Tuesday, May 30, 2006 to bl0g again.haven been blogging for the past few days.too tired and lazy and busy with stuff.holi aint like one.have been having lessons everyday.sometimes till late noon.when i get home i feel so tired.sometimes mom nags on.makes mi feel more stressed and tired. many things happened recently.its been like again we are losing each other.we aint wad we used to be.cos of jus a conflict led us to being in this state.i treasured u and don wanna lose u.i realli hope things can get more breaking down pls.really don wanna see anyone of us get hurt.i noe the wound hurts alot.but bear with it.things will go mi =) mi myself cant even control all my thinkings.i've been tinking alot and alot recently.sometimes jus feel so depressed and in no mood.i donno myself oso.feeling kinda lerthagic.

u get well soon ya?some jerk down dere fucking get lost!tink back wad u haf done!i guess someone is trying to push the bloody blame ard.u started everything and now u ended her in this state.fucking bastard back off! look ard u!no one even bothers u now!NO ONE! i feel like giving u one tight slap the face and one kick on u and make u NO FATHER'S DAY!fuck off!

went sch today.had the BORING EL lesson.and somemore i got scolded.well jus aint my day,wont attend it anymore.chem was stil fine til i get so angry bout some ppl.and ss was fun! the ss tcher was damn fun!joked ard and even let us snack in great yeps!i hope sch is like dat.we can snack whenever we like, but seems like its impossible.there are more lessons tmr!!!!hai life sucks BIG TIME!

thx to eunice and koh for understanding.i love u gals!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i didnt mean to say the word "fuck" here again. but seriously im feeling very fucking useless.=//

im fucking worried.cos i guess things aint going the same anymore.i donno wad happen.and when i noe i realli hope to pretend i don.we aint wad we are.we cant blame anyone.we juat hafta say fate doesnt bring us closer sad,im one strong in front of everyone.i stand by those who are falling.but deep in im worried.for this may end anytime.i realli don wann this to end.i don wann anything to end for jus a stupid reason.i don wann.=//g0d realli set this test for all of us to see whether we can go not sure myself either.i just noe i must be strong.and i jus noe dat i must save this in for the sake of all.i wont let go and give matter wad it takes i will. I WILL SAVE THIS!

im kinda in a fcking shit mood.sometimes some ppl jus pretend to be so good in front of u and end up when u treasure them so much it seems like they don.jus becos of some reasons or some conflicts before they aint wad they used to be to u.and no matter how u treasure wad u had with them nth matters. cos they don care.i tot i could jus pretend it all and let go but i found myself not being able to.sometimes im doing too much and i jus get nth in return.sorry i tink im letting go.

this post is how i feel rit now

don ask wad happen

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

i didnt mean to say the word "fuck" here again. but seriously im feeling very fucking useless.=//

im fucking worried.cos i guess things aint going the same anymore.i donno wad happen.and when i noe i realli hope to pretend i don.we aint wad we are.we cant blame anyone.we juat hafta say fate doesnt bring us closer sad,im one strong in front of everyone.i stand by those who are falling.but deep in im worried.for this may end anytime.i realli don wann this to end.i don wann anything to end for jus a stupid reason.i don wann.=//g0d realli set this test for all of us to see whether we can go not sure myself either.i just noe i must be strong.and i jus noe dat i must save this in for the sake of all.i wont let go and give matter wad it takes i will. I WILL SAVE THIS!

im kinda in a fcking shit mood.sometimes some ppl jus pretend to be so good in front of u and end up when u treasure them so much it seems like they don.jus becos of some reasons or some conflicts before they aint wad they used to be to u.and no matter how u treasure wad u had with them nth matters. cos they don care.i tot i could jus pretend it all and let go but i found myself not being able to.sometimes im doing too much and i jus get nth in return.sorry i tink im letting go.

this post is how i feel rit now

don ask wad happen

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

happppppy day

pain pain pain!
hai i regret so much!
shldnt haf eat so fast and bite my lips
and now i haf 2 BIG ULCERS!
and oso the part i bite
is all with the ulcer!!!!!!
and mine mouth seems a bit swollen
hais!!!!! I MISS CHOCO!!!!
and jus now i put salt
i cant even talk
hai so dam pain!!!!

