Sunday, July 31, 2005

todae hen kai xin wors. morning gort tuition den tym machiam pass beri fast. hehes den prepare ler jiu went tuh mit mus. he missed my bus lols den i went tuh mit kohwei aln first lorhs. den reach ler we are der FIRST! den chang beri bo liao reach liao still kol us den turn ard saw him. den des and mus reach liao jiu go paragon! whee~ der band was playing when we reach dere!!!! so nice! hehes westwood mahs. haf standard okie! lols. den tok tuh naz asking her tuh go along but she cant make it cos she still nid tuh go bak tuh skool. den bo bian lorhs. wah den i ps at der performance. naz stood up tuh blow and i tot tey would cheer so i cheer lorhs. den end up onli mie. den everyone look at mie den i reali feel lyk digging a hole and hide in dere. den end ler jiu go paragon walk walk. lols den all machiam mad go toilet draw eyeliner. den whole grp machim eyeliner gang! onli kenji and shimin's sis nvr draw. den go cine eat and den go ard. kenji and des went arcade den after we finish liao jiu go find them den went tuh 3rd storey instaed of 4th den end up ps. lols den waited for them by seeing ppl play pool! wth! onli 16 can play! sux!!!! den jiu watch kenji tey all play soccer thingy. machiam tey all gonna carry der machine hm lidat. funni lorhs. luff till peng! den jiu go k-pool. haiis den we all jus go in wif kenji mahs. den der stupid auntie ask tuh check IC den kenji argue wif her lorhs. end up onli kenji,des and mus play we all go far east. den saw flo,eugene,kelvin,jonathan tey all at k pool. hehes. den jiu go far east and walk walk for kohwei folkdancing costumes. den jiu go ljs drink,eat and take pics. den jiu go 'my playground'. at first wann take pics den des don wann den all don wann. den tey jiu go buy tie den i go buy my shirt den jiu go hm ler. kandi's leg veri pain. lols. den tak mrt make mie luff till peng. crapping ard in mrt. lyk mad kias. hehes but was fun! den go lot one buy bb tea den went hm wif mus. den reach hm ler jiu bath. gonna slp liao. ciaoz!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

todae feeling damn high~ lalala`` hahas oso donno why. BUT first thingy in der morning so pissed off by der stupid and irritating MRS PNG! she made us clean der child-care instead of doing hand craft work which we ARE supposed tuh be doing. den we went for a 45 mins break at westmall. den we all start tuh complain once we are out of the centre. hahas. den we reali cant tahn and kol Shirley. she told us tuh decide ourselves den we wann stoip doing ler. tiring and stupid job! den Shirly help mie kol Mrs Png den off we went tuh arcade and play for 2 hrs den off we went tuh orchard! raining dere sia makes mie feeling beri sticky! yuckkss*** wen tuh buy my baggie den off went tuh buy specs den der stall nvr open den we were beri disappointed lars. cos we wanted tuh buy long ago liao ma. den we went tuh walk ard and haf a drink at ljs den saw lemin and jiahui. wah lemin sho bhb lorhs wear till lidat den kip showing off her rebonded hair and act dao. hmphx! den we wen tuh der stall agn den guess wad ITS OPEN!!!!! hehes so happi and den buy ler off we went bugis! wanted tuh find chienying dere but she haven reach luckily we nvr tap card den pek chek ler don wann go den went heeren. on der way saw fuifui!!!!! she say our specs are so cool and cute! rain rain rain``` spoilt my mood. den saw dis malay guy he oso has der same specs as us but he nvr wear den he saw mahs den wann tuh luff den kip tuh himself. den off we went tuh pai neos. using our kool specs. so muchie fun! wanted tuh buy der badge but der shop not dere anymoree. haiis den sian diao. went tuh jp and eat ljs den off i wen tuh church tuh find tony and steph. den machiam tey having concert lidat. all beri hyper. den sing sing sing ler den listen tuh der person tok. he was beri funni. den smth reali shocked mie happen! i cried. cos i was so scared and of cos feel veri sad. den we left w/o tony. den kel came tuh tok tuh mie den cry agn. haiis den off we wen tuh take cabbie. den reach hm ler bath and use com later gonna conference wif kel and steph! tata~

