Thursday, August 31, 2006


currently at baobei hse =)

tralala today was the FIRST time i found tat dentist are not scary freaks anymore ... i went dental for filling halfway during the celebration and it turn out pretty well . O' right we were damn high during the celebration . screaming our lungs out and cheering out loud lahs . lalala wad a HAPPY teachers day . specially to these teachers miss sim , mr neo , mr chua , miss fong ... =) they are indeed the special teachers in my heart <33

after celebration , headed to pek hse and now slacking . we slept for 2 hrs just now . everyone slept ! lol . was realli damn quiet lahs . but jordan outside singing and woke me up . =/

alright got to go , bye ....

l0ves l0ves to all my girlfriends and yoo =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, August 28, 2006

busy busy busy~
im damn damn damn busy luhs

prelims are just 2 WEEKS away !!!!! oh man, and im rushing my studies until one kind . everyday mugging here and there . prefer to mug by myself and can concentrate better . and im so tired lahs . everyday oso not enough sleep . how wish to have 48 hrs a day . and then i can slp 24 hrs . tralala x)

just a overall summary of wat happen during weekends . saturday, went vien's steamboat . and ate kinda little as didnt really dare to eat much . last time i ate too much and i had diahorrea . so everyone realli enjoyed themselves . and we had so much fun taking pictures together . make some new friends =) and baobei,me,qian,cari and ah pong left at 930 . the bus was damn packed lahs and i didnt pay for the bus fare . x) took mrt home and baobei send me home thru cab . l0ve ya* showered and went to bed . damn tiring *yawns*

sunday i went to baobei hse and look for baobei.vien sleepover at baobei de hse . we had crop ups and we settled it . i was realli mad over there . and den rot till 6 plus and went to find qian qith vien,baobei and jordan . and den went home . tired tired. x)

i wish i have 48 hours a dau =x tralala x)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, August 25, 2006

its time to rest and study hard =/
prelims are just 2-3 weeks later!!!!im UNPREPARED FOR IT!

alright today during free periods did some revision on amaths and took my amaths test luhs.was kinda easy in the front but dragged me down in the back=/ just hope i can do well and get a pass or more than that.recess i got to know i need to go to the WORLD MOST SCARY SUPERMEGAULTRA SCARY dental! I HATE AND ARE AFRAID OF DENTALS ! to me they are the most VIOLENT AND HEARTLESS freaks on earth and thats why i detest going dental so so so much.went with averil and we both were scare lahs and went to rinse our mouth till its damn clean den we went in.averil had a fast one but mine wasnt =( she poked here and there.washed my teeth and poke poke poke!!! urgh~damn painful can! oh man and sad to say that she found ONE TINY WINY SMALL hole thats needs some fillings =((((( which means IM COMING BACK TO THIS BLUE BUS AGAIN !!!!! someone pls help me get rid of all the dentist in the world !!!! i'll thank u greatly for that . =)))) muwahahas!!!

aft sch we had chem practical mock exams . the paper was tough till one kind . and needless to say i didnt really manage to complete all . brigitte was good lahs she manage to do the extension qns . miss sim even scolded won so badly for leaving the qns BLACK . so i copied abit of brigitte's diagram and handed in . it was really scary during the practical . we weren't allow to tok or discuss(obviously) and its so silent !!! i just merely peep at some of my friends at times when im stuck =/ so practical ended and i went and found baobei ! =) we went canteen to rot and baobei went for cca . i rotted there and went with qian to jurong point . initial plan was to go aft baobei's cca but i scare baobei would be damn tired and her knees would be pain so i suggested we go first . i know she wasnt really happy so i bought a HEART SHAPED CAKE to cheer baobei up ! im glad baobei ate the cake despite it melt and baobei told me not to waste money anymore . alright =) we went out "lao di fang" with qian and left shortly . so dead tired and thought of cabbing but rmb wad baobei said so i took the bus =) and fell asleep . im really tired and my eyes are heavy .

there's chem written mock exams tmr !!!! sheesh ! and i haven studied abit of it . miss sim says its alright if we cant do cos she's gonna just see whether we can manage with the time . alright then im tired and i'll whether im gonna study . and aft which im going to do some grocery and go home . meeting qian and maybe gonna go down and find baobei . then we'll all head to marina for vien's steamboat . i hope it'll be fine and happy w/o any crop ups by some people :)

iloveyoomorethanever =) no doubts !

