Monday, January 30, 2006

jus finished a game of mahjong with mom and sis agn! and i lost all my ten bucks this 2 days! lols. im now terribly broke!!! i don wann touch my ang bao money first. wann save and den can use to buy other stuff. ytd nite was worst. at first i was wining dat first 4 rounds and den started to lose.and den mom got so tired and went to bed first while jie and i continue. den aft a round it was da jie who supposed to give money to er jie but da jie anyhow say mi and we burst out luffing. daddy behind keep telling us to lower down. and den PIANG ! guess wad we broke a glass! faster go clear and den clear everything den went to bed.

aunts frm daddy side came over. we were den playing mahjong. and den they stayed ahwile before they went off. was told by my aunt dat my sec 3 cousin din dare to go camp dis yr cos she said she was scare of ghost and stuff. omg! hahas damn funny la.still got other stories. ate dinner at hm and went off to aunt hse. till 1o plus den reach hm. got realli tired but heard we playing mahjong agn den not tired. so play till now. and lost all 1o bucks! =/

wooh weet! tmr they all coming my hse for steamboat! yee haa!!!! great den can gamble agn!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


its new yr agn! guess everyone shld be receiving lots and lots of ang baos. hmms thinking bck bout last yr it was realli a memorable one. =)

cos i got to noe someone. this person is really great! and frm dat day i noe im i din noe we would turn out to be lidat. frm dat day i knew it i nvr regret noeing it. it is someone great! it taught mi lotsa and lotsa stuff, makes mi feel so happy, makes my day up, cheers mi up. BUT i was wrong. i din treasure wad i had and asked for more. i took things for granted. thou it was gd but im not someone gd enough. it was a special fren. but i disappointed it mani mani times. i was too late to realise. i din give a thought for it. looking bck i regretted, but it doesn't noe dat losing it as a fren was realli a pain for mi. it will nvr noe. cos wad lost is lost. i couldn't do anything. those times were hard for mi. i tried to stop myself frm tinking. i can say till now im nvr heal. cos i failed as a fren. somehow i realli wann to get bck as a special fren to it agn. but it will nvr noe and all dis will nvr be true...

`no man is worth ur tears, dat one who is will nvr make u cry.

to my dear lover. i noe how u feel. its dat same for mi, loving someone is hard and tired. and its realli tired. sometimes u will feel like giving up but nevertheless dat someone u love makes u nvr wan to give up. it hurts most when u see dat one u love with someone but it hurts more when u see dat someone being with u and unhappy. its a hard feeling. u look in his eyes, u feel dat his happy. he looks in u and nvr noe how hurt u are. somehow no matter how hard u work sometimes we will nvr get his love. u wanted to lean on him but he walks away. he will nvr noe how hurt u feel. he will nvr. cos in his eyes im too strong and tough to take. but inside my heart it bleeds terribly. u wanted him to come and helpu stop dat bleeding but he isnt dere. i noe he will nvr be dere. somehow we are not meant to be tgt. someday somehow it will nvr happen.

first day of new yr! couldn't wake up! but hafta realli dragged myself up and get changed and everything to go granny's and ah ma's hse! we left dat hse at 1o plus and got to ah ma hse first. sat dere quite a while before we went to granny hse. SERIOUS JAM AT CUSTOMS! and i slept throughou dat journey. kinda fast. got there saw all my cousins. BIG and small ones! and got to chat with some of them. it was realli hot dere! even thou dat fan was at its full speed but it nvr seems to help! it was so hot and i fell asleep while watching tv. got up its time to leave. went off. and reached hm and on dat way slept agn! i slept jus now agn!! wahahas im a great sleeper!=D

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

why are problems coming in and in? guess i haf been down on luck recently. i jus don understand why too. at first when problems came in, i told myself to be strong and defend bck. but soon as more came coming in i found myself not able to defend bck. i haf no strength to do. im already too tired to do anything anymore! im already tired, do wad u wan, im not fighting bck. IM NOT!

din go out dat whole day. jus haf dat mood to stay at hm and rot. don wann go anywhere and tink anything. jus wann rest myself for a day. and rest my brain for a day! at least i wont be dat stressed out. watched tv whole day. slack dat whole day. rested dat whole day. sms-ed dat whole day. watch tv dat whole day. had my reunion dinner. ate steamboat same as every yr. tmr is gonna be dat first day of new yr. *da nian chu yi* gonna go ah ma and granny hse. get to see my cousins. =) its a new yr. im gonna try to be happy.

*tink no more. life's has upS and downs. im gonna jus take it. cos its fact dat is not gonna be changed. but im too tired to face anything anymore. IM TIRED. get out of my life. pls i don wann any more problems! im tired enough!


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, January 27, 2006


went sch usual. had celebrations. i was so damn high. during break i was singing FIRST DAY all dat way. i donno wad kept mi so high but i feel dat i shld be.=) dat celebration was a short one. but everyone was so damn high and singing out loud as possible. and shikin mama make dat babe for today! SENTOSA HOTTIE BABE! performances were great! jus dat disliked one of those. dis gal was so over lor! haas its realli so AH SOH kind! but dat others were great including ALLAN'S! can say Allan wasnt dat Allan we knew last time. he became so confident in his performance! how cool and now did we discover dis side of ALLAN! *CHEERIOS TO ALLAN*

i pia cab hm today. waited for lyk 2o mins for cab and finally i found one and its gg CHOA CHU KANG! so heng. got things prepared and had such a hard time to choose over wad to wear. i must go shopping aft cny and get more clothes. met them and saw gs at je but i doubt she could recongnise mi as well i changed so much. went straight down to bugis. had my lunch at mac. GOSH GOSH GOSH! no more fried stuff ler! must lose weight!!!! lydia went hm straight aft buying shorts. she hafta rush hm to go malaysia for cny. went off to junction and shopped ard. din saw anything nice. we went to village and dere i finally found my clothes! WEETS OH WEETS! darling gf couldn't get her clothes and she went mad hopping ard. mun got her skirt at last. we shopped for like 4 hrs and finally we get smth we wanted? haas dat was real long.

they went orchard while i went hm. my bck was aching and i din felt right. oso i wanted to catch my last episode of my show. quite a nice show of family bonding and love thingy. realli make mi understood dat power of family love! i will love my daddy,mammi,sisters and bro EVER MORE! likewise for lovers! and frens. some parts was realli romantic but HEY its a show not real life! in real life u seldom get dis stuff. =/ i mean its real life man! which guy(s) would do such things for u. i mean some will but dat rest im not sure. GUYS ARE HEARTBREAKERS! hahas.

i took dat lrt hm. on dat way i stood. so was standing in front of dis malay unlce who happen to be sitting next to a chi auntie. dat auntie had with her 2 grandchildren and she wanted to let them sit and as well as herself so it was like it was kinda squeezy. and she accidentally pushed dat malay uncle a few times. and dat malay uncle was like so fed up. making a displeasure faace! omfg. how do such ppl exist? i mean dat auntie has got her grandchildren with her mahs. cant u jus let her sit? =/

got hm was so tired. cooked myself magee and ate. watched tv and nearly fell aslp. and intending not to update but nvm i will jus update. hahas.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

went to sch as usual. but this morning woke up wasnt feeling well. my eye is SWOLLEN ! omg. and i got prepared everything den i ponder bout whether to go sch not. sat at my bed and rub towel with hot water on it. till den it got a bit better and decided to go sch. took cab. wah mans when i wanted cabs there are NO cabs and when i don there are MANY! reached sch ard 7 and surprise dat mun and eunice haven reached.