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, July 29, 2005

guess wad i pass my geo! hehes i got 9/15!!!!!!!!!! first tym passing my geo. hahas i'm so happi! at last i manage tuh pass w/o EDDIE LAU AND VERGIS HELP!!!! but pass wif der help of LAURA LAU'S MUM!!!!! lols. after skol beri sian got cca agn! damn boring and don feel lyk going anymore. it simply sux! coach came ard 3 lidat. at first tot he nort coming den jiu go hm lorhs but me xiang dao he came. WTH. haiis life's gonna get on! den dis irritating,fat and ill-bred malay gal was so rude lorhs! i forgot der points for her match den she kip saying 'u better count properly'. wth! u come and count lorhs. hao lian der fat PIG! hmphx! morning osho. THEOPHILUS DER FAT PIG of bmt came and irritate mi in der morning!!!!!!!!!!!! thou i cant win u in eng but bmt i can! U ARE JUS A PIG!!!!! irritating,smelly and fat! bleahx!!!! den i run off ard 530 frm bmt. hehes nauttti mie! den went hm wif chang,shimin,kohwei and boon. den chang acc mie go jurong point buy bb tea den he hold my racket till he forgot tuh give back. lols i noe he loves my racket! =X guess wad i saw a beri duper handsome guy on bus but i tink he in U der. haiis too bad lorhs. but beri shuang see till i beri shiok! tmr still got CIP 5 hrs at childcare centre.omg!!!!!! but after adt gonna go far east and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!! finnali can get wad i wann at last! =) gtg bye and ciazo!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

yawns~tired ah. todae feeling duper super tired lorhs. board der bus jiu slp liao all der way till reach skool lorhs. hehes den before reading programme starts den i slp nors den rose kol mie den i wake up liao. den beri ps nors. den saw hanisah! finalli beri fated tuh see herr agn! den slp der whole reading thingy den go back class den slp agn. all der lessons all beri sians lorhs. can slp der. haiis den worst wad e maths beri diff tuh understand! folk-dancing hai hao lorhs. beri fun as usual. den free for 3 periods! shiok ah!!!! den discuss folk dance things den after skol wait for kohwei and shimin den went hm and saw hanisah agn! hehes she beri funni. make mie luff till stomach pain. den slp on der bus agn! den dis sat got CIP wors. beri sians and tired.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

yo! i'm here tuh blogg agn!!!!! hehes todae beri tiring wors. got pe some more!!!! arhg sians!!!!! todae pe i told mrlim i nort feeling well den he say go rest den i nvr play der softball ler.mie,naz and eunice we all sit dere and tok. i beri happi cos din sweat. its jus another stupid game! den mrlim beri nonsense lorhs. becos of 1 stupid ball say we cant go chng mus find der ball first den i jus walk off and don care bout him ler. chem no tcher beri shiok ah! phys hehes i slept!!!!! sit on der floor den slpet al the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! shiok ah!!!!!!!!!!! den i stand up bout tuh dismiss liao den mrtan realise i was missing hehes. e maths beri confused niax. everything i messed up ler. den monday got common test!!!! arhg sian!!!!!!!!!!! 100% + chop sure fail der! haiis got tuh work beri hard. waited for sm,chang and qian den we go makan den go hm wif mus lorhs. =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hehes todae feeling pynkx! whee~ todae beri shuang ah. i slpet all der way till 8 plus den wake up cos i in der morning go see doctor. hehes den shiok ah! reach skool wann recess liao den i go outside staff rm and wait for Mr Goh for ss test lorhs. den suay, see Miss Goh den check my skirt i din chng i jus don care about it at all! hehes. den do ler test jiu go find kohwei tey all den tey eating den jiu bell ring den go for phys. den naz beri hungry kip eating. lols. den we toking behind bout other things den phys. den Mr Tan osho don care. english hai hao lorhs. mei xiang dao tym pass beri fast den jiu a- maths ler den jiu Mr Neo come in den he went off at 230. die ler lorhs a-maths donno how tuh do mani qns. den jiu go out buy fries den folkdance we do der formation beri niice!!!!! we all mad ah inside AVA room. hehes dance ball room dance den dono do wad NDP dance. hehes den saw him! in yellow! yeah! yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, July 25, 2005

