Friday, June 30, 2006

firstly i suck

secondly i really suck

thirdly i really really suck =/

i just think i really not good at anything.everything i do, i suck.for this #256, im so useless.sometimes i really hope that i can be more understanding,less short tempered and more this way, maybe we won't quarrel as much as we do now.i remember last time when it was our first chat,we were like so nervous cause we scare to have silence here and there.but things went well than what i expected.we continued on and almost every night we chat before we turn in.our record was till 6 plus close to 7 in the morning =) but found out that ever since 22mayo6,we seem to have quarrels here and first was just a few and as time goes by it came in more.we did many foolish and silly things.but everytime we quarrel, we will end up fine after awhile.guess all this quarrels started because of me.not being understanding,shot tempered and impatient.but there were smooth ones.where we chatted and had so much fun.and i nearly lose everything.thx for being ur best to be there for me always.tolerating my sickening attitude,temper and really glad that till now u've nvr wanna let go.i nvr regret founding u and walk with u.thou its tough.may it be really tough, i'll still walk=))

sch was BORING~yawns yawns yawns.after sch, waited for baobei and mi,baobei and chien went lot one to eat!!!!!!!!!weee!ate KFC.sorry being such a spoiler just now for being so quiet.was damn full and chien went to take bus home and baobei walked me home again.*details missing*
reached home,feelings so tired and took a cold is my only passion now.oh my wad am i talking?LMAO!just somethings that pushes me real hard and the drive to study now.i must psycho myself "I REALLY LOVE STUDYING".so i will be able to get my ass down and is fun with babes and our butt hitting game=) makes my ass hurts u know!but its fun!weekends are here once again.grab the chance and study like mad wokays babes?I LOVE STUDYING!!!!rocks!

studying is my passion*cries*LMAO im lying=/

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

busy busy busy.tired tired tired out by school.everyday hafta wake up so early just to go school.sometimes just so lazy to get up and wish to lie in my bed forever.=/school today is boring as usual.nothing is interesting in school now.HAAS.only my babes.=)

ITS THE DURIAN SEASON!!!!grab as many durians!hahas.i sound like some kind of mad durian seller.but mommy bought lots of durians back frm m'sia and our house is filled with durain smell now!LMAO.and they taste damn yummy!!!durians frm m'sia are the best man!=)no doubt!

oh yahs, watched slither and scary movie four already.for slither its NOT scary but GROSS!really GROSS and i mean it.the way those disgusting wormy creepy thing u see is damn GROSS and gives mi goosebumps.and how the people died and how they the person got into such a HUGE lump!and i got freaked out yesterday night and i couldnt turn in.was far too scare and baobei was like assuring mi nothing of this sort would happen.and finally and doze off.
scary movie wasnt dat SCARY!hahas oh yahs was LAME and not even SCARY!only chien laughed throughout the whole movie!for us its kinda lame.hahas.

watching just my luck tmr!=)))

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

second day of school is rather boring.things tend to get bored down.lessons were so dry and boring.and im tired and sleepy.during physics was trying my best to concentrate to ah tan's teachings.during free periods, slept till one kind.everyone was s0 tired.we had 4 periods of maths!damn dry and its killing me!first was amaths and follow by emaths.went through holi assignments and i didn't pay attention.sheesh.o's is in no time!

im feeling helpless.i feel that i could do nothing but just make u unhappy.makes me think im selfish.=/ i d0n't know why also.i d0n't wanna feel so useless also.i just wanna make u happy too.but everytime its like im always s0rry.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, June 26, 2006

first day of school, really damn sucks!haas. i guess no one likes school afterall.i mean who like school please step in front and tell me.LOL.sigh not used to waking up early-545-=( but gotta dragged myself up from my WAWA land~as usual P talk as much as she on and on about SOCCER too!this is one of the things that amaze and keeps mi awake through the assebly today!=)))oh yahs our school has one caucasian permanent teacher.when he went up the stage the whole school was like so excited and everyone clapped damn loud!i mean LOUD!but for the rest of the teachers, clap like no one business.well, i guess they wont be teaching sec 4s' too so why bother?oh yahs and there's this teacher, he DON look like a teacher but someone from BOLLYWOOD!wahahas!and the way he walks looks like he's gonna go for some gang fights and stuff.=/