everyone who came said my eye was swollen! gawd it was and i was feeling kinda sick cos my eyes couldnt open as normal. tough to see things. my eyes were in pain somehow? hahas. but i was ok aft a while. i took off my specs in order to let it be better. thx to those who cared. =)

s and d by sec 5's were GREAT ! had a hard time luffing. and ANG came up to tok as usual and it was long and nvr ending. follwed byc CHOW. it was indeed a long talk. i couldn't wait to be dismissed and get bck to class. and classy came up to add on. my my when will dis end? best luck to all my junoirs ur still haf a yr ahead. =/

recess has some misunderstandings. now resovled! im glad things r fine. lets jus forget bout wad happen. im sorry. love ya. and i got my hug frm didi! first ever hug! 25/o1/o6 !

aft sch, decided to go hm. but end up waited for eunice and i was in canteen with sisters. went to jp and ate. saw a nice off shoulder. gotta get it for new yr. i cant wait for CNY to come! im jus so excited! ANG BAOS AND MORE ANG BAOS! $$$. im gonna do my shopping aft new yr.

i saw him today. thou i feel so weird seeing him. but it jus feels right. mayb tthey are right he hurt u and u shld stop. love is not everything, someday i will find my mr right. dats wad fui told mi. feelings coming in more and more and im falling deeper and deeper each day. mayb seeing u smile makes my day. no matter wad pain it is, it will go away.

`no matter how much dat pain is, i'll wait.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

went to sch as usual. but this morning woke up wasnt feeling well. my eye is SWOLLEN ! omg. and i got prepared everything den i ponder bout whether to go sch not. sat at my bed and rub towel with hot water on it. till den it got a bit better and decided to go sch. took cab. wah mans when i wanted cabs there are NO cabs and when i don there are MANY! reached sch ard 7 and surprise dat mun and eunice haven reached.

everyone who came said my eye was swollen! gawd it was and i was feeling kinda sick cos my eyes couldnt open as normal. tough to see things. my eyes were in pain somehow? hahas. but i was ok aft a while. i took off my specs in order to let it be better. thx to those who cared. =)

s and d by sec 5's were GREAT ! had a hard time luffing. and ANG came up to tok as usual and it was long and nvr ending. follwed byc CHOW. it was indeed a long talk. i couldn't wait to be dismissed and get bck to class. and classy came up to add on. my my when will dis end? best luck to all my junoirs ur still haf a yr ahead. =/

aft sch, decided to go hm. but end up waited for eunice and i was in canteen with sisters. went to jp and ate. saw a nice off shoulder. gotta get it for new yr. i cant wait for CNY to come! im jus so excited! ANG BAOS AND MORE ANG BAOS! $$$. im gonna do my shopping aft new yr.

i saw him today. thou i feel so weird seeing him. but it jus feels right. mayb tthey are right he hurt u and u shld stop. love is not everything, someday i will find my mr right. dats wad fui told mi. feelings coming in more and more and im falling deeper and deeper each day. mayb seeing u smile makes my day. no matter wad pain it is, it will go away.

`no matter how much dat pain is, i'll wait.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


to lovers:
im sorry for dat dis few days i've been so nonsensical. i got serious moodswing and got ur so worried for mi. i noe ur care and i was too down to tok to u guys. but frm dis min and second onwads im gonna be bck! trust mi ! i will be as crazy and rough as ever! i wont be dat pattern anymore!!! i love u guys and i cant afford to lose any of u. cos ur are too precious to mi! I LOVE U GUYS! and our lovers will nvr be seperated and be disrupted by any stuff! we will stick with each other thru thick and thin ! LOVERS DAT BEST ! MY DEAR FREN!

things hasnt been dat same
i wasnt dat one anymore
dat silly one always waiting
dat silly one always crying
i wont be dat silly one anymore
i wann learn how to stand up when i fall

ur words come to mi
i wasnt ready
i noe it was hard
but i jus hafta take it.
and no matter wad, u're still dat best
i noe crying wont help
i wont shed anymore

love's not everything
and someday i'll find someone and u too!
one day if we mit on dat streets,
i'll mayb say i've nvr regret loving u before!

weets! today sch was fun! cos forever im crapping in sch and outta sch. everyday every moment and every sec! rev-up got us so muddy today! we played push ball! and we lost to sec 5's!!!! argh! we will win nxt time! and we went bck to class was free period everyone went to changed and we changed in class! woohohoho !!!! my second time doing so ler! nvm we love to do dis! =/ ended solate at 3.40 today! and even had chem practical! hais nvm. so went to eat lunch and in canteen we shouted!!!aft practical went bck to help class decor and went jp with lovrs,wood and chang. took mrt hm and saw peski! hahas. tmr is another boring day! GOOD LUCK TO B DIVISION BOYS! go wood! win!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I MISS MY BLOG SO MUCH ! i haven blog for days! i haf been REAL busy buying new yr stuff and oso with sch work ! wow wow wow. im really tired dis few days. i nid more slp~

went to sch as usual. saw my darlingg zoe on bus agn. haha. i slept dat whole bus jorney to sch. i was realli tired till when i was nearing sch bus stop my eyes kept closing. but i had no choice but to get off dat bus. as usual we sat down and tok and tok. and gossip and make alot of noise. kiat told mi bout smth smth~ elton din came today cos he was sick.
i hope he is alright now. elton thong better take care of urself! thou i noe dis few days u haf been down with mani prob in sch but no matter wad im ur godma and will forever stand by u. any prob u come and find mi. im willing to share with u=)

alright. i tink im too high everyday. resulting in miss sim calling mi to control wadever emotions stuff ! oh man. pls i don haf any kinda SHEN JING BIN. im jus being happy cos im someone opmistic! well well she must haf tink otherwise! and mi and eunice were crapping WHOLE DAY IN CLASS ! our word DUI LA DUI LA ! gosh its so fun sitting with dis MAD lady who is my kind! =/

recess was cut short! no time to even eat! somemore we were release late and we had to change! by the time we go canteen we can onli drink some stuff and we hafta assemble! cos we make a hell lot of noise last fri. and now every recess we hafta assemble bck. i jus hope everyone can ok softer. and soon i can enjoy my recess.

im dead beat ! jus cant find dat right thing i wan!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, January 20, 2006

MY TOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS ALOT ! IM SO IN PAIN NOW WHEN I WALK ! grr i was so careless today ! hmph and i hurt my toe instead! here goes how i hurt my toe . was lying down and taking pics , felt someone sitting on my thigh and felt so itchy and bang my feet agianst dat ground.and when i got up i couldn't walk .i was in such great pain and i took off my shoe and when i pressed it,it hurts like hell. gosh im so damn rough and now hurt my toe ! how to go shopping tmr?! GET WELL FASTER!