hehes feeling purple todae agn?! lols. todae in skool beri sians nors. Miss sim change sitting plan. haiis now sit wif Weijun. he beri nosiy lorhs. sit wif him so sians lorhs. but got Yee mun and gitte behind mie still can tok. yeah! den after skool got rehersal den till i beri sians lorhs. den dat goh beri wad lorhs. catch my skirt. sorry lorhs i wont change my skirt! u wann change urself larhs! den went take 181 and saw irni and mf den pei them go jp and eat wif irni lorhs. den heng arh irni kept her hp in tym cos goh came agn and catch my skirt. tell mie tuh change. sorry lorhs. u wish i would change but i wont! u beri irritating lorhs. den went tuh take bus den chat wif irni den bus come den on bus der door donno siao siao liao cant close den change bus den got dis fat fat couple den dis fat uncle kip asking those we got on bus whether tey were on der previous bus cos if previous bus den free der. den he beri sarcastic lorhs. wife and him sho fat! der seat osho cant fit them ler. hehes better go take cabbie larhs. den der bus driver took ard 5 mins den come den beri late reach hm den saw my fone bill 60 plus! gonna die liao lorhs. jie sure nag till i siao der. hahas dis sundae band performing at paragon! gonna watch!!!!! hehes going wif irni and mf yeah! ciaoz!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

hey hey hey! hehes. i'm mad now!!!!! hahas.todae DAMN broing and i mean it! its reali fcking boring tuh saty at hm der whole dae and rot! hahas i'm a pro slacker u see. so sumtyms i'll get tired of slacking!!!! dis morning jua had tuition and don realli understand phys. and of cos fa a lil pi qi on my tcher. sorri nelly. but thx tuh her paitence she din evern grumble jus kept teaching. hehes she's realli nice! thx! gulp down damn lots of junk food after tuition was so DAMN hungry mum not in tuh buy zao can fer us. twisities,chocolates and oreos down went into my mouth. god its gonna move it move it agn.mum came bak ard noon and bought chicken rice for us and ate half cos half of my tummy was filled wif junks! hehes. watch tv till 2 plus den watch agn till 3.30 lidat i doze off. hehes den wake up ard 4.3o den watch till 6.30 den din eat cos smth happen agn!!!!! i din evern wan tuh say. den now typing my stuff. tmr stil got skool. bu xiang go skool lehs. but wad can i do? tmr still got rehersal at 3.3o till 5.3. wah paing i'm gonna die in skool.

haiis i tink he noes bout dis. wad tuh do? omg i tink its jus the end of the world for mie liao. haiis. i can sense dat he nose. cos i donno why he seems tuh avoid mie. how how how? wad can i do? i realli hope one day u cn come tuh mie and hug mie tighly. reali hope u will noe.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

todae hen kai xin! morning haf CIP and after den ard 2 lidat went tuh far east and eat KFC den went tuh walk walk. saw sho mani thingys i wanna buys. hehes. bu now i bankrupt lerrs den muz save money for der things ler and spend lyk mad. hahas its gonna take 3 tough weeks! lols. den walk till ard 4 den we go take 190 back tuh lot one den pei kohwei buy things ler den take 172 go hm lorhs. hehes bath ler jiu watch tv till now! hehes. mum went malaysia tmr coming back wors. later go nna watch tv agn! tmr gonna go lot one and get Joey der present lorhs. k shall end here. ciaoz!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, July 22, 2005

pain pain pain!!!!! haiis todae beri suay dae for mie! my tummy hurts! irritaing thingy come agn ler. haiis beri pain sia. tmr stil haf tuh go do flag dae. haiis how tuh hang on? lols. todae in skool. hehes i noe how tuh do alot of qns in the test! yeah!!!!!!!! lols. cos miss lim say beri diff. hahs but i noe! geo beri sians nors. cant tok ler geo tcher came back. den i kip eating. hehes. den Leonard tey all kena kick out of klas cos tey tok den suay suay MC came den tey kena lorhs. den went play bmt after skool till after training den nvr eat hehes. but ate my twisties in der hall cos beri hungry. den went hm ler. haiis smth happen too! i jus hop simi get well soon. don tink too muchie k?