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

urgh~so hungry right now
craving for alot of food now =)

1047 :) i love yoo.thx for all and once again we pull thru everything.i believe we will go even further =) thx baobei. 23o8o6 . 1047pm =) love ya lots!!!! heard dat?

tired and stressed up.prelims are hard peeps:)
life with books isnt fun at all=(

maybe i shldnt haf done so.


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i need a shoulder, anyone?

s0rry.i know wad i've said was offensive.a moment of truly sorry and hope this won't affect our frenship and ur r/s.sorry


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, August 21, 2006

i jus feel so sick
shoulders, anyone?

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

din attend school today cause i was still sick
argh~hate being sick
feel so umcomfortable

my fever went off already but just now i vomitted.mum sprain her knee ytd while hiking with dad and today she had a real big bandage ard her knee.when i woke up the house was in a mess.and the culprit was none other than my brother.feel so sick but i hafta help out as mum couldnt move bout too much.aft doing everything i felt so damn giddy and i fell on the floor in the kitchen and aft which i vomitted.oh man that feeling really sucks=/

i hope i'll get better and turn up for school tmr
i miss my girlfriends and babes=)
i miss yoo even more:(

once again, i screw things up.hai

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

arghh im sick~
down with fever.oh man i feel so uncomfortable

yesterdays was sis's birthday.HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!later shld be going out to celebrate.getting her a new many people's birthday and now i've one BIG hole in my pocket lahs.urghs.o's coming in a few month's time.prelims just a few weeks away.gonna study even harder.cant afford to fail.i need to get into my desired course!!!!!alright words with no actions cant get me anywhere so frm now im studying damn hard.oh gosh i just feel so sad lahs.every part of my body seems like jelly and i feel like im floating.head is just so heavy and i don wish to move ard too much.damn tiring.initally temp was like 37.4 and now 37.8!!!shot up real fast!ate porridge jus now and now i feel like vomitting.dono why oso.=/

aft talking to my girlfriend ytd,finally i know how to look at the bigger picture.somethings we may just overlook and cause misunderstandings.if we nvr clear it out we'll cause more misunderstandings.girlfriend knows me the best!we both talk thru everything and i realise thinga werent so simple.thou at times i feel .... but aft all they are my not pin pointing anyone.this is our last yr and hope everyone treasures well.of course i treasure u guys well everyone!including baobei!=) 2 more days to 3rd month!!!happy happy!!!!

we'll just haf a pause
still in a r/s but a pause
its not a break or smth
cause we are tired
just some break to let us rest.ilu=)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, August 18, 2006

here to blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

had common test luhs,still okay lahs
time passes quite fast
aft sch went home
saw baobei on the way
took bus home with WE
reach home slack and baobei called me
talked and i went out to buy stuff
at night did self study again.SIAN!

rev-up sucks luhh
wanted to break the record of not sweating
end up still sweat -.-
yeps and chinese was free lahs
i chose not to re-take so we mad ard
and yahs had some LAME games
went to GO and got my identification form
go up for oral
and yah was like so long lahs and i keep sleeping!!!!
hot and tired~
i was damn god nervous and mutter my words
stumble over quite alot of words
picture was tough till one kind
donno wad shit picture they gave-.-
aft oral i went home

P tok to us and stuff
den went up for lessons
damn sian luhhs.sec 4 life sucks!
mock exams sucks like hell lahs
so tough man and i guess this year will be difficult luhs
went home with mun they all
damn tired lahs
called baobei and we tok and we quarrel lahs
over small stuff
but we are fine in the end!=)

the day was long
we have so many 2 periods lessons
which are so BORING!
i forget wad happen on thursday lerhs lahs!
go on to friday....