had a great time today . chien got mi on her bck twice or thrice and i guess her bck is breaking soon !

cca fair. gosh they were real noisy cos i noe they were so excited. hahas seeing all dat booths and banners and little gifts. i rmb when i was in sec 1 it was this case too. and i was like being pulled everywhere by ppl. its like singapore sales ! and i was being put as emcees halfway. cos lover said she din noe wad to say and so i went up. it was ok and realli make mi tink on my feet as we din had any script. they were noisy but i noe they were excited. everyone was so high. and today was kena by J for nth. well its over i don wanna say it anymore. badminton has quite alot of customers too ! =) elton was so disappointed today when he heard dat he couldn't join bmt. mr lim pls take in boys!

we took lotsa pics. with my BABY ! ah fong . and oso lovers,ah xian,wood,chang.. we had some kinda clips on and took so much pics. wood was like a gal to us. our SISTER. hahas. smth happen in between and don mention it anymore. jus dat MISS TAN PEI LING u s*** ! dats it. don ever try to get gd bks with us anymore. cos u are jus a b****.once a b**** forever one ! and i waited with elton for his dad o fetch him. shared mani secrets. jiayou k! godma love ya lotsa. =)

i for sure gonna flunk my SS test ! i tried my best to study and i memorise all but i din noe how to apply ! sucks man. hais nvm fated not to pass ss for life. wow mrs low said nxt wk we are starting remdial classes for eng.

monday: eng

see dats my how busy im! onli tue i can breathe abit but i end so late at 3.40 ! hais hais sec 4 life is stress ! and my toe hurts!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

i've got 2 freaking tests tmr ! and im still here blogging ! my gawd im real lazy nowadays . i must get started to study . thou its onli jan but when prelim comes i don last min work ! im gonna just work hard for prelim and treat it as o's .

today ruhua was damn irriataing lor ! no onli irritating but naggy woman ! frm dat moment we came in she started to shout and yell for no bloody reasons . saying we always late and late oso nvm , still tok dat much and created alot of noise . wow wow . i cant stand her . she started to blah all bout o lvl chinese and stuff . and nag nag nag . but i wasnt interested in wad she was saying so i jus did my own stuff . she din find out and dat was good. when she scolded us i ate my twistis in class . i enjoy my food while she nags dere . chang was oso making fun of her by using his hand as a mouth and imitade how she nags . =/

chem miss sim came in , were told dat we hafta make decorations for cny for sec 2,3,4 and 5 ! and dere it goes agn . so i jus got so bored bout it . until miss sim said 4G says they are gonna beat us flat ! and i stood up , banged dat table and said theymay win us in studies but in unity wose we 4 FIANS WIN FOR SURE ! everyone cheered !!!! YIPEEE dats how our 4F is ! lalala . BRING IT ON 4G !

went off to find mrs low aft sch . i couldn't find her . we went rounds and rounds and saw LL . so we siam damn fast and waited at 2nd lvl until she went in to staff rm . den we called mrs low but she wasnt in . so we went bckl to class and collect our bags and decided to go jp for a walk . lols . wood took such a long time lor ! tok and tok ! =/ and we went off and got to noe dat jersey was out . and mi and wood went to look . but we din like other colours so we chose black and white ! and now i was told no stock ! so hafta take BLACK AND RED ! shit lehs .kinda sucks . went off shortly .

so long since i walked pasar malam . and we took a short one as in dere was damn hot ! so we went to jp and had come cooling . walked ard and carpped alot . toyRus service is LOSUY ! come one man who says sec students cant go dere ? why must they haf dat BLACK face when they see us gg in ! kinda sucks attitude . yucks ! went off to pasar malam and den waited for ivan to come but he din so we went off to je. wood found his tb and wb and we went hm. went lot 1 and waited for her mom with her . lols . and walked ard and bought TINY BOBO ! ahahs real TINY ! went hm . got hm was so tired . gotta study ! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

another tiring day . cca day today ! everyone looked so dead tired aft cca finished . guess those st jonh memebers were really great ! cos they stayed bck till quite late and practise their drills . every yr they clinched dat fancy drill CHAMPION . so u can imgaine how great they are !

heard some shocking news today frm mr lim . he said dat bmt is not gonna take in any more guys frm dis yr onwards . my gawd . and now elton worked so hard and den cant join ? hmms dat was realli dumb . i suggest them having boys instead of gals for bmt . with gals ard thou they say less competition but i guess boys are just more hardworking den gals do . =/ my first match is gonna be on 24/o1 in bb sec . hai they are real strong ! i tink im not joining in . jus gg dere and be linesmen and help out . and 2 other sch we are competing are cck sec and boon lay sec . hope things turn out great for this 2 schools . im haven got to noe how good they are .

i looked at dat syallubus for o's dis yr ytd , i was shocked man ! so mani things i hafta study i guess revision starts frm now ! im gonna start making notes and when prelim comes near i'll be able to do well . i told myself NEVER TO GIVE UP ! must not disappoint ernest and ken and myself ! i learnt dat im dat most impt person in my life !

time passes just so fast . and today's pe turn out to be diaster . cos mun had such bad stomch ache . send her to sick bay and she had her "dark prince" . rit mun ? she was fine aft a while so mi and chien went bck . did some smoky experiment during chem and eunice had attack . her hands and brain was all numb ! i was so scare . luckily she was fine aft chem . aft recess she was bck to normal and we started crapping . bout smth *shh* . today 2 of my lovers fell sick ! so to mun and fui2 : u 2 better take care of yourself , and see a doctor if dats such need . ur must be well and crap woth mi everyday ! and of cos chiong for o's together !!!!

had training . still no coach yet . did selection and audition was gg on in hall for enthic festival celebration . same old stuff:dance,sing,dika bara ... and i got to catch some parts . kd came bck to help in bmt today ! i was so overwhemled and over excited ! dester told mi to be si wen . he sprayed on black hair dye and got his visitor pass and we went up . he played against mani of them and help with selection . wah he was so handsome when he played !!!!!argh ! my gawd ! we chatted awhile and he keep making fun of mi . kinda idiot rit ? ahhas . and he went to play dota with wood and frens . waited for mun and while waiting koh finished her gb and i went to buy fries with her . we were so romantic walking in dat rain with an umbrella !aint we sweet ? how great a gf i've got ! im a butch with long hair and wears skirt ! i told gf dis . lols

took bus hm and saw mussy aka pumy and fren ! fast trip hm . and pumy got to noe how i got dat bk a man named dave . i told him . hahas. he was kinda shocked . but he told mi he actually wanted to take a bk too ! jus too bad he din . =/

well tmr's a better day !

