angry, sad and heartbroken. im so sorry. i just hope things between us will be fine.

everything went th wrong way ytd. im fucking sad. it seems like we do haf alot of unsolved problems between us. it takes 2 hands to clap. if we both also don stand behind one step, i guess we'll forever not solve anything. i just need you to be patient and more understanding. im not asking for a 100% you. i know myself too. for mine, i will try to change for th better. i really hope there will be some day we won't quarrel anymore =(

there's steamboat tonight at dear's hse. hee and im so excited. we'll gonna haf lotsa fun later. im so hungry alr. im staying over for th night as well. hope dear like wad im giving her. (:

toodles people!
update later <3

*sometimes i just need you to be a lil of this and that (:

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

alright im sick! booo!

i hate to be sick! cause i cant eat everything that i want to! =( hope i can recover fast and get back to work soon (: argh~ the feeling of being sick is very terrible. don't haf strength to do anything. &&& i feel like vomitting. feel so weak everywhere. =(((

i went this morning. took the bus with ling and i guess my sighness came again. then i went sneezing non stop on th bus. ling was even asking me whether im ok. lol. thanks girl (: well, we were late due to the traffic jam on th way. and josephine was th one who opened the door today! god damn it. & i knew things were going to happen very soon if she's here.

so we went cleaning the shelves and mirrors and glass. she went ard inspecting for sure( her fav job). so happened that she called me and complained saying that th glass are not cleaned yet and i hafta wipe the floors where the models are being placed. i was like "wth, did u jus asked me to clean that?" seriously for all the housekeeping, we haf nvr really clean in this manner and i guess everyone in th shop was so irritated by her fussy-ness. she kept on picking on everyone so tell me who can stand her?! LOL.

worked all th way till 3 and i cant tahan anymore. was too sick and requested to leave early. they allow me to. but eleen talk to me bout my health. guess if im falling sick more, than im gonna resign i guess. working hrs are killing me and mom's complaining as well. but if i dun work means no money! i need money to buy CNY clothes, shoes, accesories, make-up etc etc.

i screw things up again. hai =(
toodles people <3

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

things for stuck up again. =(
im sorry

& i cry to myself
toodles people

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

things got stuck up once again. im sorry =(

i don't know why either. everything seems to be my fault again. for the harsh words i've mentioned, im sorry. i din wan things to turn out this way either. you need alot of time to recover and i promise you, i will always be there with you through everything. sorry for hurting you so much. maybe all along was all my fault. im changing for the better now. i hope its not too late. sorry for everything. just hope nothing bad happens again. i wan u to haf a nice friday and saturday (:

i cry to myself
toodles people!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, January 22, 2007

finally im meeting up mummy tmrrrr x)
hoho, i misss her like crazy la (:

hello! i did nth at all today at home! muwahaha. its so nice to be watching vcds all day (: but then good days will be over soon. the horrifying day will come soon. which means im getting my results soon la. i don't even dare to think cause i have no confidence in doing well :x & i don wan to disappoint mom too. may god bless me (:

i cleared up all my junk n my cupboard alr. the feeling is damn shiok. everything is dust free! hehe. new yr is just next mth! im so excited cause i will be meeting all my cousins, friends and everyone! then i gain a few pounds cause i will keep on eating. :x

anyw the above pics are all my colleagues! and they are the crazy bunch and wild ones. i loveeee you guys (:

toodles people!
baby jia you in ur hw ok? <3

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

everything is back to the normal (: thanks dearest!

this few days have been really hard on me and dear. we both were going thru the hardest part of our r/s. glad that we pulled thru and thou at times we both wanted to let go but we still din (: loveeee you dear!

omg! i actually ate so much this few days! i cant believe that im eating mac almost everyday la! so tempted by their potato wedges. haha and i simply cant resist! i had mac for lunch ytd noon and at night, mom packed chicken wings back for us! & i cant resist the temptation so i ate one. and after which i had small lil bars of time out and mars. fucking fat can. =x alright time for some diet alr!

my knee is getting better i guess? doctor says i need to rest well and not strain too much. i also need to take in food which has high in calcium to bulid up my knee. but i cant stand for too long if not i will suffer knee pain again! =x today i wasted one whole morning to go for the x-ray thingy and turned out everything was fine (: but i could haf used the while morning for my beauty slp.

anyw im watching gong again! kaos, its so damn nice and it keeps me watching moreee and moreeee x)

im returning back to work on wed. and no moreee time to watch my gong. but im getting my pay on thur!!!! which means shopping spree. and mom agreed to sponser me money for my CNY clothings and stuff. so damn happy! i lovee you, mom! plus hula & co jus rang me up to call me to go down for interview tmr at 1pm. im pondering whether i shld quit GAP or still stay on =S
cause working in GAP is really stressful. plus my knee isnt that good. maybe i'll jus head for hula&co if im hired. but i will miss alll my colleagues! =(

i shall see how bout it
dear is having her netball match today
i loveee you, dear. all the way (:

toodles people!
i loveee dear and my life now!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

i had a fun day with dearest, xiaoyin, vivien, peggy, cindy and qianying! (:

went off to meet dearest aft her netball and we went her hse. she showered and got prepared while i waited for her. then we went jurong point to meet the rest. on th way, me and dearest had a little conflict but was resolved (: im sorry =( we headed to take th train next to sentosa for photo-taking. the train ride was long and i had a small tiff with dearest again. i was really sad bout it and i texted michy and we had a talk. im so glad i felt better (: thanks dear! dearest came over and appologised and of course not to make things worst, i patch up with her.

we took the monorail express to sentosa. and damn those banglas they are really arse! they can be so sua-ku to not even alight and keep on sitting in the train and take pictures. kaos ehs! went siloso and omg the place changed so much! the beach was so damn fucking nice, i swear! and i loveee the beach loads and trucks! shall call people for tanning soon. tanning anyone? i wanna go siloso!!!! =DDDD but the RAIN spoil everything and got us drenched! omg, we were so sad and we went back to vivo city for window shopping. freezing cold la :x

walked ard, well nth much la. and then walk all the way till habourfront centre when they still thought its vivo la! LOL -.- qianying came and find us after her stuff and we walked and walked and walked. bought lots of stuff to eat and we went to the sky garden! they got themselves so wet and they took a longg time to dry themselves while me and dearest went to Daiso to walk ard. then we headed to cab to dearest hse. (:

had the forever so nice cupe noodles (: *yummy* its been sooo long since we all gather and eat cup noodles. hahas. well, im gonna ton at dearest hse next sat and sun!!!! so anticipating for it =DDDD

i missss all my colleagues! haven been going work for like 3-4 days? on mc lor, hahas cause of my damn kneee. i miss u guys all! i'll be back soon alright? *misses* =)

alright im so happy (:
and i hope everything will be th same forever
i loveeee dearest! =D

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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