i just don't like some of the idiots in our school.even if u're trying to show off how BIG your bloody eyeballs are, u need not show off in front of us by staring at us!don't u find it so sickening to stand there and STARE at people?cant stand your fcking face.seriously i cant stand this kinda idiots in our school.=x

we had ONE WHOLE DAY FREE~after assembly till break we were with our FTs and after recess we hafta follow new timetable.but we were FREE throughout!!!!shiok till one we WAA WAA ard, WAA WAA with all my WAA-GIES, playing our 007 WAA WAA game.omg and boy, i was damn enbarrased after running 1 round ard the class pretending to be some mad woman.=/ but was DAMN fun!and miss sim today talked to us and i felt the urge and rush of O LEVELS!and i told everyone I WONT GO SHOPPING DURING WEEKENDS!wahahas!!!!

after school, they decided to go jurong we took bus frm the bus stop(duh!)and i didnt know there was a new interchange cause i was a MOUNTAIN TORTOISE!and i thought the bus was going somewhere and they laughed their ass off at me!i was seriously damn malu!!!!they went to eat.i found a pumps!damn and eunice gonna get it=)i gotta save up this week for my shoes.i was a STINGY lady at jurong point today=/ and im gonna be more stingy tmr!EVERYDAY!took the bus home.i read the diary and nearly cried.='(

well is there a better tmr in school?I WONDER!

#252-i promise we'll be strong to pull through-

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

things are over!firstly i wanna thank my dearest ever bubbly fui2!!!!yesterday when i couldnt find anyone to pour out my w0es, and when i was feeling really depressed she was there for mi.u're right thats what friends are for!im glad i found u as my l0ver!l0ve ya lotsa.rmb when u need me i will surely be down for u.=)

slacked my whole friday at home yesterday.just feel so lerthagic and don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything.was just in a big daze the whole day.wasn feeling well,had a headache, wanted to rest but my mind and heart wouldnt listen to me.lie on the bed and cried to slp, it was then after which i fall asleep.

thx denise yap!=)

woke up today morning still feeling no mood for anything.just wanted to stay at
home and forever be in a daze.watched vcds.keep on checking my 4.29pm, i had 1 missed call, at 4.43pm, i received a message!!!!!IT WAS REALLY SURPRISING!I JUST SHOUTED MY LUNGS OUT WHEN I READ THE MESSAGE!I REALLY LOVE U!!!!!!!!

things are fine now
im glad we pulled thru
just like the song "listen to my heart"
"people said that love can't be that strong"
"u might believe it"
"we can show them, i can prove them wrong"
i believe our love will last
and our love is strong
promises are kept

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 23, 2006

yesterday and today were filled with tears
i'll be waiting
wont be updating for a period of time

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

okkies im here to update once again!!!!!=) shall update about what happen yesterday.went out with my usual pri sch mates gang(tony,stpeh,yvonne), t0ny's fren tag along with us too.her name's yuting.indeed someone who is so "amazing".somethings just so happen and make mi think that she is rather so "amazing" to me.derrick(tony's fren) came along ard 7?well we first met up at lot one mrt control station.waited for the 2 who are ALWAYS late!haas.and waited for yuting to come and we head off to take 190.reached fep shortly and we went MAKAN!!!!!!YIPEE!!!!!ate ljs and after which we wallked ard.they decided to go for movie(she's the man).we went over to cineleisure and got our tix.its at 7pm and we waited for derrick to come as well.after which derrick came and they wanted EAT AGAIN!so went with them but this time i nvr eat.and we headed for our movie after eating.i can say she's the man is a damn hilarious movie!!!!u guys shld really go and catch it!seriously its worth th 7 or 8 bucks u spend.i gave it 5 stars!!!!!highly recommended!=) tony bought his clothes after movie and we cabbed frm fep to his house.decided to play mahjong at his house.was pondering all the way frm fep to cck.why my mom didnt ring mi up even thou its alr 10 i jus headed to tony hse.and ard 11 she FINALLY called mi!!!!!!!!YIPEE!WOOTIES!MUMMIE!DOOPIES!!!!hahas.we headed hm ard 1145.they are so nice to walk all of us home!=)reached home and showered and chatted with bb.heard dat bb lost his voice!!!!wahahas!!!!TAKE CARE MAN!nites

