Sunday, April 30, 2006

-3o0406-last day of april~ hmm time passes s0 fast and nw april is ending and tmr is may. and aft which MYE comes and aft dat we'll haf my O LVL MT pp. den june holi and den here comes all the chi0ng-ing. aft june i cant slack anym0re. the m0re i hafta study and get self orientated and disciplined t0 get down to studying ever weekend. life is getting t0ugher and t0ugher but n0t gonna freak out cos i wann get out of wwss!!!! hahas. and s0 i must work REAL hard. =(

mommy and daddy went 0verseas today. hai and dere g0es my source of m0ney. lols. they went thailand for praying. s0 left was dajie,erjie,didi and mi. tis m0rning was woken up by my bro. he was standing at my rm door and crying c0s my mom left and he didnt noe and came my room. s0 i hushed him and get him down to bed in my room. and i slept aft dat. s0 its not easy being a sister too. im such a CARING sister. wahahaha. x)

auntie jac(mum's gd fren) noe mommy went overseas and was so nice of her bringing our lunch over for us. =) thx auntie jac. and well i did e maths revision agn! tons and tons of maths stuff in my mind rit now. doing more later. oh ya tonight i'll be online till late night c0s daddy isnt at home and the laptop is mine! wakaka. went dinner at causeway pt with da jie and bro jus now. and it isnt easy being a mom now i realise cos i forgot bro had sorr throat and shldnt take fried prawn mee. if im the m0ther im sure i would haf forgotten and my child will haf got a worser sore throat. =x shopped ard and went home. tiring~

i did alot of thinking. alot of stuff came over mi, and everything dat we did together came across my mind. and oso the things dat we bought. the neoprint dat we took. and the quarrels we had were flashing bck in my mind. seriously i hate having this kinda feeling where my heart says im losing u. u've been someone great. mayb im thinking too much but i don wanna lose u. i hope as time goes we'll be bck. i hope so. i struggled thru fri and i nearly haf the thought of cutting. but this time i didnt. i controlled myself. thou its tough wadever is gnna tke i will do my best to save this.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, April 28, 2006

i miss my bl0ggie s0 muchies~
geehee here t0 blog. in case u guys donn0 EXAMS STARTS NEXT WEEK!
wake up!!!! STUDY TIME!!!!

i've been d0ing my self study at home al0ne. studying till 12 plus. al0ng with my dearest bitches too. this mid year exam is s0 damn important t0 mi. s0 i must work very hard! f0r wed my m0od was THOROUGHLY spoilt by s0me bl0ody ppl. h0w do i noe they are bl0ody? oh well their l0oks shows it. was in such g0od mood well someh0w so bitch came al0ng and caught mi. of c0s i wasnt pleased. anyw i didnt say it wasnt my fault. and the st0ry continues on saying i've been having s0 MANY complaints when there is only ONE! I REPEAT ONE! u guys shld noe ONE is singular NOT PLURA! but jus seems dat some ppl d0n seem to understand and i bet they fail their english BADLY! if u are BIASED jus admit the bl0od hell of that. n0 use being such a bitch in fr0nt of mi. i aint scare of u. I AINT~ c0s frm wad i n0e u aint happy with wadever i d0 so it might just let it be that i HATE u too and u're a BITCH to mi too! its my c0mment u haf n0 rights here. its just ONE small matter and u make it till a 15 mins talk? c0me on la u are jua BIASED! i bet if u caught ur fav student u wont even d0 dat BITCH! frm n0w till farewell assembly i aint g0nna respect u anym0re. and thx for letting mi n0e actually u are jua w0rse den a bitch! THANK YOU!