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

todae racial harmony dae wors. beri sians lorhs. den haf tuh wear der ugly costumes tuh skool. den on der way got one teckwhye der kip looking. look look look. nvr see b4 huh? lols. den saw Miss Goh her one damn niice. cos its korean der den flabby flabby der make her look beri fat. hahas. den Won wear kerean der osho den he beri hot kip fanning. wah he wear 3 layers lorhs. li hai! den hai hao lorhs. our klass is der best cos onli rongies nvr wear. but its okkie larhs. den 3E got 4 ppl nvr wear den 3G got 5 ppl nvr wear. lols. den he act lorhs. wear till lidat den wif skool pants. sho ugly. den every lesson lyk beri fast lehs. hahas den after skol we went tuh eat lorhs den went hm wif Miss Thevaki she beri niice. hahas. den went hm lers batha and use com lorhs. haiis tmr got geo test and my book in kals cupboard. lols i m so la-me. hahas. borrow lorhs. den todae chi beri funni i swop names wif kohwei den suay suay kol kohwei name den i go up den she donno mahs den she kena tricked by mie lorhs. den i say finish my whole grp clap for mie. hahs tmr playing on her agn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

whee~ jus came home frm SKOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahas todae no cca for mie wors. so happi. cos todae training for C division onli mahs. hen kai xin! actualli staying in skool and wait for koh and min der. tuh later buy pumps for tmr mahs. den qian say we all the ah's wear the same skool shoe lorhs. den nvr stay and wait for them ler. but i told koh if she wann she can still kol mie if she wann. den off i went out of the skool. i tink i recenlty got hearing prob liao. andrew kol mie so mani tyms den i reply him. hahas. den at der bus-stop wait for bus. got one uncle kip yawn so loud and it stinks. den suddenly stare at mie. lols siao siao der. den saw kevin and terrance on my way hm. tey going bak tuh help band. den der bus so long den reach hm bath liao go buy things den back agn! todae chem test hai hao lorhs. at least i can do. hahas den todae phy tcher Miss Cheng leaving ler. sad sad sad. cos she beri good tuh us. den she give us chocolate. so kind of her. gonna make her smth too! =) chatted wif miss gay and she's as loud as ever! hahas. not surprised. still rmb when in sec 2 she wore those track pants and walk so chu lu den beri nosiy den we kip teasing her. uh huh saw Miss Thevaki!!!!!!!!!!!! my sec one eng tcher and she's back!!!! hahas. den going tuh do project and help woody do smth ler. dat's all. ciaoz

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

todae lessons damn broing and slow lorhs. haiis veri slow slow finish der. den makes mie wann slp ler lorhs. den han wei sms during phy den Mr Tan nearly confiscated luckily he kip beri fast. heng ah! den during eng, mr tang haven come den we go 3E cos tey no tcher den go find them tok tok den Mdm Fauzi donno how tuh spell larhs. she came into our klas and was scolding them denwe kena caught by her lorhs. den scolding den still go bao toh tuh miss sim hai wo men nid tuh rite 5oo woprds essay. i anyhow rite den anyhow count. tmr still got test! went causeway actualli tony got come but then he donno why nvr come lorhs. den we go pizzhut eat wif steph. den walk him and saw bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aiyo so suay and see he sho flirt and is she hui bai lei. i tink he dono wad dis means. toopid ppl are lidat! hahas zhi shang di mahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lols. flirt flirt flirt later one dae kena dump den i wahahahaha.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, July 18, 2005

haiis todae rev-up beri sians nors. Mr tan make us re-run der whole thingy. say wad if nvr get into ur klas top 20 den u mus re-run agn. haiis i hate him! den make mie chiong all dat way den now i'm having a terrible haedache sia. pain pain pain. rain wors. sho niice den after skol i went jp and makn den saw der dayang and baobeii acting. baibeii sho pretty man. hahas den onli can hear him say mei ren yu mei ren yu!!!!!!! hahas. den beri tiring lorhs. one scene donno re take how mani tyms. stupid lorhs. nth tuh do one lorhs. bo liao. den at tOyrus we walk walk mah den nvr play den tey person tell us don play. tmd der wad din even play nors. den collect bag der person slamk our bag and books tmd u bu shuang den don do lorhs. and scold us back somemore! irritating tuh meet dis kinda ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