well as for today, we went over to the library to do our hw!mugging time!!!!!we met ard 11 and many were LATE!and they went to eat and i ate again!CURRY~and den went to entertainment and walked for chang.we went to take neos and take for like twice?omg they are really neos freak!oh shld i say RV FREAKS!!!!!hahas and den we headed to the library and started doing there were no places so we choose to sit at the stage.i guess the most nosiy gang was mine!we laughed and tok like no one business.and when we saw places we rushed like AUNTIES!hahas dats my gf and mi!ard 4 plus chien,min,koh and xian all left mi,ya,chang,bb and mun ard.and ya na d bb went mad!hahas play like mad PEOPLE!!!!!and den i got to noe dat bb have the la bi xiao xin msg tone in the phone so i don haf mp3 function in my order to get the best recording, i on and played the thingy and it went on xiao bai xiao bai xiao bai,ni zai na li,xiao bai xiao bai,kuai ting dian hua!!!!and everyone in the library looked at mie!!!!wahahas dats wasnt dat ps afterall!=)and we left ard 5.took mrt and 172 home.couldnt bear to jus leave.but hafta u see.x)

sch's re-opening soon!!!yucks!for sure its yucks!and when sch starts i haf no time for nonsensing time and den hafta mug realli worries babes all of us try ur bestest and make it for our last lap!!!!!!!congrats to wwss its showtime we got in!!!!!!!HOORAY!=)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, June 19, 2006

went to school today for chem practical
first thing in the morning it RAINED!!!!!!
aww~ what a morning spoilt!
decided to head to l0t one and take bus
got myself a cup of iced milo at mac
headed to 7-11, wanted to buy newspaper
didnt have so i left and went off to wait for the bus
this bus was really slow, came only after 1o mins
g0t on the bus was already 730
thought i was g0ing to be late
end up reaching school at 755 and walked super duper fast!

started our practical
finished up in just a few mins
was quite a short and sweet one
went through our observation and everything ended
headed to take the bus
as usual the bus was super duper fast!
reached home and went to nap
was waiting for them to confirm for gymming
end up ....
thx bb for listening mi cry everything out=)
thx to my girlfriend too!she nvr fail to be there for mi=)

just going to write d0wn my thoughts and feelings for today
sometimes i really feel so ______
yeahs its a blank and i dont know how to describe it
when i headed to school today i just feel so _____
mixed feelings all bottled inside my heart
i feel like letting all out
and then once everything is over, i'll be fine
mayb sometimes somethings changed for a reason
but mayb its cause of me that i cant fit inside this new changes
so sometimes i spoilt everything
im not sure myself either
i just donnt know how to continue
i h0pe we can get back to how close we were last time
to share everything of ours together
with nothing in mind to worry about
but now as time goes by, its hard
ok im in no more mood, i shall end now

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

its been s0 long since i last updated
oh my i really have been slacking alot since june holi starts
i really never get d0wn to work and revision
and g0sh o levels is jus a few months away!!!!
ARGH!!!!! im not prepared!!!!!

chapter#243 0ur new chapter
went out and watch RV
give is 4.5/5 stars
its a nice show and i encouraged you guys to catch it
and its really funny
there's this little caucasian boy sitting beside mi
so he was wearing his jacket and he even us the small cap
and cover his head!!!!!
its a nice and start of a new chapter =)))

chapter#245-i never wanna hurt u,thx for all-

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 16, 2006

here to blog again. too busy with stuff lately and busy with WORLD CUP!!!! wahahas so in l0ve with my dear brazil=) yesterday england vs trinidad&tobago and england w0n!!!!! 2-0!!!!!w0oah! ENGLAND ROCKS! but just dat i missed the match cos im really tired and fell aslp.

went to jurong east library to do hw with chang,koh,mun,shimin and yaya.met mun first and both of us were late.wahahas!LRT really damn lag.and i went to take the bus to lot one and hurrily went to take mrt.saw my tutor and rmb i got tuition!!!!!so told her to change to tmr!luckily she's able to make it tmr.=) we went to eat ljs for our lunch cum breakfast.den we headed to the library and g0t ourselves a BIG and spacious place.we settled down and did our hw.laughing here and there.shimin,koh and chang were coming since yaya haven come so asked them to join us as well.