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

attended school as normal today . was kinda not used to it . haf been attending vourse for dat past few days and so was like don really used to attending school . but used to seeing ernest and ken. well they are gonna be back on fri agn !!!!! im jus so excited ! cos im able to take pic wif him den agn . and of cos can get to see him . his fatherly look . =)

lessons were dry . nth was new at all . i guess everyone felt so tired dat douglas din come school . hope he's fine . i was at dat normal time to school agn but when i reached, no one was dere lor . and it was damn dark until i saw benson and we went in. weekiat came and wood . eunice and mun were late today ! and eunice den realised she was in pe shirt not house one ! and gawd she was running mad and she called mani ppl and asked . till we finally called fabien(ex sec 4) and wanted to get frm him . so we went to his hse which is a few blks away frm sch . and we walked our way dere . interesting part came

i heard someone "zhu" us .so eunice and i turned bck .we forgot dat we weren't supposed to ! cos it was like onli ah lians would do so . so nvm we walked on and heck care those bengs who "zhu" us . and they "zhu" somemore and dis time ben turned ! i was like luffing loud cos they called chio bu and ben turned ! hahas . dat was funny .

we managed to found his place and he hanged his shirt out at dat hse door . i was den trying to imitade his sis who studies in our school . eunice luffed like one kind . hahas she said i influence her latey cos she started to do those ulgy actions and faces . well i got such great charm ! ahahs thx eunice do continue to do so ! =)

we went bck sch and was nearly to be 715 . eunice went to changed . but dat shirt was so terrible till she din changed and we went up hall . settled down and ben came running to mi with a new hse tee . shaun had brought for her . so nice of shaun ! and she was saved ! aint u lucky? lols . our 5-bx today was kinda hard sweating ! i did sweat alot cos by doing those little exercises and holding so long was indeed tiring !i mus motivate myself more and exercise !

during phys mr chor and mr tan both din come ! mr tan went to course and mr chor was supposed to take us but i tink he was too weak as he jus had some health problems lately. jus hope he's fine . =) i forgot my chem notes agn! 2nd time mans ! and geo oso ! i was nearly on dat verge of staying bck for break . hengs ahs ! chien saved mi !!!!! Mb was obviously picking on mi and eunice today ! jus dat she caught us one time for toking den she wanted to switch our seats ? why did others do so mani times and din get to do so ! wad kinda tcher is this !

had chem extra lessons . was focused ! shag ! mus study and focus more . o's coming and all tests all coming !!!! I CAN DO IT ! and waited for wood and eunice to come bck and went hm . waited for wood so long and den took mrt hm .bag was extra heavy ! tmr dats bmt . selection and im gonna judge ! wah sehh . and den wood gave mi stickers today ! thx so muchies ! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, January 16, 2006

WOOH FINALLY SUPERTEENS IS OVER ! and im really sad bout dis . cos it jus ended a few mins or moments ago . and ended with a song IF WE HOLD ON . this few days i grew up alot , i learnt alot . and of cos i matured alot . and oso my attitude to studying changed alot .

i rmb dat first day when we met , we were so strangers . until u started to break dat ice and we got to noe each other . i guess it was all fate dat we knew each other . it was fate dat u came to ww to teach us . i started to admire u for ur cheerfulness . whenever u told us stories i was fascinated . by dat way u tok and all ur stories . u seem to be someone who could carry a smile 24 hrs . we nvr noe all those secrets of urs behind ur smile . but u taught us and motivated lotsa us . i rmb when u laugh and make fun of my voice . and everytime when i tok u will do so . hahas u were such a funny guy in my heart .

dat 2nd day went on . dat day when u told us dat we were dat CHAMPIONS ! our parents fought for us and here we are . i was shocked when u started to bang dat board and threw dat glass . i was really shocked . and u asked so mani sensitive qns and mani of us cried . we listened to u and u taught us who was dat impt person in our life . and it was US ! and we prayed . i heard frm how ur wife gave birth to 3 kids . and how u felt . i admire u cos u were such a great father . dats wad i admire u for . even thou u may not haf extremly brainy kids but u do tend to care alot for them . and turn them into one . ur fatherlyness and everything amazes us . and even guys do cry . u indeed touched and woke us up on time . i was glad to haf met u

dat last day . i treasure every min , cos it was gonna be dat last . i saw tears in ur eyes sometimes when u told us some stories of ur family . and tonight u told us . u told us bout ur dad . i saw tears in u . i knew u really loved ur dad if not u would not haf tears for him . i noe u love him dearly and treassured him jus dat u din noe . i was so full of admiration . u were so strong and u make it to a millionaire at dat age of 30 . and was so fifial to ur mom . u are even a great dad ! all my tears for this was worth . i learnt to cherish . and of cos learning starts for all today ! i will not forget ur teachings ! BUT RMB FOREVER ! u do rmb mi k ! =)


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

went to sch dis morning for course again ! its just dat 2nd day ! DON COMPLAIN ! hahas anyw i somehow find this course damn USEFUL to me but i donno wad it is to others. i was quite fine this morning until some idiots came by and pissed me off ! i mean REAL off !

`to sOme fuckers or shld i say idiots ? no no perverts down dere ! come man . u have got dat guts to say me , how bout u ! how big are u ? u realli think u are so GREAT ! tryint to act cool , dye hair ,speak vulgarities , action , and all dat stuff . u think u are ? PUI ! YUCKS ! U SIMPLY SUCKS ! if u aint perfect den u have no right to tell me off ! U DON HAVE ! so sorry but i must say this . ur parents realli sucks ! they don haf brains and of cos they gave birth such a PERVERT AND BRAINLESS son like u ! oh my !!!! how sad can dat be? so damn SUAY they are ur parents ! when u nvr ever make dat effort to think of how others feel , u DON HAF DAT RIGHT TO SAY OTHERS ! just because someone is just a different skin colour den u, u are trying to insult , make fun and even call dat person names ! u are just RACIST ! if u have brains i doubt u would have done so ! and PLS stop noeing gals frm whoever and wadever sch ! cos i guess they might PUKE when they see u . guess how dats their reacting shld be ! cause dats too much cheese on ur fucking face ! how sad !!!! u haf guts to say mi ! den own up when u are being confronted ! u are just like a mice standing dere and don dare to say out ! why so afraid ? when u scold and say ppl u weren't like dat? how come ! DON SAY ME IF U AINT GREAT ! FUCKER FUCK OFF ! PERVERT AND TICKO !