well tmr is OCP!
and we are cleaning the sci blks!
cos we still having intensive
and left with 1 hr to clean
better den cleaning for mani mani hrs

hmms had intensive again
dead tired out by intensive
and today we had spot check
and well gotta alter my skirt
but i wont
pls la i do grow tall
and my skirt will of cos be shorter yeps
nah not gg buy or do anything
anyw tmr ia wear pe attire
so yeps hehe =))))

dead tired.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


its been a while since i updated
life is just soooooo tiring
cos everytime during intensive i wanna SLEEP!!!
and dat day i happen to slp
and mr charming came over
so ps can.
cos eunice didnt saw him
and so had no tym to inform mi
lols lalalala

today anything ps thing happen
RH and charm toking
and was pointing in our table
thought RH sure complain us
so when charm say "yong ting,li zhen and ke weii"
mi and fui got so angry and went out
but end up
charm wanted us to go course! = . =
lols and we damn ps!
and went in MRL my pp dropped!

VP getting damn irritating
make use of his own sweet time toking
and its on CME PROJECT
its like so wth la!
i mean fancy using the tym to tok so much
and we wasted so much tym!
and blahs i got embarrased!
i got sun burnt
and my back was itchy
called mich to scratch
end up she realli scratch hard!
and i kinda groan and wanted to scratch myself
difficult to turn!
so VP saw and said
"laychen wads wrong with ur shoulder?"
everyone in the hall looked at mi!
and i turned red!!!!!

yeps l0ver 3 birthday over!
h0pe u like our gifts!
=)))) l0ve ya lotsa.

h0li are coming
time for chiong-ing
cant believe o's is jus so NEAR mi!
fck can!
im damn nervous!!!
cant slack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! studying time!!!!


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


met up with them at je
set off to habour front
ate chicken rice but it sucks!
played a prank on mun
kept her fone and told her its lost
and she realli took for real
well we are jk.sorry babe
yeps and waited for WE and set off to sentosa!

found oursevles a place
and we went down the water
wood and fui sat down there
candy didnt come down as well
she went cycling
and yeps we had fun in the water
and chang came after dat


they grabbed her
got the cake ready
and here goes the cake!
rit on her face!
and she went chasing us!
i got the most! poor mi!
and she went to wash
but they didnt let her off
went to even put flour
and we didnt let her go somemore
bluff her we wanted to tke pic
end up all throw her inside water!!!!
and had our 2f and 2e&2g pic taking
lols was fun!
and saw the skating guy we saw last time!

went to wash up and took bus back
went town to haf dinner
ate chciken rice agn!
wahahas WHOLE DAY SIA!
but chien and mun had smth on so went back
and aft we ate went to walk ard and take neo's
bought mask at a damn cheap price!
yeps and went hm
kinda tired when i got hm
fell aslp

went to watch poseidon
it was a damn nice show can!
at first when we bought the tics
the person gave us da vinci
so we tot of not changing and jus go watch
but he asked for IC and so we cant get in
so they changed for us
and had a great tym watching it
it was realli nice!
nice show i wanna catch-over the hedge-
went for dinner
bought koh's stuff
and went home!

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, May 19, 2006

alright here's another post
great! the weekends are here!!!!
tmr going sentosa!!!! YIPEE!!!!
its been a l0ng tym since i tanned
shall enjoy myself tmr =)

sch has been realli tiring
although everyday we r doing chi
and although i l0ve chi
im getting mad with it EVERYDAY!!!
and somemore charmin,banana,RH
everyday shout here and there
so its damn irritating la!
and still i NEVER tok to banana
and i will NEVER! NEVER OK!
but chi intensive isnt like one
we slack and we tok
and even if they change our place
we still change back ourselves
and we TOK! wahahas x)
so wadever they do we will still
TOK! lalala

im feeling damn fck up now!
alright pls don ask mi
can u guys tink of how i feel?
everytime is the same
u guys onli noe how to take
and nvr even ask mi before hand
dats wad u guys say everytime
"pls ask mi before u take my things!"
but u guys aint doing it!
im damn damn fck up!
and my sandals isnt urs!
i jus happen to lend u and not GIVE!
fancy throwing ur shoes on my WHITE SANDALS!
im damn damn fck up!