they came ard 2 plus and aft which yaya came.and its a the CRAZY gang ppl!!!!!wahahaS!and we went mad down there and laugh till one kind.seeing some love story here and there.wahahas.switched our place to get nearer and we sorta went mad!!!!and we laugh and joke ard and tok more than we do our work!lols.yup and there's this 2 guys who were interested in this girl and the guys were sitting next to us and den the girl and his frens were on that other side and we keep making comments here and there.=x and when they gg off they walked the other way and i went to film them! hahas!!!!! it was realli fun doing all this things.

went home afterwhich and took the mrt.headed home with a painful headache!yeps reached home! tonight 9pm argentina vs serbia!=)))happy watching!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

sigh, im just so bored.girlfriend went off to genting already.and so much so that everyone is just so busy with their own stuff right now.sometimes how i wish i can go back to those days when i was young.those days were really great!nothing to worry about.i can go on everyday playing with no worries in mind.but now when u grow up there aremany more things u've got to worry studies,frens,family blah blah blah.makes mi feel so tired sometimes and i don even wish to giva a damn bout it sometimes.

oh well yesterday was sunday.and it means it is a boring day!boring day for mi!i hate sundays!!!!spend my whole day at home.watching aviva open and slacking ard.didnt even went out for cooked dinner.and we had a few rounds of mahjong afterwhich.and my sis suggested going down to play badminton.and we had a 1hr game.tiring.

today?nah not gg to head anywhere.just feel like staying at home and slack?for god sake, i only completed 1/4 of my chem and there's still 3/4 to be completed!!!!oh man this is really killing me!there's still amaths and emaths papers and gosh i haven get on to proper revision!!!!die die die!i must really study and do some hw.

chapter238-that's all i ask of u-

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

my hands are itching mi to blog . im seriously so irritated and disgusting by this girl frm my sch! firstly u listed down the sub u take in sch for the fear of people donno u are so clever. and secondly do u noe the way u describe yourself in frenster is SUPER YUCKS! saying u r pretty and cute! pls when i look at ur pic i don find any cutness or i don tink u r any pretty girl in my eyes.and thirdly saying how RICH ur family background is! saying dat ur dad is a manger and how GREAT ur sisters are! and pls if u are really clever by nature u need not say u wanted to to top in wwss and den dats why u chose not to head for top schools. for ur infor, if u are really dat bloody clever u need not brag and u will jus top everywhere! GET THIS STRAIGHT! im not saying i don like u, but sometimes when u do something pls tink beforehand. i mean typing this kinda stuff in friendster is jus one way of seeking attention to everyone. s0rry if i said anything dat offended u but i just cant stand the way she put things. SUPER YUCKS!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

meet up bb in the m0rniing
woke up late somemore
so i was waiting for bb at je
and we took train to city hall
and den took cab down to great world city

reached and hurrily went to find gv
and den realised so many ppl got the tix
bought a hotdog and was like so blur
ordered and was told to wait
so we couldnt wait no more
told the manager who happened to be there
and he gaves us a hotdog and we went in
damn the thrillers!so many
and everyone was waitin jus for the show!
and the show started like 1/2 hr later?
and the guy came in with my hotdog
and we jus took it
preteneded nth happen!MUWAHAHAHS!

fell aslp alot of times in the show
so missed so parts
i can say the gv at great world city is good!
their chairs were so diff frm thr normal ones
and it was obviously more comfortable
anyw u might be wondering wad show i watched
cars i gave it 3 upon 5 stars
quite a nice show afterall =)anyw its free!lols

waited for the shuttle bus to go back city hall
and we took train till orchard
didnt realise we were at orchard
still toking in the train
luckily bb asked where we were
went to eat ljs at far east
afterwhich sat and waited for my gf's
sat down thee and listened to songs and crap ard
saw some bitches here and there(who cares)

they reached and went to get mango lingo
chang wanted to get his dunks
it was nice one i can say
and we walked to heeren for neo's
had so much but wasnt a day for neo's
fui2 went off for dinner while we went bugis
reached and went mac
jus cant stand some bitches who are down dere toking
and when so mani ppl are waiting seats
they are still down there toking
and jus ordered one cup of drink
at last we found a seat
ate and afterall which went ebase
and i left with bb

took 172 hm
bb hafta get hm early
so bb didnt send mi
reached hm watched tv andwas waiting for soccer!!!!

