Saturday, September 30, 2006

BOO ! IM SICK , argh ~

alright after i reach home yesterday after studying the library at jurong point, i became sick !!!! actually my nose started to get irriatated when i was in the library and i thought it would be some nose allergy as i always have lah. but end up i came down with serious flu when i reached home. &&& yesterday after buying things at jurong point, we saw baby's mom ! me&baby were damn shocked. LOL. and baby had to go home with her mom so i left home myself =(

alright i didn't have a good sleep yesterday. partly was because of my flu and i was like really sick. & i couldn't fell asleep cause i was feeling so so so terrible. so i had to stack up my pillows & sleep. i did this whenever i have flu when im young. this helps my block noce go away. and i keep waking up and falling asleep. mom made up with me today. =) we had an arguement yesterday, sorry mom. and she brought me to the doctor's. we waited for a freaking one hour before it gets to be my turn. and i got many medicine to take !!!!! so troublesome and i hate it ! but in order to get well, i must really take and rest more. rest day for today and not touching of books cause im dead sick.

o levels are coming & many people are chiong-ing for their studies everyday. im going to work very hard to get as many A's as i should get. graduation day is the next week. kinda really looking forward. after 4 years im REALLY graduating !!!! wahahas. for my junoirs, u guys still gonna have a long way to go :) study break is also coming and everyday i'll either mug hard at home or in the school library. I MUST ! =)

im kinda drowsy now. cause i just took my medicine & maybe im gonna head for a nap. oh yah, tonight is ITS SHOWTIME FINALS !!!!!!! support westwood alright ? just hope they win or smth. alright good luck to u guys :)

i miss yoo
we've walked through so many
we will walk through even more
thnaks baby for everything
i love yoo :)
& do well for your end year exams =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, September 29, 2006

i changed a new blogskin=) kinda like it. see the lady over there? with her camera? yup, just hope to capture everything down with the camera like her. and like the words there capture the memories =).

i went bugis for a walk today. LOL. im just kidding lahs. i went there to buy shu xian's b'day gift. we got her some of her fav stuff. well and im super duper tired cause its been long since i went shopping & my legs are killing me. i lost my stamina in shopping! argh~ well i bought my bag. for like 35 bucks? expensive but its a good bargain. oh no! i got it for 34! actually was like 42? & the man knew it wasnt within my budget so he gave me the bestest and good price. decided long and finally bought it. =) went over icon and stuff & to the national library. hahas & we 3(mun,kohs&me) were creating shit nonsense at toilet. haha! till some lady came in and we were like so paiseh can! =/ & came along the cleaner with-a-wth-face. LOL. we went off immediately. & went back to lot one. to get some more stuff before we head home. and i was dead tired when i got home. im gonna get my 34 bucks frm my mom! for the bag of course! *yawns* tired tired. im going to study later since i still have some energy.

o levels are coming soon. just work hard for 7 weeks and im free! i'll then be able to go shopping till i drop and go crazy! & oh yah michy became my baby on the 29 september which is today lah! omg im in love with her! she's so hot! =))) && not forgetting baby. i love u. study hard & after 7 weeks we'll be free! =)

im in love with myself&yoo(:

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

yesterday was mom's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM =D though i make you angry at times but i still love u right in my heart <33

yesterday went to the salon for a hair cut and treatment along with my big sister. jie woke up late and we cabbed there and she PAID ALL! hahas. went to eat breakfast and went to the
salon. i cut my hair and its 1 inch shorter lahs! &&& the hairdresser bluff me! he told me its just 1 INCH and end up i feel like its more than 1 INCH! my long long hair is gone. RAHHS!!!! after which 12 plus i went to meet baby. alright and i saw this pesky girl who hitted my butt lahs and she's none other than the PESKY NASRYN! hahas. baby came along and we went to take 5o2 and down to orchard. and changed to bus 7 to bugis! a long trip and slept on the bus too. damn tired. we ate lots of bread that day and wafer too x) baby paid for all of them. love baby lots!

bugis was packed with people! i mean PACKED! its like so many people squeezing lahs. and some of them are so smelly and sweaty. omfg i hafta push my way through to get to the shops. we left to eat ice at ice monster. ordered a REGULAR one. and baby paid it once again. we headed to junction as baby told me im allow to buy anything. and baby will pay all! wahahahs. but i didnt have anything in mind and i told her we'll head to fep instead. and we walked ard and sat down and rest cause we were far too tired. took 190 back to lot one. went to get our dinner. and baby got me something. =) LOVE BABY LOTSA! we headed home.