well this matter spoilt my wh0le view of somethings. shallnt c0mment anym0re. well had my eng and chi pp 1, was able to d0 it and surprisely br0chure came out. unexpectedly to everyone. but nvm i tink i can fair quite well. i was mad aft sch t0day. d0ing all sorts of crazy stuff and making them laugh. and xdd was damn irritating la. hahas. well he's spastic! =)

recently im troubled. n0t too sure why. is it dat im 0ver sensitive? or is it im tinking too much? i donno why oso. im juz s0 scare. of losing ppl like u. c0s outta a million i found e special u who has engraved a place in my heart. wh0 shares my tinking and s0rrow. s0meone wh0 led mi thru and make mi grow and s0meone whom i've lost for once and got it bck in time. u're jus like a soul-mate to mi who shares wad i tink. but its been s0 long since we had a time t0gether for each other. we're straining. sensitiveness? mayb. but im realli scare. c0s outta a million i ch0se u and our hardships made us grow stronger together but now the bond is straining further and further and its getting weaker. i realli feel s0 lost at times and now i haf no one to turn to. =( hai..

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

girls' out~

-220406-went out with th0se babes aka gf of mine. it was fun! i meet them down at far east along with eunice at ard 5 plus. we went t0 eat and aft which they came to find us. earlier on they were at marina square. mun b0ught her puma bag! she was s0 happy can. went sh0pping ard for shimin's present. found it. and b0ught myself a pair of shoes. =) ordered a new pair as the 0ne on display was kinda small. g0nna collect it in 3 wks time which is aft MYE. drank mango lingo for the first time and ate bread with mango jam. sounds yummy rit? it is! went cine f0r our neoprint session. we met k0rea ppl over there and it was rather fun c0s we keep saying korea stuff. l0ls. and he took mun's wig away! and even threw on the floor! blahs ! went h0me aft which. the 2 eunice's and mun went clark quay while xian and mi and koh went home. reached h0me ard 10 plus. kinda tiring. b0ught mic stuff t0day. yipee! ilovemickey!
tats all f0lks~

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, April 21, 2006

BOOHOO~imback! hahas its been like ages since i updated my dear bloggy~ AWW I MISS MY BLOG SO SO SO MUCH! i've been real busy with many stuff plus MYE is coming and thus i haf n0 extra time to spend much on c0mputer stuff. s0rry to those who tagged mi and i didnt reply u guys. =)

-170406-b0ring monday! school again! well i actually kinda cant rmb wad i did on monday. im just s0 tired recently till i've got short memory. l0ls.

180406-we had the prize giving ceremony for our sports heats events which was over. lols i can tell u guys cactus runners are like countable. hahas. so little can! cant imgaine it. but didnt noe why our hse was damn high on tue and everyone was practically cheering but the other houses werent. mayb they are gonna show their true power on thur?lols but who cares. =x had cheerleading. im dead tired. practises and practises till late evening and we went home. blah blah blah.

190406-had our cheerleading practise. and this time was rounds ft rounds and aft rounds. we did it till 6 plus and was chased outta sch by mr koh. nonsense la him. and we went outside to discuss our plans. and den went off to eat with chang and mun and cabbed home. i was dead tired when i reached home and went hurrily to get some stuff and came home. AND MY HP WENT SCUBE DIVING! stupid mi! didnt take good care of my precious! lols and my hp gone headwire for the whole night and i called ard asking for phones. ben was kind enough to lend mi. i forgot the following day we had phys test and i didnt study! bloody ass! gosh and i jus straight to bed. its gonna be damn worse!

200406-SPORTS DAY! morning had lessons! don understand why this yr sports day is so diff frm the others. and we stayed in sch to prepare stuff for cheerleading and even bathe in school which was damn fun. and michy hepled mi with my hair till we hadnt got enough time to get there. so we cabbed down and throw everything there once we reached. lols everyone was shocked when they saw mi with my hair hahas! had briefing and den we went up and den it began. everyone cheering. and we had cheerleading competition. and it was GREAT! WE DID IT! thou i can see that thats smth which is so obvious wrong in front of us. ppl depising us! well forget it! and we g0t in 2nd!!!!! hahas. i LOVE CACTUS ! i shouted till i had no voice. damn bloody tired went o eat with mun and cabbed home. 3 cabs in a row! all snatched by others!!!! aww!!!! reached home did some revision and slept. there's still sch!