i aint feeling good either
cos everything crashes in rit now
my feelings are all so mixed up
i donno how i feel oso
no one understands mi in the inside
basically everyday is the same
and nothing stays forever
everything changes
and some went away
im disappointed
and damn disppointed to say anything
i need some breaking down
and once its over i will wake up


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


yeps i got back my chi and eng pp today.and i did BADLY for it! thou i manage to pass but somehow it wasnt within my expectations.=( for the last post i alr vent out all my anger.nah not going repeat everything agn.*tiring* i noe dat this isnt my standard im working real hard towards o's. this june holi i doubt it is a holi for us.its jus for display?well i tink i will be studying more than enjoying.well nevermind gonna work hard and once its over i can enjoy~

had chi intensive prog.omfg.its so damn bloody tiring.ok u can say we sat dere. but its frm 8 plus till 1!!!!and doing chi all the while!!!!can u imagine?! and i guess it didnt turn out well cos many of us were toking! not to mention mi and my gang!=))) and well some yellow banana pissed mi off my mood soon aft seeing dat banana face of hers!*yucks*and this chi intensive is gonna be for whole week!!!!!!!!!omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!and im doubt i will survive even aft 1 day!and its one weeek!!!!!
jia you peeps!=)

been doing some self reflection. feel dat actually im a very selfish fellow. i donno why oso. this is just how i feel. aft hearing some stuff today i actually feel this way. g0d has created mi in jus this way. and wad i can do is to be myself. but sometimes i felt so so bad aft some things. i jus hope everything goes my way everytime and not caring much bout the rest. hmms i guess more of my self reflection wil be done.=)

dad hasnt been in gd mood this few days. he jus had his tooth pluck out.poor daddy~and now the neighbour above us is always drilling! damn blood irritating!well and dad called to complain jus now. i jus hope everything will be ok.nah not another neighbour conflict!=)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, May 15, 2006

im damn tired, damn sick and dats onli 1 thing i wanna do-cry-

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

well we got back our results today.*excited*cos this time i studied really hard for the sake of not letting my mom down.and i was really waiting excitedly for the checking of papers today.and gosh the 1st paper of the day was geo!fine i expected it.i noe that i wont get a pass.i was
affected by amaths dat night!im so pissed with the exams timetable for this midyear.seriously
saying they put important subjects all clamp together!and hell was i like an idiot, studying and crying when im doing my amaths.and i admit i didnt started early enough for revision and end up not having enough time.and i did too much amaths and neglected my geography.gosh im damn disappointed!i tried my best!and yet results werent wad i wanted!yeahs don need to console mi by saying "u tried ur best can already" im used to all this.if u gonna say this, save it.thx.

second shock-emaths pp1&2.for 3 solid days i did 3 solid days of revision!my pp 1 i expected it.and i even cried aft the pp.i noe dat its a just pass.and it is a just pass.and well pp 2 i had confidence.i tot i would get get a better grade den a just pass.but came out it wasnt dat great!and alot of ppl make so much improvement too but how bout mi?all my efforts are all gone!!!!!exams sucks!iHATEexams!oh well i was disappointed but i didnt show it out.this time its feelings felt different i wasnt angry wanst sad jus plain DISAPPOINTED!

third shock-physics pp.actually this pp i expected it.cos i nvr say its mr chor's fault.sometimes tried to pay full attention to him but eventually i doze off.and sometimes i nvr catch wad he saying.and u can say i got tuition but i just don understand why i fail again.and i spent so much time on studying and tuition and den end up.i don understand why mayb its because i nvr get in touch with more qns.shallnt comment so much on phys.

fourth shock-ss pp.tot could do well cos i realli become so mad aft memorising.and den i tot i could ans well cos i somehow got the hang of answering the qns.and when i got back i nearly could pass!jus freaking 2 more marks!!!!!and den mdm rozi wasnt kinda happy and during ss the chair eunice was sitting has a nest behind!!!!!!!omg!and eeew!!!!!we flung the chair away!hahas. aint i rough!and den mrs bajit says there is moderation!GREAT!=) and its a moderation of 2 marks!and i can pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whee!!!!!=)

fifth shock-amaths pp.and at first when i got back pp 1 was still ok and den when pp 2 was in my hands i was like fcuk!?!hais well expected la.shallnt comment so much on it.well i was affected the night i expected!shallnt say anymore.