today's session of dat course was realli touching . touched so many of our hearts and mind and soul . everyone cried . even guys . believe it anot . cos it was so touching . and i regretted wad i have done so mani years . disappointing my mom and dad , toking bck to sis , fighting with bro ,making mom worried ,rebellious , broken promises . i m frm today and now is a new person ! i changed ! i will of cos work hard for o's ! and get into wad course i wanna take and be wad i wanna be ! and its time for all of us to change . its dat time to . if u don den its useless of u attending dat talk today ! and i saw how D was so sad . i gave him a hug ! wishing him was well and good . yeahs and i guess all of us learnt frm dis lessons . and everyone of us hugged and cried today ! i guess dat was warmth by u guys ! =)

this year 2oo6 im gonna get a new me ! im gonna study hard for my o's ! and of cos not to slack . i must pass all my test ! be it PHYS or SS ! no matter how hard it is i still do wad it takes . 4fians EXCEPT DAT FUCKER lets all work jhard and i will pray for u all ! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

today was dat first day of SUPERteens ! at first i heard frm teachers saying dat it would be talks and we hafta sit through all this talks . and i thought it will be like so BORING ! but it turned out not to be ! and was extremely funny and fun ! weeHEES ! i love SUPERteens now ! =)

i met benson and we boarded dat bus to sch . he went in first and i waited at bus stop with shu xian for mun . and we went in together when she came . 4G peeps are realli early huhs . mostly were frm 4G when i reach and saw them at canteen . and marilyn was so nice !!!! she went lonlon last yr for holi and she bought some chOco bck for us ! it was so nice !!! YUMMY ! we went off to mrl and dat talk started . dat talker was MR ERNEST WONG ! he was so DAMN funny and look so much like ZHANG FEI frm `zhong yi da ge da ! everyone was practically luffing our ass off with his lame jokes ! and he liked my SEXY voice when i told him my voice was so SEXY ! he nearly went hitting dat wall . lol . and all dat way till break it was fast . and we brought our JUNk food and ate . ms lau called us to go da bao cos she said cant eat all dis . so i went out to da bao for them and mine . and came bck and aft break went in . and continued till dinner . in between we played so mani "raping" games !!!! haahs . poor mun and chien ! lastly we came bck for dat last part and watched a movie whr i saw so mani CHANG !!! hahas . and den released at 930 ! dat was so late ! and went hm with eunice and wood .

jus came bck ! im gonna enjoy more tmr ! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, January 13, 2006

yo ! i jus came bck frm sch ! freaking ! its 11.49pm now ! and i jus got hm ? yeahs yeahs . i was on duty for today's parent's dialogue . my my it was tiring . wearing court shoes and walking and ushering parents . but dat good thing is i saw mani of 4fians parents ! like jondave,won,willie,mark and etc . so if nxt tym they bully mi i go tell their parents ! lols . =x

sch was fine . except in dat morning eunice akak lover 2 got a terrible tummy ache. i send her to dat sick bay during morning assembly till recess when we went to visit her . she went with us for break and went bck with us to ss . ss lessons damn boring . but dat sad thingy is i CANT slp dere ! MB will be staring at mi if i do so . and she doesnt like us to sit with mani diff postures . like hands holding dat chin and lying down . it was damn sicko ! but jus gotta face it . well i tink dat my ss will SURELY improve aft her lessons ! nxt wk dats test ! PASS IT ! =)

i hafta re-do my booktalk . not re-do but jus dat i nid to type out my booktalk . cos its written dere TYPED AND PRINTED OUT . and mani of us did it by hand written . mrs lau wasnt pleased and so we hafta re-typed everything and give it to her agn . shitty thing is dat i don haf printer and microsoft word at hm . well i nid to find a way out cos dat counts in for CA !

elton fell today ! he went for bmt audition ! and he was playing well jus dat he din run much but nvm ! =) and he played another round and he fell while trying to catch dat ball . it was so saddening ! cos he was like trying so hard for bmt !!! i was realli sad when i saw dat . and he was so stressed bout bmt last few nights whr he din slp well . poor elton .u deserve a gd slp tonight ! and he went for choir too ! heard frm him dat he was given high notes and he couldn't reach ! lols and he went hm . i saw msMEOW ! hahas i "confronted" her on saying she gave elton high notes when he cant reach it ! and we started dat BABY arguement ! by calling each other baby ! dat was damn funny and everyone as luffing hard !

i was so ps today ! cos i played truth and dare with them aft sch . i chose dare and i was to sing dat song DON U WISH UR GF WAS HOT LIKE MI? under dat neo's cafe ! and do it 3 times !!! my gawd dat was so mani netballers dere !!!! well and i did it . but i hesitate alot before doing so . and i was kena twice by DARE ! so dat second time i SHOUTED in dat canteen elton ilu ! hahas lols . i was forced !!!! dat was fun mans ! chatted with marilyn and frens and we went to sc at 5..3o and went to get tie and blazer and wear dat sucky shoes !!!! it hurts ! and was so hot !!! stood dere for 1 hr ! and den we went to rest and eat lotsa refreshments !!!

went in ava and mad down dere . i acted as P and all of them were luffing mad ! and when i told them bout dat PS,LS,GS,PP thingy all of them realli lol ! and we played continue dat story ! ahahs dat story was sorta siao kind? and we continue with GHOST STORIES ! won kept scaring farhana ! how irritating he is ! and we wennt out to duty aft which won did some funny stuff making msMEOW luff so mad !!!

tok with walter,minjie and anati . they came bck to give speeches . and we went to take dat bus . and joked and tok bout many things . took mrt hm cos wasnt in mood to take bus . and oh ya saw chang ! scared mi ! and oso today's ss we tok bout FOREIGN TALENT ! refers to BANGLA !!!! they are jus so EEE ! well went hm and settle things . tmr dats day camp ! SUPERteen here i come !!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

MUSCLEache !!!!! ytd training i guess dat was dat most complete one . cos dat gals came and we did physical as one team ! im so happy lo . hahas . finally we are together and doing our phyysical happily. and dat was fun man ! even thou it was tiring . =/

time PASSES DAMN FAST TODAY !!!! i donno why ?! myab dat earth revovle faster ? cos 5mins pass so fast !!!! or was i so engrossed in lessons ? hahas nowadays im paying 3oo% to lessons ! O LEVELS ! =) and during a maths . MRneo was being bullied by layss ! hahas . hohoho MRneo buck up ! I SAY U SAY , U SAY WAD ? hahas . wells and im loving a maths more and more now . i jus love doing it ! and EL lessons were great ! mrs lau made us do compre ! hahas and is those card kind ? i found it so useful to mi !!!! gonna pass eng !!!! and aft which i had my booktalk today . and i spoke real fast and was damn nervous . aft my summary i was like PHEW ! hahas . and mrs lau even borrowed my book ! hahas . and i had a great booktalk with her today !

i went to elton's class and found him ! was found him fooling with jun han who was den trying to strangle him . hahas . he hafta stayed bck for class decor . and they were cute . they greeted every tchers who walked past their class . and when they saw mi they were so excited and called mi ! feel so happy ! and i saw elton wrote !!!! my gawd i was so touched ! so i went to bring him down to class . and dere he got to noe lovers and some other ppl . and they were all saying he's cute . hahas and wood was trying to be peskii ! and we went up to his class and steal food and fight down dere . lols . and elton said smth dat maker mi so touched . and we went off together to take bus . he alighted at brigde ! waved to him !!!! hahas . met eunice,shuxian and koh on dat way . went to wash fotos and ate together . treated shuxian her potato chips and went hm . saw mrNEO and some other tchers . and wood too ! hahas . took mrt together . went popular and bought my pens . saw kah yong working at gio . and saw redzuan when i alighted . lols .

got hm . bath and did my work . hmms im feeling somehow so stuck up in dere .

`feelings damn stuck up . i still haf no courage , no courage to face p . cos whenever i hear bout p and saw p i will feel so stress , i guess im still not ready to see p . and still not ready for frens , dat fear is still in . mayb i haven recover and i jus nid time ? i don haf dat courage and i fear much . im jus not ready . im gonna shut myself up in my world .