210406-tired tired tired! so many ppl were absent today. how sad. and pe today was fun! i keep making fun of MR. hahas. did SBJ and SnR! lols i improved my sit and reach ler! got 48!!!!! wah happy dao and den SBJ was kinda happy too. well i did mybest. aft sch had practical and aft which i cabbed home. im so tired dat i slept and woke up. akinso called. she was at orchard and tot dat i was ard and wanted to meet mi. haas but i was like jus woke up. so too bad.

dats all for the week. nxt wk is MYE revision so no matter wad i wont online! kampateii everyone!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

-150406-went to sch for cheerleading. was dead tired~ i slept at 12 plus nearto one dat other day and woke up at 7 the nxt day. yawns* cheerleading was tiring was well. we did practises aft practises and slacked a little. lols. w0nny w0n was constantly being bullied by us. he's the 0nli guy chap who turned up for practise. teasing him was fun! his face turning tomat0 reddd~ he's a animal abuser. pls don not get near him! my p0or b0bo was being bullied by him constantly. en0ugh of bullshit. we left sch at 1 and darling came to meet mi. she's so nice to acc mi to haf my lunch at kenny's cafe. aft which we walked to her hse bus st0p and i t0ok the bus and headed for home. i was dead tired and i slept thru the j0urney. and when i woke up there's this gal ard the age of 13 sitting beisde mi she keep staring at mi and my bag. lols wonder wad motive she's having. lols and she stares when i don look at her and when i turn she will pretend to read. l0ls HOW CUTE! napped for less then half and hr and headed to lot. steph's buying her windbreaker. s0 we got there and happen dat the salesgal was having lunch down there. and den the other salesgal was DAMN patient in getting diff sizes for steph and 0ver agn. while the levis salesman who helped her wasnt dat patient afterall. =/ BOO! i left hm and got drenched! HEAVY RAIN! went out for dinneer at orchard. yawning the whole j0urney. had a DAMN FULL dinner at sakura! wow damn full. reached h0me its mahjong time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! played till 11 plus and i went to bed.

jus finished tuition. im s0 tired. and tmr there's 2 tests! kampateii everyone!!!! =)))) this wk is intensive studying. NO MORE ONLINE! =(

t0 m: f0r wad happen ytd let's jus f0rget and f0rgo can we? my attitude has brought mi kinda mani troubles. and oso this thing we didnt wan it to happen anyway. lets all forget this shit stuff and chiong for o lvls! CHEERIOS to our frenship!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, April 14, 2006

-140406-ah huh its GOOD FRIDAY~ meaning its timee for mi to sleepppp!!!! haa. i just love sleeping so much~ supp0sed to go east coast cos akins0 wanted mi t0 go but its kinda late so didn't g0. sorry dear~ i practised amaths today! aint im great?! hahas. BOOhoo the sickening mid year is just ard the c0rner. peeps d0 work hard!* practised my dance steps t0day. actually im not satisfied with my dancing. just d0nno why i cant seem to do well. arghs~ cheer leading competition is c0ming and i d0n wanna pull the gr0up down. i'll work very hard! kampateii!!!! =))) there's cheerleading tmr. =)YUPPIES! HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY EVERYONE!~

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

-13.04.06-the morning was thoroughly spoilt by P! agn she bring her wadever shaw which she uses as table cloth and oso a stand for donno wad dumbo reason. and she tok bout name calling and rumour spreading and stuff which i guess kinda created some jokes ine between. less0ns were damn b0ring can, life in sec 4 is so miserable. aft sch had cheer leading agn. tiring as well~ went for a short SL meeting and went bck home. on way was so tired~ so slept. reached home did my homework and went 0ut to meet steph. came home ard 1o? lols. tired tired. juz watched meng pin tu. junyang's so bad! but i heard my sis saying kelly died in the end~ hais sad ending.