free periods were all so great lahs
did amaths thru out
and time passes so fast luhs=)
amaths common test was quite okay
i hope i can get a pass or better
aft sch went for practical and den went off with baobei
ate kfc and now at baobei's hse=))))))
ilu=)*grins widely*

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

currently at baobeis hse(: baobei's beside me now(;

alright let me blog for wat happen today.this morning went school for chem practical.starts at ten lahs but we reached ard 1030 and they haven even started.=/LOL.i skipped one of the experiments!tralala(xand miss sim nvr notice it.woots=)aft which went to eat with mun.i ate a chicken wing.OMG! IM GETTING WAY TOOOOO FAT!!!!!!!!!!arghh!!!den waited for baobei at bus stop and we headed to kfc.

tralala(x we ate and crapped.

initally we wanted to go mun's hse and find her but ended up becuase of some crop ups we we walked ard and aft which we went oo tin's hse.slacked there and went gp aft which.walked to baobei's hse and den here i m=)edited many many pictures=)love it!

im addicted to yoo=)muahs

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, August 11, 2006

first of all gonna wish WE a happy 6 months=) congrats(:

feeling bad?kinda luhs
today was the release of o level mother tongue results.intially i wasnt really nervous or anything just hope to happy go lucky.but when it was nearing my turn i got real tense up and was like going shite shite when miss sim told me stuff i know i hadnt done really well.and i got a B3!hais.i really don expect this results for mt.especially mt has always been my strongest subject since pri school damn disappointed in considering whether i shld re take anot.most prolly would be a yes.i need to get A1!cause i need to do well for this subject to save my other subjects luh.arghh!!!!!fcking wasnt realli pleased.maybe i played too much den i shld really focus more frm now more more!!!!!people pls don ask me out.pls.i need to really get down to study before my prelims comes which is like a few more weeks lahs.i'll try my best to focus and do well.

im starting to feel the exams heat ard me.people ard me are working so hard,seriouly.some maybe just kidding and fooling ard but u'll nvr know cause they might be chiong-ing their studies every night till like 2,3 plus?so i must really really study.this time for real.everyday must do revision and pay more attention in class.i promise mummy to get down to work alr and no more i MUST do it luhs.i trust that i CAN do it and i MUST do it!hope my girlfriends too(: and my dearest eunice babe don feel down anymore alright?

sorry people for the last reply for tags alright?i wont be online so often so its hard that i reply and oso to those whom i haven link yet,im sorry.cause i'll be more busy than might not be able to link u but i'll try promise.

i went baobei house just now.we rotted there.realli rotted.and played 3-4 rounds of mahjong.won 2 rounds and again i ate chicken wings!!!!!argh!!!fat fat fat!its time to work out=) had so much time with baobei but happy time do pass fast and so its time to go home.yeps and i took bus home.feeling damn tired and sleepy.i miss u=)its a period of time and test for us.we wont spend much time tgt but i promise aft my exams everything will be back=)jus bear with me for this period of time.i know u will understand and give me moral support.i'll be waiting for your steamboat treat aft prelims!promise!!!!=)))love ya~

alright thats for today and im off! tata~

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I LOVE SINGAPORE!!!!!muwahahahas
i had an enjoyable day ytd
as usual with baobei and girlfriends

i met baobei first and we took train to bugis
when i got off the train i realise my posb card was lost lahs
hais and i realli donno wad to do
panic down there and baobei din noe wad to do oso
since its lost then let it be lost behs
count myself unlucky!=/
so we went outside ebase
*details mssing*

we went orchard and find saobao
she was working at mango lingo
we ate and drank there
ate so much and cause me to be so full lahs
cant even get my ass moving
we spend so much money juust on eating alone
we decided to find the rest at kallang
so we cabbed to kallang