hai sad sad sad~ smth happen. don wann say here. morning rain sho big sia den don bear tuh waake up for tuition cos i osho beri tired. off tuh lil india mie and boon went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was late and she had tuh wait fer mie. lols. reach ler jiu go makan den all see ah bu nei nei dere. beri few chinese. hahas den went look ard fer ethnic costumes and bought one den went off tuh bugis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahas den walk walk den walk till tired ler den jiu go hm. slpet all der way tuh je den take lrt hm. den watch tv and went lot one mit my mum for dinner. mie and bro play 'hei bai chey' on dat way. he's sho funni. irritating but i love him tuh bits!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

haiis todae rain der whole dae sia. sho morning din go swmming lorhs. haiis den went tuh k-box wif cy,mf and irni. tuh celebrate gitte b'dae but den we go book first den wait fer der rest tuh finish ndp and den come. but tey din turn up. mayb too tired? *ponders* den we four mad ar in der room sing sing sing. den kip refill der snacks and last few songs we all chiong ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! sing beri loud till der whole k-box can hear den tyms up! den we still sing den der person came in another tyms up! den we faster go cos beri ps. den take pic outside k-box sho ps. mus ask ppl help us take. den der guy donno how tuh take take till nort niice. den smth happen. don wann say liao. no moond tuh say. den went hm and irni went orcahdr wif her sister. den cy go EC hse cut hair den beri punnkk and niice. den tmr gonna go lil'india wif bOon and find enthic costumes cos her mum saw some very cheap der dere. shO lil' india here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, July 15, 2005

todae lesson machiam all beri fast finish. lols. tym pass sho fast. wahahah i lurve it uh huh uh huh~ todae not cca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cos todae got o-lvl listeing compre! den geo no tcher! hahas den we at geo chat wif hanwei tey all beri funni lorhs. hahas den went jp makan after skool den chien went bak skol den we saw knn tey all hahas. sorry ar chang kip calling u knn. sorry x 1000 hahas enuff? lols den chien came bak den walk till 4 plus den went off. todae saw sho mani ppl wif staed. first dolly. wah piang i din noe she machiam sho bhb lorhs. wear till lyk dat den go out wif stead. der stead looks hai hao. den michelle and stead okkie lorhs. tey donno seperate walk der niax. shy shy sia! den jiahua and stead. wah piang tey machiam fren fren lyk dat. hahas den russell and liyu. hahas we bully them lyk wad we did tuh chun ian and chee xuan. lols. tey beri funni lorhs. den chien eat ice cream machiam kid sia den she throw away cos tuh pek chek ler! den she take bus tuh my hse den find yy dere lorhs den she give her smth den send her tuition cos she going hm yoo! hahas den went hm all drenched. u better compensate fer dat! jus kidding! den bath ler. later gonna watch tv.

i jus wen tuh see my darling laop der blog-yy. she now beri stressed. haiis darling rmb no matter wad happens kol mie. tok to mie. don kip it to urself! i don wann see u getting hurt! u are jus dat best amg the rest. even thou we haf diff. troubles but i wil still be dere to share wif u. wadever dat happens! cos u are just too great tuh be forgotten! rmb dat! lOve ya-layss