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

assembly today we had a talk with dat P . tok bout same old stuff agn . mentioned mani times and now here it comes . i had a great time luffing today at how P tok and her actions and her shawl . how exgerating she was ! and how BEAUTIFUL her shawl was . =/

pe was fun i guess . cos we did height and weight . so was so high over dere . and we went for exercises . and rmb 4f ! 2,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 STOP ! rmb ah . alot of fun happened during pe . and headed for chem . was quite fine and nearly bombard dat whole lab . wasnt supposed to heat copper but i went to heat and water shot up ! luckily i wore googles .

el lessons were great ! i did some work and got it rit ?din noe it was so easy . and feel so proud of myself . and i tink mrs lau eng damn rocks ! its so relaxing and u can learn alot frm her . she's one eng tcher i admired alot ! and today CLASSY BLACK BIRD scared dat hell outta us . esp:simi ! naz and mark were den interviewed by some tv members ? yeahs . and *claps* to them !

had cca today . went gek poh and ate family feast with hangers !!!! and dere we started dat hanger thingy . we luff and bombard dat whole kfc man ! it was damn great ! and we were late . and saw gary ! omg he dyed his hair so ***** !!!!! and den we chatted awhile and we went bck . got found out . den training ended at 5 . new coach next next wk den come . shag mans ! how to enter tournament ?! shag la ! went off and found chien and mun . *things happen* don wann say .

i got hm . and i started to study . *things happen* . im realli in nomood to blog anymore . dats for today .

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

RAINY DAYS ! "rain rain go away , come agn another day !" i shld sing dat . oops i shldn't . cos my singing sucks . well it has been raining consistently for dat past few days . makes it feel so cold . even when u go and haf a shower u will tremble . so PLS DON RAIN ANYMORE !

`dedicated to elton !
i love my godson more and more each day ! he's so damn cute man ! wah lau at times i realli cant stand his cuteness . it jus fit so right for a boy like him ! he's so small yet cute and handsome . wow i guess yrs later gals will come chasing after him on dat streets . wow wow wow see how gtreat my godson is? thx to him fer bringing barley water for mi too ! i find him very strong witted . he likes to try new things taking it as a challenge . he doesnt mind learning . dats wad i like my godson bout . a strong witted one ! =)

and eunice and mun get well soon !!!! so long we din go out for our LOVER'S DATE !!!!

hari raya haji . and dat means is a holiday ! but but but i stayed at hm ! im a good gal . hahas . i stayed at hm doing nth but facing my com whole day , and mom nags and nags mi bout it . wooh another day gone jus like dat . i hope it will pass slowly cos now im in sec 4 i realli do find time passing so fast !!!! everyday u jud go to sch and den aft sch TA DA ! go hm ,eat and den slp . and here comes another day . wah sehh looks like dis wk i mus pay 2oo% attention in class . and nxt wk i stil haf a maths test !!!! sheesh ! =/ i mus realli buck up .

well tmr dat new C is coming i jus hope everything is fine . and im EXCITED BOUT FRI ! AINT U ELTON ?! =) YEE HAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, January 09, 2006

im suddenly in dat mood of blogging aft wad J and i chatted bout . i agree dat wad J said was rite . IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE . to mi it realli means dis way . cos when i haf dat confidence to do and lead u guys well ,but u guys let mi down . i can and dare to say i was once a reserve player when i was in bmt when i was in pri sch . and i nvr got dat chance to play even if i train as hard as them . till when i got into sec sch i decided to continue on and try my best .

at first it was ok when i had those senoirs wif mi ard . and coach was having high hopes on mi . i felt dat i would play well and train hard . i told myself nvr to give up . and so i always look up to my senoirs and my coach who were playing well but then i realise i got into a team whr no one realli wans to work hard . they onli wan to play fer fun . and mi ? training so hard like an ox oso no use . but sttill i din give up . i continued and hoped dat der nxt batch would be better . and i will lead them well too .

dat new batch came in and they were consistent in trainings . and yeahs at first i tot everything was alright and they would be a good batch . things changed when they slacked and i found myself in a deep shit . stucked dere . cos even with them ard i feel so competition and everyone doesn;t train well . sometimes i jus blaem myself for being so unlucky . and whenever i play with them i would wish they would be like other sch gals . but hais they let mi down .

wheneve dere are matches and i see players frm all sch . i sigh alot cos i noe they all are united and trained and prepare well and come fer dis match . they would somehow listen to their coach and do well . and they are all so united . how i wish our team was so . and whenever we lost everyone was still ok in high spirits , i donno why . haf i failed as a leader? and whenever i see westwood name is being placed at last . i realli wanted to cry so much .

im passing out dis yr . and nxt up coming yr i donno how strong dat players are and how hard they trained . but one thing i noe i FAILED . cos i din lead my team well and everyone was not united and thus result in dis . and of cos i failed to bring glory to my sch . not even a single match . i FAILED .

whenever some other sports grp has won smth i feel so proud of them ,but to tink of it i feel so suck up cos so far we din manage to clinch any . somehow everytime i will always pray and hope their nxt match will be better . but it nvr change . well mayb dats how it shld be .

`to u guys - im not pin pointing anyone of ya . im jus blaming myself for being a failure in it . cos i nvr manage to get ur together and train . and of cos i failed as a leader . i jus hope in dat up coming batch ur can trained with them and do well fer our sch . one thing i regretted most before i passed out was when i din manage to win smth fer westwood . dats all guys all dat best!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

yee haa ! another post fer today ! was too early today ! thou i boarded dat normal bus but i reached sch so much earlier . and so little were in sch . makes it so cold . can film ghost story dere . lols . assembly sucks dis morning . P tok so long . and had leg cramps . and oso sang 3 tyms national anthem today . sucks man . =/

heard dat our old coach resigned and we are getting a new coach . YEE HAA ! dats better den dat old coach . cos dat old coach focus more on guys den gals . resulting gals always so lazy and lousy . so mayb changing a new one is better . and wood today joke bouT BADMINTON TEAM and BADMINTON GRP ! dat was so damn funny . luffing my ass off .

eunice and mun din come today ! and in class i haf no one to tok to ! omg , so i turn to won and he sat beside mi .we tok and tok . and joked bout dat song 'WONT U WISH UR GF WAS HOT LIKE MI?' and i purposely keep saying to irritate him . lalala . and he was like complaining im too noisy and talkative . dats mi la ! =) so i crapped with him thru phys and emaths . and we played alot wif qiaowei's electronice dictionary and dere we typed mani weird stuff . lols . and i rolled down luffing all dat way .