england vs paraguay
i can say dat england hasnt done well
tink they can do better
jus dat they kena alot of times by para
beckham still as handsome as ever!=)

slept at 2
tiring and today woke up for tuition
and slept agn jus now
and woke up agn
watching aviva open now
dad went to cut off the line for scv
i mean some channels!
and happen to be channel 55!!!!!

chapter237-everything will be fine=)-

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 09, 2006

thx for everything
thats what i really wanted so much jus now
i couldnt tink of anything more
but jus head rit in and cry
i noe u were very worried
but i jus couldnt take it anymore.
the hug was realli great
cos dats wad i needed most=)

went over to bb hse
tinking dat gg to bb place and den mun hse
end up staying at bb hse agn
slacked and plaed mahjong
i WON ONCE! hahas
with the help of bb

but when was walking hm
dat wasnt realli great
felt so heavy everywhere
and i got bb worried
sorrry bb

chapter#235-listen to my heart beat for u-ilu=))

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

whee~its been a long time since i updated!
miss my blog so much
haf been real busy with stuff

met bb up in the m0rning
and aft which i went hm to nap
and met up with fui2 and koh
we went woods hse to put our stuff
and headed to town
to buy wood's mom b'dae present
went fep and walked ard
mango lingo durian desire is yummy~
ate chicken rice again

headed to bugis
met up with mun and chang there
went to buy cards and took neos
mi and koh were so high at bugis
didnt noe why oso
jus noe dat they couldnt stand us
hahas we went MAD practically

took bus and headed staright to holland v
mun went changi airport to send her mom off
reached and we went to get flowers
and we walked to woods hse
was a damn tiring route
wasnt very crowded
went straight in the rm
as usual mess ard and mad ard
YEAHS BALLOON!im scare!~

went out to bbq and ate alot!
gave his mom the gifts
his mom was humourous
hahas.and his dogs were cute
ard 1o plus koh and hadi left tgt
so fui2 and wood went to send them
while chang,mi and mun stayed
mad ard and called bb
chatted and im sorry~
promised u wont do it agn=)

they came back
and they were deciding to go get ice cream
but they discuss till fui2 and mi fell asleep
so chang and mun didnt
they said i slept like a pig
wadever noise they made i didnt woke up
shit i mus real tired

mun was down there calling us
and we dragged on
and was woken up by bb msg
went to wash up and bathe everything
and we headed to meet the rest at tpy
we are gg K!!!!!!!=))))
ate walked ard tpy
waited for the rest to come

went up and we had 2 rooms
ran here and there
but nah im lazy
so let mun and chang do the job
so we sang and sang
went maddening!!!!!
woods sang so loud till the others look at us!
hahas and it was fun
left the place ard 730
acc mun to haf her dinner
and we headed home
called bb on the way
got home was tired till one kind

having sch agn!blahs i HATE SCH!
well but i still hafta go anyw
headed to meet xy and woods at sch bus stop
but i read the timing wrong!
end up waiting alone
till i saw mun they all
nice of them to wait with mi
they decided to pon amaths tgt
so we went gp and acc them to eat
till its ard 2 we came bck for chem

lessons went on
wasnt dat boring
had a discussion of class tee
everyone had their own ideas
and we had some jokes here and there

went back home.tiring=(

wow wow wow such a nice date!
got to noe dat 310 couples chose this day to get married
nah wadever!hahas doesnt concern mi
went back sch jus for CHEM!
and its at 12!
i was late cos it was raining!
the bus was slow!
so it wasnt my fault!
den i went off and bb was waiting for mi
went home to change and met bb at bus stop
den we headed to take 67 to tampiness
wah its 1 and 1/2 hr ride!
slept and my ass hurts!=x
went for movie-0ver the hedge-
cos initially wanted to watch -we are family-
but was at 9 so we didnt watch

aft movie took 29 to changi chalet
and end up the bbq didnt had much ppl oso
and ate like shit
and ralvin teased mi like shit can
hahas.cant stand his cheekiness!
den we left and went home
was a rather cool nite =)

fell asleep once i get home.tiring=)))

went sch for ss and geo
and end up geo was so boring!
mr lau let us watch hou yuan jia!
so boring can!
initially wanted to slp and go for ss onli
but scare couldnt catch up so went!
wasted my sleep!