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

todae gort e maths tutorial after skool lorhs. den miss keng machiam wad sia. start at 3.3o den end at 3.4o lorhs. den might as well don teach. den she say donno wad nonsense lorhs. den went tuh miit vonne at lot one and saw mark and ah ben on bus den board bus den realise i din tap my card den jus board hahas cos saw ah ben too happi. =x den hehes i jus take it as nth happen. den wah piang wait fer vonne she damn slow man. wait and wait den dis uncle donno walk past mie donno say wad nonsense i tink siao liao. hahas den went off ler after meeting her den ard 7 plus reach hm lorhs. den watch tv and read chi test and a maths test den do musci pro. was so fcking pissed off wif der com and der pro. den type blog. superstar showing ler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

so damn pissed off by someone! fck! hmphx don wann tok bout it liao in case spoil my mood. before bathing still plan tuh eat den now don even feel lyk eating. spoiler!!!! msn still cant sign in! tmd wad's wrong wif der com????? can anione help mie??????? haiis life so boring w/o msn lorhs. i cant chat wif my frens beri sians nors. everyday online type blog.friendster.eamil nth else!!!!!!!!!!!! jus came bak frm cca and oso miss lim sux! hate her man! don feel lyk saying wat happen! and someone who is so irritating! ma pi jin!!!!!!!! boot lickers sux! not handsome still wann ac and den wann style hair donno how den don larhs. act shuai! eeew. training onli so short fer wad lorhs. still train! todae is such a bad day but in klass enjoy cos get tuh see and crap wif my frens but after skool life sux and home sux! haf tuh see ppl face!!!! hate it! life sux! nth is good! don blame mie fer writing dis i'm jus tuh stressed! =x realli regret choosing dis sucking skool wif sucking tchers(xcept fer some) and everything in dere jus sucks! hate my cca!!!!!! worst sports grp in skool wif nth tuh be proud of! other cca grps make it so much but we? diotic piece of shit! dat's wad i can ssay! and of cos hate der tcher in charge too! i wann tuh leave dis skol faster and forget those bad things bout dis skol cos it jus sucks! SC sucks! hate my presnece life so much! but frens we were still stick as one and of cos tey are der ones who brought great joy tuh mie! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

todae in skool beri tired sia. den todae bus came late den nearly late lorhs. haf tuh run tuh der hall. den Mr Lim give a beri boring speech lorhs. wah kao i wann ZZz ler. den cam having flu den beri xin ku. smth happen todae sad sad sad~don wann say ler. den phy der new tcher kinda fun than Mr Tan. den okkie lorhs. but not beri good. den after skol went tuh jp and miit steph tuh take her shirt at pmk cos donno transferred frm bugis der outlet wors. den saw kenny!!!!!! wah my long tym fren since kindergarden lehs. i beri long nvr see him lerr lorhs. hahas i tink he wif gff den wann ka-jiao but don tink he rmb mie lerr. den at bus stoip i wann ka jiao chee xuan and chun ian hahas chun ian dis tym smarter ler huhs? hahas fight back sia! den went lot one on der way saw cynthia and ning jie. den bran and his stead. eeeww~ sho disgusting!!!! omg! den saw shishi wif stead oso. den saw marcus but i tink he nvr see us lorhs den reach lerr go library den play der tarots card thingy den hahas so funi at library nors. den went find wq and pass present den went hm lorhs. den thur gonna mit them agn!!!!!!!!! i realli love my pink-oes`o3 tey ROCK!!!!!!!! =P

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, July 11, 2005

whee~ finally found my org fer cip lerr!!!!! soooooooooo happi. hahas but i reali cant take wenjie and his fren in tuh our grp sorry irni. cos our grp too big lerrr. sorry. todae ss was sho boring nors wah piang i nearly slept! hahas eyes wann close liao lorhs. den other periods hai hao lorhs. e maths quite fun lorhs. kip teasing miss keng and douglas hahas. den eng tak test den we cheat lorhs. hahas. lols we are bad! lols. den went tuh eat wif ah's den go hm wif shimin den der bus samn long nors. i wait till wann zZz lerr. den saw marcus on bus lorhs. den went tuh lot one take lrt cos raining mahs den i don wann get wet. reach hm den saw benno's sms den veri cute ar der msg! thx! den went tuh bath den kol sho mani org den got one wah lao i jus ask onli mahs den u shout at mie say worng no fer wad! tey wrote dere one lorhs. tmd! hmphx. den sis and mum came bak frm jogging den watch yu le bai fen bai now!!!! mum buy durians i cant eat!!!!!!!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

dis morning jus had tuition supposed tuh be at 8 but turned out der tcher arrive late den ard 8.20 lidat lorhs. den after dat went tuh tony der condo tuh swim till 12 lorhs. hees was sho fun wif steph and vonne. den went tuh jurong point and eat den went tuh pei steph cos she wann buy pmk der clothes den she buy ler went tuh see bag den nvr see any niice ones den okkie lorhs went tuh take cab go hm. den reach hm beri sick. i tink flu coming up again and a little fever oso lorhs. and beri xin ku. cos veri sick. waiting fer my dinner tuh come hm whee~