and i was damn sick in sch . i kept coughing and coughin and it hurts when i coughed , got dis feeling of itchy . and my nasty nose was blocked . damn blocked and i hafta breathe thru my mouth . gotta learn frm changies how to breathe thru my ears . he noes dat ! how cool ! and won agn irritate mi askin mi to breathe thru my nose noeing i cant do it ! how bad is he !=/

i went to gek poh . walking till half dead dere in dat rain . buying kiat daddy b'dae cake . and went bck by bus . i ate doughnuts today ! one treated by myself and one by ben ! he was kind to treat mi . cos i was sick . hahas its not bad afterall to be sick . chien went with us but went bck hm cos she had tuition . and we celebrated kiat's b'dae in sch . he was being smacked by mi ! hahas sorry ya . daddy i din mean it . =/ my b'dae i let u smack back . hahahas .

and i went hm tinking of cabbing but no cabs in sight ! wtf ! and i hafta take bus hm in dat end . how sad it is ! cos im too sick to take bus . well . mayb today's not my day .

but my godson elton was nice and DAMN NICE enuff to bring barley water fer mi today ! initially i tot he would give mi in those plastic bottles and after i drink i jus dispose it off . but he gave mi a plastic bottle an orange one and den wrapped it up with a bottle holder . and gave it to mi . how sweet is he ! arg ! cant resist !!!! he's damn cute !!!! =) right now i guess he's doing his work . CHIONG AH~

i actually did some lil stuff today on bus when im on my way hm wif ben . i took his hp and video smth but deleted it off . cos dat climax of sat part din not happen . cos i expected it to happen . everyday if i happen to see them . wells wells its not my luck today !

geo was fun ! we played some games and nearly got choco ! but mastura's grp was damn HIONG and they came up with somani words and won it bahs ? tink so . and hafta sacrifie ah tiong to go another grp to play games . sorry tiong ehs . and mich too ! cos today i wasnt able to sit with her and teach her phys . sorry . =/

tata take care ! hope tmr will be better!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

another day ! another day gone jus lidat , guess i shouted too much and tire myself too much . i fall sick ! YEAHS FINALLY ! cheerios to layss !!!!! hahas i've been wanting to fall sick . but time and time agn i failed la. hahas . im a tough person to be sick . wells wells im still wondering whether to go sch tmr or not .

ytd couldn't slp well cos tink its becos of my flu oso . and oso my throat . gosh i feel so sick rit now . hope tonight i can get better den tmr can go sch bahs , but even if i go sch oso mus bring one box of tissue with mi . damn sick . hahas aint i mad? one whole box ! tink my nose gonna go rotten ler . ]

i slacked dat whole day at hm . cos i was too sick to go out . so i started to watch love at harvard ! wah damn nice , dat sch was BIG GRAND AND HUGE ! and so mani causasians ! plus dat facilities were great ! wahh sehh nvr go dere see oso so xian mu. thou dat show at some part was funny but i still like it . anyw jus watch onli may not be able to finish watching . dis wk starting lessons and im prepared to pay 100% attention ! and oso pass every of my test ! be it phys or ss ! i will ty my bestest . cos dis yr i noe i cant afford to fail and play very wild anymore. its my death yr . gonna chiong thru .

in life u cant expect too much . u cant expect everyone to like u and be likeable to u. cos sometimes u gonna learn how to accept ppl . instead of ppl accepting u always . be mature abit and learn how to accept cos dis world is not onli ur own but it has mani others ard . tink of others before self ! dis is wad i tell myself sometimes . if u would onli tink of urself everytime den everyone will started saying u are selfish . and of cos u don wann ppl to do dis to u so u mus not do dis to others . be mature and start to tink of others. sometimes its not ur looks dat show u are mature but ur actions .

wells im gonna go rest . =) love and cherish !


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

im back !

but im sick !

wad a sad case!

cos i noe my frens would miss mi

and my SEXY voice

cos w/o mi they will all be sad

hahas aint i bhb ? lols

hahas im mad la . i tink mayb cos i ate too much lozengaes and im mad ! wells wells wad kinda saying is dis ? onli sot ppl like mi will tink of dat stuff . hahas hey guys i've got myself a room in hougang chalet ! room ooo2 ! visit mi when u free !~

i lost my voice ! and now i've got SEXY VOICE
wann hear it ? call mi !

i had a great day out with guys like KHOO - CHIEN - YING ! , lover 2 and 4 ! lover 3 couldnt make it cos she had something on ! sadsadsad ! i MISS HER ! nvm but with her kungfu she will fight and protect mi ! love her !

so we met ard 3 plus . and lover 4 wore high heels ! *WHEE A WHEE !* but v uncomfortable for her . we 3 met first and met CHIEN at outram . she got some stuff on . i waved hardly to her when dat mrt reached outram ! and i saw a couple quarreling in da train ! cold war . lols . wells dats none of my business too ! =) we reached bugis fast and nearly missed dat stop .

we walked ard looking fer lover 4 new shoes . hers was spoilt and make her legs pain . finally aft 2 rounds of searching and walking ! she FOUND IT ! goofy . and so we went to look at clothes,bags and accessories . nth new . so went to parco . and on dat way we passed on germs ! yeahs guys?

went to take neos ! find mr neo ! hahas kidding . we tried datnew machine . it was nice ! wahaha love it man . all take out so nice , but they siad i look too pale and sick . =/ and i found dat i wasnt in dat day of taking neos ! but nevertheless it still look great . cos dats my face on it . =) we suggested eating kFc ! wasnt dat great ? i make worse come to worse by eating dat ! and in dere funny things came in . *reminder to all pls wear ur panties properly if u wann to wear low cut jeans * haha

we went off to cold storage and dere here comes it . chien took dat new pepsi . and we all wanted to try cos their got tester . so i went over dere and speak loudly making it obvious for dat promoter to hear it . and lover 2 and 4 broke out luffing when dat promoter came ! hahas . he offered mi ! lalala. im such auntie rit ?

took train bck . on train we zilian . took pics aft pics , and wen off at je . and came bck hm !was resting and took lotsa lozengaes when i came hm . took a rest and now blogging . im gonna rest tmr ? and go bck sch on mon ? see how it goes ...

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, January 06, 2006

sec 1 orientation is finally OVER ! phewws . but dat sad thing is im hafta go bckto normal lessons. took a look at my timetable evryday ends at 3.o5 ! wth rit ? hais sec 4 life is realli tough . and on mondays i haf lyk 4 periods of a maths in total? im gonna die soon .

overnight in sch . it was dat camp fire . everyone was damn high in cluding my dearest 1H! at first i was pissed off cos no one had any idea of dat performance but in dat end someone came up with an idea and it was good so everyone followed . they rehersal mani tyms and i reminded them alot of things . and they haf their commercial and oso their cheer. my dear elton was great ! thou he's samll but he shouted loud and did well for his class . his my godson ! hahas . and all of us love him lotsa . so dat night came and they went up to perform i can say dat they din do dat well but nvm in my heart they are still dat best ! and elton is still dat best boy in my heart ! all iH pupils are ! i love them ! and ya kiat daddy got dat best sl for boy and ham got for gal ! HOORAY to sl ! they were dismissed and went to bath and eat supper . settled dat gals down to slp and we went to do hw at bb rm dere . all play and tok . we ordered mac delievery and waited damn long .den finally it came and found they nvr give us ice lemon tea and sprite and we paid fer it ! so went to call and complain ! hahas im being nasty as i complain . den we all started to do hw and aft dat all fell aslp . dat drinks came and i woke up . while zal and dat rest slp i help mi copy his hw . lol . den all slp den here comes another day.