ss was still ok
and mun overslept!
she went to meet mi for lunch
and we went back sch
and waited for bb and went off

to c:i hope u would read wad im writing here.i noe this is a tough period for u.thou i really cant help i would really like to say i'll always be behind u and support u whenever u need mi.don worry i believe things will be fine,for now everyone has jus lose their way home.don worry once the god has come and take the bad things away they will find their way home.=))) and don ever cut urself anymore!=)))love layss!=)

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 02, 2006


went sch today for lessons again
before dat had a quarrel with mom
it was my fault
i was being unreasonable with her
had no one to blame but myself
thou sometimes her naggings gets on my nerves
but i realli do l0ve u, mom
s0rry im such a disappointment =/
had a cry at hm
i called bb
and was realli comforted

left for sch quite late
mun was oso on her way
met her at sch bus stop
the bus was cold!!!
and i was feeling moody at the time
so it jus seems to mi dat the world is so cold
keep tinking of wad happen
guilty filled mi
and i regretted it so much

reached and she was dere waiting
we went in together.
saw yaya and chien
went in together with them
mdm rozi wsnt pleased cos we sorta distract her lessons
and we sat rit at the back
mdm rozi's lessons is always fun!
we had so much jokes down dere
chang was realli suan by us! WAHAHASX)
and we had the crystal ball thingy
i was so sl0w and den i laugh slower den usual
and everyone laughed and i was kinda ps!
so time passes jus so quick dat we ended our lessons

we decided to eat
so fui2 and chang was deciding whether to go lit
in the end they didnt! x) n0tti them!
so we went gp for our breakie
and t0ok 181 dere
was such a l0ng and hot journey
guess my laughter jus so fake
at the bus stop i started feeling m0ody
and i was quiet and troubled thru the journey
everyone was worried for mi
s0rry babes. no worries im fine
thx to
fui2,mun,koh,xian aiai,yaya,chien,chang and wood
im ok, no worries
chang, don hide things frm us
we'll always be dere for u,br0!=)))

and we went off frm gp
took bus back to sch
we were still early for ss
and we slacked down there
and MWW came in
less0ns started
feeling so sleepy and tired
time passes very very slow!
and went to toilet and saw bb
had break
wanted to find bb
but didnt see bb ard
den bb came down
and we sat ard and bb help us buy fries
den went bck for lessons
ended so fast

bb was waiting for mi outside sch
waited for bus and took bus hm
wasnt in the mood on the way
i was jus so quiet
and i guess bb was oso worried
so went hm and bathe
went out to movie!!!!
BENCHWARMERS is nice! =)))
4 upon 5 stars!
but onli had 5 pathetic ppl in the cinema! lols!
aft which we collected our rings
walked hm

reached hm
mom was in living rm with bro
acted normal as wad bb said
so went in and pretend nth happen
luckily mom oso
feeling so much better
thx mom!=))))

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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LAYSS is my won't be fun without my dear lovers, girl/guyfriends & everyone! someone who loves to go crazy with her gfs. who hopes to travel around the world and swim with the dolphins. she bears grudges though she knows its not good. being happy is wad she loves most. & of cause she loves to eat ! (:


i love the sun, the sea and the beach! tanning sessions with gfs! chilling out with big mama (: im a shopaholic! i can shop for hrs i LOVEEE to sleeeppp (:


all the bitter food & herbal teas hate being disturbed when im sleeping =x waiting for a very long time


hopes for world peace.well being of my loved see the real santa clus!to be able to swim with the dolphins and to see shooting stars =)


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please do NOT remove the credits, thankyou(:

Brushes: here. & here.
Image: here.
Designer: michelle.
Codes: geraldine.