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, July 08, 2005

yo! blooger nvr blog for 2 days ler. was lazy ar. ytd after skol went tuh pei shimin go find Miss Lee bout quiting band. den Miss Lee wann letter den shimin nid tuh go library and type but library close lorhs. den went tuh find Mr Koh den he say by mon. den went tuh find miss sim. den was toking tuh her bout helping mie tell miss lim i got cip cant go cca. den she tell mie tuh tell her personally. den she tok bout sc say i nvr contribute tuh it and stuff lyk dat. but in der first place i din even wann tuh join sc lorhs. is u guys force mie tuh! i dare tuh say dat! and of cos i really cant carry dis burden cos well ur tell mie tuh do tuy i won do! and don blame me! den i cry lorhs. den qian come comfort mie lorhs den she go @-link den mi weif shimin kol org. den mus kol back at 4.30 den saw ilyas and chang eating den ety escaping frm aero hahas den der person find them till siao. hahas. den we went hm lorhs. den kol der org den der person not in. haiis den went out qif tony and steph tuh causeway lorhs. hehes went tuh take neoprint.lols was so fun! den tony meet his fren and actually wann go cell grp but i tink he tired so nvr go. den i was feeling so drowsy den he kip asking 'u okkie anot' hahas machiam i gonna faint liao. =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

wad a boring day in skol! after skol actualli got ss make up der but heng ar der ausgtine cant make it! yeah!!!!!!! den went hm and den go jurong point wif kohwei and shimin. weekiat nth better tuh do say wad if we are fated tuh miit den we go together lorhs. lols. den we don wann find den go buy tb and stuff. den go makan long jonh cos i beri damn hungry. den went tuh pasar malam and bought a small hammer. niice! saw chee xuan and chun ian. hahas. den purposely bump into themwor. lols tease them mahs. den went hm after dat. saw a beri cute and chubby baby on dat bus. sho cute and i play wif him nors. so happii! now dat bitch got no more frens liao wor. pitiful wor? lols too bad la no one cares bout u! cos u simply sux!!!! u are jus a bitch out dere!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

sians nor. today after skool got cca. den went tuh training place fer training cos hall got o lvl oral mahs. but damn ma fan lorhs. den play till 7 den go hm den miss one 172 cos tuh full cant get up u see. den wait fer another one ard 1o mins plus lidat. wad der sai!!!!! den reach hm ard 8.2o den eat and bath cos i damn hungry mahs. din haf lunch. den watch project superstar. 'DERRICK so handsome and LEON too!!! hohos mus vote fer them nehs. den online lorhs. but today der lesson oso veri sians lorhs. e maths lar do presentation. nonsensical thingy. phy nearly slpet but was quite hyper todae as i played game wif nachos! hahas. mt was der worst lorhs. ruhua sux!!!! i repeat ruhua sux!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u not shuang wif us den send us tuh other klas nors. we don mind not being in ur LOUSY klas! hmphx! wad a asshole she is!!! huang lao shi der best! she rox!!!! =] hehes in kals form one thank you team! lols got diff languages of ty. i malay der. woody jap der.rongies chi,ben eng and dah tamil! lols wad a fun day! =]

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

yea~ todae phy beri sians nors kena caught 3 tyms sleeping but 2 tyms i din nors. den he anihow say anything. den after skol went tuh jurong point wif laopo de4n irni ask her pei her go gek poh den i alone go and meet steph den went tuh meet ky at lot one nors. den she wif her stead and bro waiting fer us outside long john and i saw dis bastard! he shuckx!!! den eat ler call tony ask him come find us den we meet him ler den saw juan ru and den tok tok fer a while nors. den ky go off mit stead den mie and steph go tony hse. den hahas. quite fun nors. der dog veri cute!!!!!!!!!! eee~ i lyk it so much!!!!!! hahas den went hm. nitex