pr0blems pr0blems pr0blems! wen will all this end? im tired of all this crap and bullshit! everyday and everytime! pr0blems come in one aft an0ther. i wish everything is jus so perfect and i haf nth to worry or tink about . everyday i hafta wear a fake smile . and pretend everythings' fine . i hafta face everything as if im the strongest person in the world we can shoulder everything . deep down im feeling terrible . the feeling is like 0ne being blind and donno where he/she is heading. with nth to lean and hold on . my feelings are hurt . very deeply hurt . but i still hafta fake thru everyday. i hafta pretend everything's ok . and get on with life . im problmatic . and i haf enough troubles and i don wann no more . its better if i keep to myself. i don faking and i believe no one likes. i wann to realli happy everyday but i cant. somethings aint within my control. no one cares and understands. no one! even if how terrible i feel no one noes and can see thru! everything changed! i changed too. alot of things changed. sometimes i feel very very lonely . cos when i haf problems and i jus wann get a listening ear is so hard! tell mi wad should i do? kill myself? mayb thats a good choice. im at my wits end. i hafta fake!!!! i hafta ! and i hate it!!!!! yeahs i love and make fun of ppl so so much. i do get retribution. this is it! i don deserve anything from anyone. this is wad i get. this is wad it shld be. no one understand mi! no one can noe how i feel. cos everything changed!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

BOOhoo! i've c0me to update again! its been kinda l0ng since i touch my lappie and oso my DEAREST blog! WOOhoo!!!! i realli miss and l0ve my blog lotsa! k sahll stop all my bullshit here.

-10.04.06-MONDAY blues! and i met 3 weird cabbers in a day! first thing in the m0rning i called cab and wanted t0 go down and wait aft im done cos everytime u call a cab u need to like wait for 5-8 mins rit? so i went down and the cab driver missed call mi but i didnt haf a caller ID so i didnt noe. so the cab driver sms mi "taxi calling" so i called bck. he shouted at mi through the phone! "hello may i noe where are u?! im at blk123!" *pause* initially i said BLOCK 124 NOT 123! so i replied "i told u it was 124 not 123!" then he say "where are u now?! i cant find u! i must make a u turn!" so i said "go ahead! i'll wait for u here" aft waiting for 5 bloody mins i call the driver "hello whr are u?" "oh im making a U TURN! u at the playground and bmt court there?!" "ya" and so i waited for 3mins before he came and he was on the opp side of the road so i signal to him the calling sign and he u turn. so i got on the cab. and there he said "ok i guess u donno the rules of cab calling i shall tell u and explain to u." so he started blah blah blah. and i ignored him totally la. who cares man. one thing im not happy was he said "some customers are so weird when i call them they find it an anonymous no. and they don pick up until i sms them!" so u guys shld noe he was refering to mi. and i wanted to rebutt but i guess no pt arguing with him so for the rest of the bloody journey i didnt tok to him. until when i reached sch and paying he appologised for the miscommunication. WAD A BAD MORNING!

aft sch i went to sh0p for presents and cabbed t0 lot one to collect photos. an0ther cab driver. he was toking on the fone! oh gosh i mean if u are a taxi driver u cant and aint supposed to do so ! shld be concentrating on ur driving instead of toking! and wad if u happen to meet with an accident? there goes my life! I DON WANN TO DIE SO YOUNG can. and oso I HAVEN BUY INSURANCE! and he tok all the way till we reach lot one. i collected my fotos and cabbed
home agn. this time the cab driver wasnt doing anything special but i guess he fail his maths cos he gave the wrong change! well thats my day! blahs!