aft sch went off with mun and xian.and GUESS WAD YEEMUN'S MAMA SAY I VERY YOU NU REN WEI WOR!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST TIME 16 YRS OF MY LIFE!!!!!WAHAHAS.HAHAS MEANING I SO LADYLIKE!=)and we went ntuc and bought chocky!hahas.and we went off.took bus hm and dere's this man who sat beside mi an indian man.and he kept mumbling to himself.hahas and i was like so freak out.hahas i was like so scare.fell aslp so tired on the bus.and nearly fell aslp on the man's shoulder.=x luckily i nvr!geees im off!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


woooo im dead tired
don feel like m0ving anywhere
don feel like d0ing anything
jus wann sit down and watch tv and eat!
WAHAHAs and dats g0nna be FAT!
i'll be like a bigFAT elephant! x)
nonono!!!! i wann the curvy shape b0dy!!!

hahas peeps im MAD!
seriously im so so so MAD!
i need my medicine rit now!
where's my nurse?!
where's my doctor?!
where? where? where?

went k BOXING!
sang frm 3 plus all the way till 6 plus
went with mummy emiko
and we sang and sang
sang my hearts out
feel so happy =)
this is call life man!
tmr there is SCHOOL!!!
aww man!
tues no sch
yeah yeah x)

k i shall stop here
see ya guys tmr!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

`movie day with beibei=)

slept at 1 plus ytd
chatted with beibei agn
and actually was gg to buy gf present
so beibei suggested she acc mi
and i suggested we g0 fer movie oso
chatting wit her is fun.

woke up ard 11 plus
was late can
set my alarm but i slept back
and i rushed and everything
but was still late so beibei waited fer mi
i met her at cck platform
and we went to causeway pt
and we couldnt get in tym fer the 123o movie
so we bought the 215 one
went to eat-MAC
and she has a unique way of eating can!
eat so slow somemore!!!!BOO!!!
we walked ard and went fer m0vie
and the m0vie is scary
i can say i was scared by the sound effects
i jumped up abit!
and the person behind mi kicked my chair!
aft the movie ended went to tke mrt
she left fer her mother's day dinner

eunice lesy came to mit mi
we went to get gf present
she so xin fu can!
and we bought mani things fer her!
be prepared gf!=)))
went hm and took the bus
saew ectasy and frens
they were so act cute so loud lor!
and oh ya i saw a b**** at lot one
act chio buay chio!
somemore wann seduce ppl's bf!
thx hor pls don be so despo!

later gg out fer dinner
feel like gg shopping tmr
i wann buy mani shorts and top and skirts!
but who's free?
whoever is free find mi for shopping ok!
but mon is gonna be disasterous!
we r gettin back all our pp
all the best everyone and myself! =)

0ff i goo!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, May 12, 2006


my legs are damn tired
and oso very "suan"
and im TIRED!
i need to SLEEP!!!!
i wann to SLEEP!!!!
ytd i had chat with beibei
chat till 630 !!!!!
aint we pro? actually can carry on
but i guess she was tired and falling aslp
t0night dere's more!!! =)))

munny mun take care of ur ankle!nxt tym pls call GYM or DPG den u will not fall down!
rest well! sad u cant join us today!!!MISS YA LOTSA

was woken up by fui's msg
den continue to slp bck
and den called chang and stuff
confirm everything den i woke up
so went to bathe and eat
den prepare and stuff went out
met mr wood and mrs wood down at 190 interchange
t0ok 190 to fep
and buy mango lingo~
drank mango lingo~ l0ve it=)
and went to eat chicken rice!*YUMMY*

met up with chien,xy and joey
we went ard lookin for bikinis!
and i b0ught the shorts i wanted
but i wann MORE SHORTS AND TOPS!!!!
and so we went heeren and look
but couldnt find any
so went off to cine and waited fer them
off we went to bugis
cabbed down and went to village
b0ught all our bikinis! the shopkeeper was nice can
let us try and den intro to us
and so fun trying bikini and askin ur frens look!
HORNY!!!! hahas. finally bought alr
went off and bought somethings at parco

cabbed home
and now im here!
dead tired.

its fun!=))