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

yawn~ sho tired today.wake up ard 715 den went tuh jogging cos i oredi plan tuh 'jian fei'! hehes. den reach hm and went tuh eat breakfast wit my mum and bro.den went hm lorhs.den bath ler.qian kol mie cos she beri sian ar den she tok tuh mie for a while den i went tuh prepare my tuition things lorhs.den kohwei ask mie whether tmr going tuh movie wit des tey all den rmb got project den clash sho nvr go.hehes. den after tuition went swimming lorhs.den went je and eat den bought a new skirt agn! my mum was nagging mie say i buy tuh mani skirts ler. den mie saw a beri nice tee. hehes pklan tuh buy but nxt wk gonna bring bread tuh skol cos mus save money tuh buy my nike shorts! den watch der charity show. veri touched by some of der stories. ke lian. when i grwo up i wan tuh help dis ppl! den find project der infor cos if not tmr we will haf no idea wad tuh do. at least got some ideas tuh work on. den typing my blog now lorhs. hehes gonna watch tv now! byeeeeee!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

hohos. todae wake up at 1o plus nors. if my mum had not called mie den i would not haf wake up lorhs. den sms steph wad tym mit den prepare ler jiu go meet wq,steph,bx den we went tuh sv der open hse.saw alot of my tchers.and oso miss janeth ng!!!!!!!!! she works at MOE now. hehes. den wen tuh bishan j8 at ard 3 plus wif wq and steph den we went tuh watch initail D!!!!!!!!! jay chou-takumi was so handsome but kena cheated of der feelings by der gal.mayb der gal has her reasons larhs.hehes so shuai lorhs.omg!!!!!!!!!! i love him tuh bits and pieces now! den wen walk walk and bought a bag. is der desogn of a shoe den can put my stuff in it sho nice!!!!! and den went tuh lot one.stpeh went hm den wq went hm. hehes den we take cab mahs den mie and wq alight off at lot one den see dis beri nice bag but dis person go take. so angry!!! den buy ler things went hm den bath ler watch der 'zheng ban qiao' den der donno wad show den sv won lorhs. now sv beri famous ler lorhs. hahas yeah! den watch der nine pm show den use com lorhs.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, July 01, 2005

todae skol beri sux tuh der core lorhs. ru hua don anyhow say anything and shoot miss ooi she;s far better than u in any aspects! and pls don kip shooting us! we noe wad u mean!!!!!!!! u are jus a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!! hmphx don tok bout chinese liao. eng beri sians nors. oso nearly zZz.den a maths okkie larhs. den recess tried tuh call mani of der oraganistions! and was damn pissed of!!!! dis centre i jus ask bout cip den she shouted bak tuh mie DON NID!!!!!!!!!!!! do u noe manners!? geo was okkie as we listen tuh songs in klas.hahas den beri sians nors haf tuh wait fer dat kal b4 i go jurong point.dn after dat went jp wif sx and sm.den we go food court eat japanese food den sx beri disgusting play wif der leftovers.den we started tuh play.hahas.den we went walk walk den went toyRus den nvr seee benno.den sms him he in store room.den he say he can onli slxk till 4 den mus do work. den i go bak skoll find neo den okiie liao go jp mit steph and vonne. den go walk walk den go toyRus again den play wif dder stuff dere.beri nice and cute!!!!!!! how i wish i was young now! den sms benno he asy he at jp slcking den we sms den he saw mie in toyRus when he came bak den stil sms mie somemore.hahas den chat chat.den he go work.den went tuh eat kfc.den sw syafiq! so surprised den when he leaving he saw mie den i pretend don see him ps sia.den take mrt beri fast reach ler.den went hm beri tired and sick of life!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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i love the sun, the sea and the beach! tanning sessions with gfs! chilling out with big mama (: im a shopaholic! i can shop for hrs i LOVEEE to sleeeppp (:


all the bitter food & herbal teas hate being disturbed when im sleeping =x waiting for a very long time


hopes for world peace.well being of my loved see the real santa clus!to be able to swim with the dolphins and to see shooting stars =)


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