all damn tired . kip falling aslp during morning assembly . den we went bck to class . dargged lotsa tym and see VP . i cried and den say we all do till so gd and so tired now stil nid to study . hais . den went bck and emaths and chi . chi still same class . joke alot . bout donno wad roses and stuff . lol . den class ended . ss i was caught sleeping . shit la . nvm den . went to do notice board and see my 1H they gg fer audition ! hmms hope things goes well for them . and den went to dat wake and we went hm . thx eunice's dad for sending mi hm agn ! =)

going out soon . still as tired . elton got into second round of audition ! but i guess he;'s joining sports . well . dere goes .=)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

`im shocked , im down , but i learnt smth . to cherish . sometimes in life we make mistakes . and of cos we do at times find out parents unreasonable . we may at dat tym tink they are old fashion and selfish . but haf we really tink bout their feelings too ? they did it fer themselves ? i don tink so . im sure wad they did are always best for us . our mothers carry us in their body for 1o mths ! and dat pain they go thru to give birth to us . dat fear of losing us . and of cos receving us . dis joy they had will always be in their hearts . they brought us up and did everything for us . and as we grow up we tend to tok bck . we fight for ourselves but we din even tink of their feelings . they give dat best to us . cos we are dat child in dat hearts . they love us . u may not noe wad events will happen in dat future . u may lose someone . and when u lost them u will regret and oso start to feel guitly not being able to do and say sorry to them .

its glad dat we haf our parents and everyone with us . but its tough when we lose them . we mus learn how to cherish . wadever they do they meant dat best for u . don say they are selfish . or even walk out of house . cos u may not noe when u lose them . its hard to say . jus cherish wad u haf now . its dat best for u .

`come bck fast , we are all waiting . we miss u . everyone does . i cried hard cos i care . mayb u aint able to read dis . but when i saw u jus now . im realli very heart pain . cos as a fren i don care fer u . and rmb wad u promise . do take care and we will wait for u . standing by u .

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

FIRST day of sch was realli tiring man , woke up at 5.45 .long time din get to wake up so early ! actually was tinking of cabbing to sch cos im damn lazt to take bus . but in dat end all cab who saw me din wann to stop . even though dere was no one in except dat driver himself ! shag man . was damn FRUSTRATED so din bother much and bus came at dat time and went to board it . reached sch ard 6.50 ! gosh im late and i saw zal and gang den rushed up to mun and appologised to her . actually meeting her at foyer at 6.3o end up i so late den come . sorry ya .

went ard and ard finding kiat daddy ! and finally found him . at dat time he oso finding me . ask me give my temp to him and den i rush to put bag and went down to do duty . eyes was very irritating . and dis morning for no particular reason it was cold . thou dere was sun shining brightly but dere was cold wind blowing lols . and temp taking took 1 hr ! damn bloody long ! so many ppl din bring and dat P and VP being so stupid got dat idea of getting all who din bring to go take their temp at dat canteen . wad a f*cking stupid idea it was . and somemore how could they let parents wait ? my gawd ! dis sch shag alot !even with P and VP ard nth gets right .

i saw jiaxin with benny today . benny was so idiotic as if i care to look at him . and jiaxin said she was bck cos to do hair cutting for us , wooh long long quene and some even with dyed hair jus came bck . and dere they sat down dere and wasted dat whole day's time . doing nth but "detention" . and those caught with hair too long were expected to go for dat haircut . its $5 each . cut by jiaxin's mom ! i feel its better cutted den last tym by chiamg and eric . was so uneven . but dis time they look better even if they got cut .
i guess jiaxin's mom earns alot today !

so i jus went bck to class for ard 1/2 hr ? ya and dis yr handbook's was DAMN nice lor . it was dat most HIGH CLASS and in style all of dis yrs i've got . wooh my gawd a pity my last yr here if not i can get more . shag case . i went off for sch tour with my dearest 1H . they were all so noisy . esp :goldfish and frens . OH YA ben's bro got in 1H ! hahas . and oso idiotic benny's sis . they went to sch cheer aft dat . and i mean 1H is great ! they realli are! they showed dat spirit when they nid to haf it . im sure they will do well for campfire ! i love 1H !esp:alton dat small boy !

finally MR RAMESH is teaching us pe dis yr ! hahas dats great ! at least i wont hafta fac LHL anymore ! shld say gd luck sec 3 ! hahas . but i've got 2 wks MC ! happy dao ... hahas . cos o my kneecap ! shaung ah ! no rev up and bmt fer mi . lalala .

hmms im jus not fated wif physics ! shag case ! cos i could haf pass with jus 1 more mark . 1 more mark even god doesnt wann gif mi . wells mayb physics and i doesnt match . wells i cant married a physics husband nxt tym . its gonna be dat worst marriage ever . wells mayb i shld jus take combined . and strive well for it . im jus pondering over dis decision . wells N says its hard w/o phys now . i heard dat MR CHOR came bck aft his stroke to teach our class phys fer half of dat yr . wells mr chor is realli steady ! he's old in age and den aft his stroke he still wan to give in effort to dat edu . pei fu !

i spend most of my enegry today on 1H ! they were playful . nevertheless they are great ! some small small , some tall build and taller den mi ! some very shy . like those gals . but i've learn to accpet ppl of all kinds . wells in 1H dere's so mani diff kinda ppl so well we mus learn to accept them . hmms dere's dis guy he doesnt realli interact with dat class and i got to tok to him one on one and he toks to mi . lols mayb hes too shy . =/

as days goes by im sure 1H will strive ! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, January 02, 2006

tmr's sch gonna reopen ler . i don feel lyk gg to sch anymore . cos holidays aint enough fer mi . wells my 3 wks gone at first and den aft dat mus still chiong for phys. and den work and some more . ya all gone in jus a twinkle of any eye . it seems too fast to be true . well i jus gonna face it up . study hard for o's dis yr and chiong fer it . not gonna tink of any shit stuff but jus studies . 4F`o6 here we chiong !!!!

today went to chiong hw at mun's sis dat childcare . went dere and do our hw . cos we found all other places very noisy and we cant concentrate so it will be better down dere . her mom came later with her sis . and den her mom was here to help re-paint dat childcare . and her sis was doing some work . started our work at 12.3o and den do till 3 plus we went to fetch fui2 . and den did work dere and ate our dinner and den went hm at 7 plus . was dead tired when i reached hm . aft i bathed i jus lie down dere . too tired to do anything . wells tmr sch is starting i jus hope since its a new yr everything will be a new start fer mi . jia you !

`it seems lyk an illusion . wads happening its like all fake . im realli lost on wad happening . dat sudden change . and everything i donno how to spell it out . im feeling terrbile . dat fear comes . hais . mayb all has jus become an illusion . and i nid to get bck on reality and stop dreaming . ya all dis while was a dream .

`life's a mess , fake pretendence , im terrible inside . do u noe .

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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