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


EXAMS r over!
serious this few wks of stressing
this few wks of hard work
i hope it pays off to gd results
and oso MY SLEEP!
and oso TOWNING!
all this i sacrifie fer my MYE!
freak if its o's i guess i'll be a zombie!!!!

chem pp t0day was stil ok
the qns i did in tys came out!
everytime so heng
i h0pe o's i oso so heng!=)
section c was a KILLER !!!!
i guess i lost many marks in this section!
SUCK~wanted t0 get a1 fer chem!
amaths pp 2 i've got nth to say
the pp was hell EASY!
and i freakin l0st 12 marks
c0s i donno how to do~

and we wen t0wn today!
but sadly as it was fui2 and wood 3rd mth
they couldnt join us! SAD!
met chang,mun,chien and gf down at fep
went mango lingo~eunice u wen?
and drank MANGO LINGO!!!! hahas
satisfied~ SHOPPING!!!
im the 1st sh0pper.
bought myself a l0ng sleeve shirt
walked ard fep till my legs g0t realli tired
we went ard every shop
oh ya

we bumped into chang's baobeii and frens and mun was so blur dat she couldnt differentiate between xiaoyin and vivien and so we TRICKED her! she actually believe us! HOW CLEVER CAN SHE GET HORH MUN! and we all changed names! im yeemun and yeemun is laychen
so i was like sayin im not laychen anymore!!! im yeemun aiya used to haf big boobs but now don haf very not used to it!!!!they shld noe wad happen.wann noe ask mi =)

we dragged s0 much time at fep and rushed t0 heeren
t0ok neos and met eunice w.
g0t ourselves with s0 mani dumb actions!
when other ppl tkin neos
we went to ka jiao
open the "curtain"
put the piglet dere
luagh louder den them
say them
hahas we damn boliao!
but was FUN!
s0 when its our turn
we screamed!!!!!! WE REALLI DID! bombard the whole heeren!!!!
and it was a BEST shot of all!
we went SHOPPING ard and tking pics
but the security didnt allow
went to cine and haf our dinner
i wanted spicy one but the auntie gave mi tomato!EEEE!!!
den we went SHOPPING AGN!!!!
but i couldnt find wad i wan so nvm=(
dere's stil TMR!!!!

ok i'll pause for here and explain why KHOO CHIEN YING IS SO MAD! she went t0 mini toons and bought a toy gun fer playing!!!!! and she acted as if she was a CID!!!! AND WAS LIKE SO MAD AND WENT TO KAJIAO MANI PPL!!!! SHE'S CRAZY BEWARE!

stood outside fer long
mun couldnt get thru her mom's hp
but aft a while she got thru
saw her so worried she love her mom alot!
well i created a VOICEMAIL JOKE DEN
wanna noe ask mi!
saying out is funnier den typin here
and so i came up with 1 more joke of calling guanyin ma!
to ask fer vacacies fer match making!
mi,chien,chang and koh headed hm
mun and eunice w wen elsewhere
it was s0 fun!
and i heard mani things frm chien
now i noe who's gd and who's not
and i believe this
its damn true!
wadever it is those wh0 do wrong things
wont get a nice ending afterall
jus wait bahs

it was such a nice nite out!
realised dat we guys got bck in e final yr
wasted so much tym on silly quarrels
wasted so much tym on bitching others
and finally in our last 6 mths
we got back as one
and we onli learn how to cherish now
well its not too late
cos if u believe we can go far
our frenship is STRONG and wont END!!!!!
ilove LOVERS
ilove chien
ilove 3f`o5 and 4f`ians
ilove xdd
ilove akinso
ilove my family
ilove my life!
ilove my frens!
ilove everyone who loves mi!=))

pics tmr?im dead tired

i've a MISSION POSSIBLE 4 tmr!!!buy my dearest,beloved,cutest,prettiest,strongest,bestest gf b'dae gift!iguess my legs are dying!!!!REST WELL!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, May 08, 2006


last 2 papers!
oh my im jus so excited!
c0s h0li are comin but
cant play much cos june will hafta chiong studies oso
but this holi will play and study as much as i can
t0day had e maths pp 2 and eng pp 2
e maths pp 2 was far easier than pp1
and eng was sucky!
damn t0ugh and the summary
well i've g0t nth to say
wish mi best of the luck =)))