and we walked and run and....
and we FOUND THEM!ah huh!!!!
sat there and waited for fireworks
here comes the fireworks~
muwahahahs lasted for 5 mins?
and we CHIONG to mrt station
i mean CHIONG!!!!!
cause chang's band brothers are coming
if u don get it nvm

decided to take train to pasir ris
cause it was still early
fui haven get off her work
and den we alighted at raffles place
and we waited for her
meanwhile we mad ard
waving to UNKNOWN ppl
lie on the floor and slp
disturb MISS KHOO
shouting ard and laughing out loud
oh man, i guess ppl tink we are mad ok=)

fui came and we went to take the train
intially me and baobei gg to eat supper with them
end up too late so we decided to head home
baobei went lot 1 with me
and i packed mac home
and we cabbed home luh tired

alright dats all=)
i love u=)muacks!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

alright i just shower finish
just reached home not long ago
and heard my sis shoutings!!rahhhh
cause MI LU BING won for superband!!!!!!!!!
guess mun would be shouting her voice and jumping now
LOL.well congrats anyw=)

met up with baobei aft bb's netball
and was waiting for bb at the sch bus stop
and we took bus to jurong point plus denise=)
den we headed to eat at kopitiam
at my all time fav-curry
den we headed for our movei-click
rated it 4/5 stars,it was damn funny
oh boy i was laughing my ass off lahs
den we headed to lot one and get baby taz=))))

we met up with fui and cabbed to chien hse
and we mad ard and slack ard
watched superband and mun rushed here
den we ordered kfc delievery at chien hse
bb lost our ring and bb was damn sad
bb jus sat there and stone
and we went looking for it
and den couldnt find
so went to comfort bb and we tok lahs
it was fun=)))
ate kfc and we went off at 1o
took bus home and my eyes were closing
showered and now online
i love my dearest!=))))

everyday is filled with love<3

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, August 04, 2006

woots!having been blogging for like days lah
everyday packed with so many stuff
so im too lazy to go online and blog
plus o's are coming and prelims are nearing too!!!
life is so boring with books ard u only =/

today is friday!
means short day in school.LOL=)
and fisrt 5 periods are FREE!!tsk tsk
miss khoo koh wei wasted my 1.70!
cause i bought her share of food
and end up she didnt come down as she was into her artefact!

this morning P talked about online blogging
she said that the language u used in your blog reflects wad type of person u r
and talked about spamming
and wad racist stuff and the whole school wasnt interested as usual
and i slept while she tok jus feel damn tired
blah blah blah and she took away 1 period!YAY YAY=)
aft which went back for my 4 FREE periods=))))

aft sch,bb came down and we tok for awhile
aft which bb went off for chi and i went to eat
ate the forever-so-nice cheese prata
and slack down there aft which we went hall
bedok sec coming to play against our sch for bmt
bedok sec came ard 33o and everything started
blah blah comments=/
bb came up and find me and watch too
then ard 6 we went down to eat again!!!!=)
i treated bb noodles,aint i nice?
headed home aft eating
i walked bb home cause bb's knee was not good
i sense things aint right but i jus keep silent
waved to her and i went off to bus stop
ah viien was waiting for me to take bus

end up we miss 3 BUS cause of mr chew kah hao!
the ride seems so long
and it seems kinda silent
my sentiments were right,cause i got ur msg
true enough i was down,but i hafta try to be normal in front of them
the truth hurts,at least its better this way
saying things out and settling it
but aft all im down inside,just need sometime alone
i'll be fine =)

our date tmr:050806/saturday

bye everyone!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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i love the sun, the sea and the beach! tanning sessions with gfs! chilling out with big mama (: im a shopaholic! i can shop for hrs i LOVEEE to sleeeppp (:


all the bitter food & herbal teas hate being disturbed when im sleeping =x waiting for a very long time


hopes for world peace.well being of my loved see the real santa clus!to be able to swim with the dolphins and to see shooting stars =)


eunice babe(:
mun babe(:
garyLIM =D


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