had a shower and after which went to fetch er jie at airport. she's back frm perth! ah huh!!! and yupps big sis drove us there and we waited quite long and then she came out and FINALLY we headed home. drop her friend first and we headed home. jie got me a bottle. =) xie xie ni. alright im into my lala land.

well today went out to eat SUSHI! and went to eat sakae sushi! was damn nice lahs. and after which walked ard and went home. im so tired. that the moment i reached home i fell aslp o the sofa. BOO~ and we watched vcds till now. tired tired. i miss baby. x)

missing yoo

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, September 22, 2006



hey prelims are FINALLY over! alright and now is the start of o lvls!!!! argh!!!!!! in ard 1 months' time i will be taking my o levels and then i will leave wwss soon!!!!! i will really miss my besties, girlfriends, guyfriends and EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!! (x everyone must miss me okay? muwahahas!

currently at baby's hse. as promised, we are going to have steamboat for dinner!! HOORAY! i love baby! (: & im watching mean girls on HBO. so damn nice lahs! lindsay lohan is damn pretty. i love her eyes!!!!! argh! can i have eyes like her? so everyone have arrived. just waiting for the food to be ready and time for eating!!!! im so so so hunrgy!!!! need lots and lots if food. hahas.
i miss my besties and girlfriends and babes so much. its been the prelim week and so we hasnt been spending much time. i miss my lovers alot too!!!! awaiting for our next lovers date on the 8th !!!! =))) im heading town tmr with my pek pek. we're gonna go bugis and have some kinda shopping spree. and sis is gonna be back tmr frm perth!!!!! i hope she brings smth nice back for me. x)

right now im talking to my chang dad online! hahas he's bored so im nice to accompany him and talk.

im really not giving a damn to some people who ruin my day. BOO~

oh yah i FELL DOWN yesterday is school!!!! during recess while walking back. and hell lots of people were laughing at me. even i myself was laughing too. hahas. and im really dumb to fall down lahs. and now i've got a BIG bruise on my knee. BOO~ i hope it will heal faster.

i love you, baby (:
let's walk thru everything
thx for everything. muahs =]

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

prelims are ending soon. o levels are nearing as each day pass by. mugging life starts from now (: time for some working out in the gym (: i l0ve my life and you (:


im beginning to hate some idiots in my school. who seem to be acting big and talking big. but they are actually DOGS! boo~ to this kinda low class people. i hate them in my life and the sight of them irks me. &&& they are a 3 people gang. BUT WHO CARES? stop stepping my tails before i turn nasty =x

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, September 15, 2006

im so so so so tired! argh!!!!! someone help me please!!!!!! i need my sleep!!!!! been having lesser sleeps recently cause of prelims. kinda tiring.

prelims end just next week. after which we will get back our results and we will have the usual PT meeting and preparation for O levels. then im gonna stay back after school everyday to hide in the school library to mug mug&mug! i love mugging! =/ and after which O levels will come and i will be like so god damn nervous? oh my god im really so so so nervous lah. time seems to pass just so fast and never stops. i must really work hard! (:

i've been hiding myself in the school library for revision this week after my papers. mug all the way till evening and ill be back home. dead tired and too tired to move. and every night i'll mug again. boo~ and off to sleep. it has somehow become a cycle for me everyday luhs. argh!!!! IM TIRED!!!! I NEED MY SLEEP!!! and sometimes during the paper, i fall asleep cause im too tired. and today happen to be the red day and morning i was moaning and groaning for pain cause of the cramp. and i couldn't find my house keys lahs. was like panicking and in pain. after which i took a cab down to byy's hse and met vien on the way too. the cab driver cheated us money!!! he drove all the way to gek poh there and wasted so much money lahs. still want to charge us extra! bad morning! had my chemistry paper 2 and after the paper i waited for miss khoo and then we ate and waited for byybyy to come down for recess. after which i went up to find mr lau for geo and mrs chow was like shouting at the 2nd recess people. and the people were asked to shout some stupid stuff lah. i can say the school is stupid and has stupid people. hahas.