didnt eat anything for the wh0le day
luckily i didnt
c0s on the way hm
as usual i took 172 and i saw s0me disgusting couple!
oh can u imgaine?!
they are damn disgusting!
the guy isnt any handsome one
and the gal i can say is average lookin
n0 wonder they can get together
and s0me idiot i guess was tryin ti show off
to show how loving they are!
ha too bad im not INTERESTED hor!
thx ahs! luckily i dint eat anything
if not i'll vomit my lungs out!
well i shant mention who r the 2 despo
cos i guess i don wann to make them ps
well bloody stop ur showing off
ur gf isnt dat prettiest nor r u handsome
i guess why u guys are together
cos disgusting ppl always r like u guys.
shant mention anym0re im disgusted! =/

and when i was gg up my hse
was walking thru the void deck
and there's this ah pek
he was SCARY!
the moment he saw mi he groaned!
and i ran off and he shouted damn loud
i guess he sorta of crazy up there
scared the hell outta mi.
and luckily he went off shortly if not i would be home

0ff i go! last 2!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hmms its sunday agn
and yesterday was saturday
nth special
din wen out
stayed at hm e whole day to slack
my exams m0od are gone~
f0r god sake pls c0me bck!
havin amaths,emaths and chem pp
lets path and im gg to chiong =)
all the best peeps!

ytd nite i received 3 calls
anonymous ppl!
the person called and didnt speak up!
and the 1sta and 2nd time it was kinda noisy
and i didnt care and jus wen on hello
and i hung up
and the last tym i kinda guess the person will tearing
but i didnt haf caller ID and i didnt noe who
and i hang up =/

ytd nite was oso a miserable one
i guess afterall things changed
nth stays on is forever
everything changes for a reason
and u changed for him
im utterly disappointed
wen i tot i hadnt lose u and things were still fine
u're gone
why must it be this way
is it meant to be?
i wonder alot sometimes
yeahs u're a grown up
and of cos u noe wad u r doing
but do u noe dat this is a BIG change?
and it hurt mi jus so much?
i told myself i aint giving any comments bout it
don ask mi too
cos i'll be at e side prayin for u
we strained so much
one aft another
is it meant for us to haf so mani curbs in our frenship?

im utterly disappointed

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, May 05, 2006


tiring day. went to gym today
lols and it was realli tiring
did a 2o mins run and some other exercises
cramps all 0ver. tiring~

went f0r oral in e morning
waited for babes to finish and went to find siti. HAAS!
was with chien.xy and babes so we decided to go eat tgt
wow it was fun can! all of us crapped so much!
enjoyed myself thoroughly =)
ate at kopitiam
and dere keep us rooted for 1 hr plus
we finish eatin and played ZHONG JI MI MA!
how lame can we get?
fancy playing at kopitiam
it was FUN and VERY FUN ok!
we went to lvl 4 of jp
and ask of the amore fitness centre
their facilities are GREAT!
and it look so relaxing
we gonna register and learn yoga there =))

went t0 mun hse aft which
gymming for half and hr plus
slackin at her hse now
feelin so tired and sleepy
chang initally ask mi go orchard
but how could i go?!
with shorts and shirt?! hahas! NONO!
s0 sorry ya =(

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


im s0 dead tired but cant seem to slp!
agrh!!! m i getting insomia? SHIT!!!
beibei is damn irritating la
layss: argh shit!!!
beibei:wann shit go toilet ahs!
hahas cant stand beibei SUAN mi!!!!

phys pp and chi pp2.
chi pp2 i was wasting my time at first
end up i had no time but managed to finish =)
phys i guess it was stil ok
revisions i did came out
so i guess i can still manage
jus hope and pray hard dat i get a 2o can ler!!!!
finally most of the pp are done!
im left with chem and amaths pp2
lets all work hard ok peeps! =)

aft both pp we had listening compre!
and i was like WTH?! i wann KFC!!!
mun and layss SCREAMS~!!!!!!
and was like so slack and waitin for it to finish
oh man !!!!! KFC!!!!!!!!
in the end we still manage to eat it!
and we were so crazy and mad on the bus
but our legs were both wobbling when we rushed to KFC!
but today chicken doesnt taste nice!
saw minn,vien and xiaoyin

we crapped alot
oh my we are damn rubbish la
damn lotsa nonsense came out of our mouth
we laughed and rocked KFC!
and we went on to see ichigo bliss(smth like dat)
was damn shiok~
and we wanted to see keroro but he wasnt in =/
so we went walking ard
seeing PUMA things and NIKE ones.
and we went ntuc and off we went home

wahahas those who noe will noe.
those who don den forget it. WAHAHAS

well i guess aft all i didnt lose u
u're still my dearest and bestie! =)))

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


had my emaths pp 1 n ss pp
i can say its realli so sucky
can u imgaine? studying so hard but ....
3 days of intensive maths and ss revision
and i tot i could do and pass
but end up wen i got the pp.
jus 2 words BLOODY HELL
studied so hard for maths
doing tys over and over
staying up jus for the day
end up ....

im realli disappointed in myself
is it the way of revision?
or is it cos im born to be stupid?
i studied very hard for this mid yr
cos i din wann to let mummy down
she paid so much for my tuition fees
changing countless of teachers
and yet i aint makin any improvments
god why the hell r u makin fun of mi?
wen i got so motivated to study
wen i tot i could do it
and yet u dragged mi down so hard.
i regret playing so much during the 4 mths.
i shld haf studied frm the start
regretting now is FAR TOO LATE!

dearest mummy
thou u aint able to read wad i write
but i jus wanna say U'RE THE BEST!
love ya alot! u did alot for mi
wen i throw temper, u tolerated
wen i shouted at u, u keep mum
wen im choosy, u kept quiet
wen i wanted this, u gave mi
wen i beg u for stuff, u bought for mi
wen i disappoint time and time agn, u didnt blame mi
wen i didnt listen to u, u didnt scold mi
thx mummy! i'll work very hard for u and myself! =)

and had my amaths and geo today
i guess geo was still ok
but for amaths i don haf much confidence
ytd was the worst nite
i studied till 12 plus and headed to bed.
woke up at 3 plus and studied
till i fell aslp
i practised my maths till late nite
didnt haf time for geo
and in between i felt damn stress
i started to cry
and cry. i tink im gg MAD!

this mye realli woke mi up
if u wann it, work for it den =)
all the best!


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, May 01, 2006

p0of! NEW BLOGSKIN! finally i f0und one dat i like.
wanted t0 change long ag0 but couldnt find one.
hmms tinking of putting pics in but im not sure how to do so.
S0MEONE PLS HELP MI~i'll be damn grateful for dat. tmr is the 3rd pp.
to every0ne out there,
4f`ians,babes of mine,l0vers,xdd,akinso,baobao.... all the best for tmr pp!!!
JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!! =) do ur best and leave no regrets!

i slept at 5 plus in the
was my first time staying up till dawn and wasnt feeling sleepy.
was0 so hyper and crazy studying ss.
and oso was online oso.
baobao kept mi company.thx =)LOVE YA LOTS!
got home ytd and used lappie and watch tv till 12 plus.
started to get d0wn to work.
chat and study at the same time.
ytd chatted with ferynn we g0ssiped so much. wahaha.
=) and did l0ts of maths and ss.
chatted with baobao and we g0ssiped so much too~
im realli a sanba po! hahas.
and i made milo dinosaur myself! was ok la.
had a big difference frm the one i drank at kenny's cafe.
well bt filled my hunger.
went on studying an gossiping with baobao and we both fell tired and went offline.
went to slp.

w0ke up at 12 plus and started to feel uneasy.
i guess my stomach had smth inside which makes like sorta cramp
and i practically cant stand straight.
was bending down and graoning in pain.
and my bro sorta became my servant. he fetched mi everything.
and i slept was ok when i woke up.
i don wann stomach anymore! terrible feeling! YUCKS!

today smth funny happened.
was clearing my shelf and my table has a big sorta shelf on top
and thus i was clearing the bks up dere and my table was next to the window
and while clearing one of the books accidentally fell down!!!!
and the malay kids down dere were like OIE!
i looked down and they picked up the bk
and i donno wad they did to the bk next.
poor book and how SOTONG can i get!
aww kinda ps! well they didnt noe its mi oso.
but still very ps. x)
and the bk happened to be my PHYSICS ASSESMENT BK! WAHAHA. =))))

hahas so mani things happened tpday. well and i still tuition later and last touch up for ss and emaths and there goes all the best for tmr!


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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