after school found byybyy and we talk for awhile as the rain was too heavy and byy couldnt make her way home to get her things. then she went home and i went to library to find my dad,miss khoo and mun. then we had had so much fun lahs. right dad? i keep calling chang my dad for half of the time! hahas. i guess he was pissed by my suan-ings. i know he wont mind right dad? hahas. byybyy came back for netball and took my stuff and aft she ended we went jp to eat dinner. and went home after which. im tired. byybyy sleeping! i miss you! BOO~

i miss you (:

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

after a long and serious consideration, i decided to blog. LOL. im crazy lahs fancy considering so long whether i want to blog or so. right at the moment, im having my prelims. it seems like a-forever-never-ending prelim lah. and and and tomorrow is sa paper and el paper 1. ss already have 1 whole tub of notes to get into my brain which can kill me! HELP !!!!! x) alright im so tired. i don't know and i keep yawning.

o' right! jay's chou CD is out okay people! i know its kinda late to blog about it. BUT he's simply too handsome!!!!! *screams* bb don get jealous okay?muwahahas. im really into him lahs. people so hurry to any cd stores and get his cd now!!!! plus a BIG BIG poster of his handsome face x) i love jay and my bb =D esp: the song by him and fei yu qing. hahas. i love jay's singing and not fei yu qing okay! somehow he destroys the song! arghhh!!!! gonna kill him! cannot be so mean lahs. i love fei yu qing too!!!! *faints* =/ hahas. too mad from studying.

after prelims i will be even busier. cause O levels are really near! and i cant afford to play or fool ard. ima gonna to study real hard and mug my souls out lahs. i swear im gonna mug at home everyday or in the school MRL although i don't really like the smell coming from the hairs. muwahahahs! really tired, ima yawning now and having BIG panda eyes! =/ alright back to my books (:

special byybyy, i miss yoo

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

its been daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyss since i blogged (: too busy with stuff recently plus plus plus prelims is just TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams* =/

yesterday was the finals of njrc. yupps and i didnt make it. sorry kiat,jondave and zal (: baby wanted to cut hair so we headed to r&b for baby's haircut. xy,vien,ah min came along too(: then after the hair cut we went to eat my long awaited KFC !!!!!!!!!! and the place was packed as usual and som other people were soooooo inconsiderate to just study there and occupy 2 tables! so we were there waiting for tables and was cursing the people there =/ FINALLY we got oursevles some seats by some group of girls who finally left after talking so much! LOL. i didnt finish up my food so did baby cause we were just so full. hahas. then we headed to walk around lot 1. was so so so bored lahs. rahhhhss!!!! they should just expland shopping malls nowadays! seems like everyshopping mall is SO small! i bought a strawberry coin purse! nice (: and then headed to walk around and after which we became damn bored. vien suggested to go baby's house and eat steamboat and mahjong-ing. so we hurrily went to the supermarket and buy groceries!!!!! that's damn fun! then we headed to pay up and went to cabbed to baby's house.

started to eat and stuff. was so fun lahs. everyone was damn high. and we watched the feng shen bang concert @ taiwan while eating. was so full and xy and baby's face went red! cause they drank too much wine! and while eating, baby accidentally scalded her hand and went to help baby wash up and apply cream. poor baby. then everyone was so tired and doze off. only me and vien didnt. just continued on watching and drinking. ate again and around 8 plus we went westwood playground. then ard 9 plus went back to baby's house and then ard 10 plus? i went home. was sooooo dead tired when im on the cab.

i heard that some other idiots haven been spamming my eunice babe's blog. just to let this idiot know, whoever you are just fucking gt out of her blog and get on with life! do u think that spamming people's blog is so fun? c'mon stop being such a kiddo and throw your shit face around! if u think by spamming excites u soooooooooo much then i suggest u having a own blog and spam for life! this kinda disgusting creature like you exist on earth makes the place more low class. cause with people like you who mayb be a bitch or bastard is really LOW CLASS! and if u have any problems with her, c'mon find us! IM FAMOUS IN WWSS! WHO DON KNOW ME! im right here waiting for you to just come and find me! i'll make sure your life will be ten time worst!

alright time to get back to studying (:
i miss yoo(:

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

changes are part of life, a way of adapting to new circumstances

took this from someone's blog. seem to like it alot. just don't why also maybe cause recently too many things around me took for a change so this phrase fits exaclty how i feel =) i've decided to blog in standard English cause in this way i can improve my Eng;ish which sucks hell lots now =/

reflections for the past few days
been kinda busy lately with many stuff namely my dearest lover 4 birthday, studies, family, love life. but at times when im busy i feel kinda blessed? cause im blessed with my loves one whether it is my family or my bunch of friends. things do change for a reason. so i've somehow learnt to adapt to the changes and to try to face these changes calmly. changing for the better :) hoping that through all these changes i can somehow learn to be more mature and independent and also be more positive. and i've learnt to relax abit in life and take things easy and just get on with my life. loves my bunch of besties aka my girlfriends :) they rock my life with colours. especially MISS KHOO who never fails to be there for me when i needed a listening ear and never grumbles when i pour out my woes to her. love her! and to baobei, thx for everything also. somehow from our quarrels i've learnt somethings and slowly changing for the better. thx for the support u've given me throughout. *loves loves* and to my mun babe and fui babe thx for everything too. love ya gurls too! *woody don bash me up!* =/ im trying to balance everything together and so i can manage my time better and focus more on my studies and prelims which starts right after school reopens. how scary. and to those taking N level right now i wish u guys all the best and pull through and made it to sec 5. O'ya best of luck to michy <33>

mun's birthday bbq was fun! =) we were really excited about it. spending much time making up and trying to look as goos as possible and trying to doll up our pretty birthday girl since its her day =) hope she loves what we gave her. she's 16 now! we can all watch NC 16 together !!!! lol. and during the bbq had some crops up and everything was solved. shallnt mention what happen since its over. dwelling on the past doesnt help. and towards the end of the bbq where there were few peeps left we played the variety show game. it was hell lotsa of fun. and i got sabo so many times lah ! all thx to fui's baobei and xian! boo~ me and baobei left ard 1o and we cabbed home. pretty tired and after showering i went straight to bed.

i promise mom to work hard for o levels. cause she knows im lazy so i promise her i will really work hard for o levels and get the grades that i strived for. can tell that she's worried for my studies as well. so gonna prove to her. and and and i also promise baobei to study real hard and not let things affect mt studies. just 2 weeks of prelims and after which we can see each other!!! baobei for just 2 weeks bear with it ok? u study hard and take care of yourself too <33>

O' right just before blogging, i went blog hopping around and yupps noise from the void deck seems to be so loud that attracts me to find out what is happening. so i peep down from my kitchen window and i saw many peoply gathering. and someone being handcuffed? lol. the rest were just standing there and some went over to the police station which is nearby to call for the police. and i can say Singapore police are really slow poks! and inefficient lahs! they came around 15 mins later and with only 1 POLICE OFFICER WHO WAS BEING DRIVED BY SOME KIND SOULS HERE. sis,mom and me were laughing our ass out. we were so damn kpo lahs peeping from the window and not only us okay! some of the residents did that too! lol. we keep urging mom to go down and play the role of a auntie and ask what happen but mom didnt want and said that me and sis were so kpo. lol. sis even took her cam and took so pictures. lol. WE ARE MAD! she has my homones thats why she's mad too. =/ around 2o mins later, 2 more police officers came in the police cars and after which they handcuffed him and brought him back into the police station for questioning. so sis and me were like guessing what might have happened and was thinking whethe the person might be a molester and mom started nagging saying we shouldn't get home too late in case we met up with molesters. muwahahsh. i rang up baobei and told baobei and baobei said i was kpo queen. lol.

alright the kpo queen is off!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


disclaimer/counter here(:


LAYSS is my won't be fun without my dear lovers, girl/guyfriends & everyone! someone who loves to go crazy with her gfs. who hopes to travel around the world and swim with the dolphins. she bears grudges though she knows its not good. being happy is wad she loves most. & of cause she loves to eat ! (:


i love the sun, the sea and the beach! tanning sessions with gfs! chilling out with big mama (: im a shopaholic! i can shop for hrs i LOVEEE to sleeeppp (:


all the bitter food & herbal teas hate being disturbed when im sleeping =x waiting for a very long time


hopes for world peace.well being of my loved see the real santa clus!to be able to swim with the dolphins and to see shooting stars =)


eunice babe(:
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