-11.04.06-i tot today would be better. s0 went to sch happily. laughing here and there. cactus realli sucks! i don like some of the ppl who try to act chio there! thx for being so bhb! u tink u don cheer u are so chio? pls lo i guess u are trying to fake and act chio when u r not! and we haven got the whole house enthu! =/ every year is the same. so i went bck to class. its free
period! so i brought chips and started eating till S came by and she saw which is obvious! no choice throw away! she follow mi to the dustbin to see if i did throw. den she wanted to check my bag. den she couldnt find anything which i tink she is OBVIOUSLY not happy. thou i noe im not perfect and im still a childish person but pls haf some trust in mi! thx ! and aft which i went to toilet wanted to wash mt contacts cos is so uncomfortable. took it off and it break! wth i gone blind for the whole day! cant see anything! during amaths was eating sour plum and nearly choked to death by the seed! l0ls. aft sch had cheer stuff. did everything and went off. tired and unlucky day! i can see that there are jus spy kid in our class. BEWARE EVERYONE! the spy kid is EVIL! im HATING U!

-12.04.06- THE DAY WAS FINALLY FINE! dm reminded us not to bring our hp cos there wil
be spot checks. yeahs GOOD REMINDER! s and d by 3G ws nice! hahas i guess the dancers were great! they could do the head stand and stuff! which i cant do! and its so marvellous. they
dance pretty well.! well done 3G! i love ur s and d! well A destroyed everything with P. the comments they gave i guess dampen the mood of 3G ppl. e maths was tough but i still managed to do some. amaths? i do unil i cant take it and i cry. hai i don understand why when i study so hard i cant do it! jus sucks! I HATE THIS! aft sch went home. the day jus ended!

seeing some of the things now im jus so disappointed cum sad. donno why oso, mayb i too tired. sometimes somethings is within my control i jus hafta face the music. im glad i've got darling VE who supports mi morally. ILOVEHER! seeing my results im superb disappointed la. but aft all this cryings im gonna work very very hard! 3 days of intensive studying this weekend! kampateii to all! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

hey peeps i happen to pass by peggy's blog and i found out that she like geraldine too! omg!!!! and i coup the pics frm her blog. sorry peggy.


&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, April 07, 2006

-07.04.06- sch0ol as usual. initially wanted t0 pon sch c0s its the last day of the week and its 0nli a short day but upon tinking b0ut it agn decided n0t to. s0 went sch as usual. buring pe eunice wasnt feeling well. pesky babe she laughed to0 much i guess and thats why she had attack again. better rest well gal! ;) take l0ts of care. s0 missed ge0 and recess. l0ls aft sch went to visit her at sick bay. den she went to makan with mun and wood and mi went chem. practical and she came up after a while and did her practical and aft which we went to ss. 0ne more mark and i can pass my ss! kampateii layss! aft which went home. bus was s0 stuffy. =/ anyw mid yr is coming and i guess nxt wk i onli online on sat and fri nites. thats all and the rest of the time i'll be studying. this time imust t0p! tmr going to cousin's b'dae party. woo sitting aunt's car in! well be bck on sunday!

s0metimes life d0n go the way u wan too. sometimes u jus hafta let go of somethings. cos no matter how hard u try u wont get bck wads lost. in life jus treat this as a lesson for u to learn. st0p bugging on somethings which wont last. and will nvr happen one more time. each of us haf our rights.

i g0tta noe that some ppl are jus so .... how shld i say den?! hmms well no comments. but jus find that stop being as if i known u for decades. cos it nvr happen before. thx for letting mi see wads the truth. thou it has nvr happen to mi before but i've seen it. u're someone not worth!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

-06.04.06- EUNICE IS FINALLY BACK! i miss ya gal! welcome bck! =))) but she still wasnt feeling well and v0mitted a total of four times. and i pity her s0 much cos wadever she ate she vomitted out. p0or babe u take care ya! less0ns were still fine. ss test im afraid of failing. well nvm its 0ver. oh ya in e m0rning during cme we had a sessi0n with e graduated sec 4s'. hahas and heryanto was damn sickening la. n0nsense one la. s0meone must be happy to see him. l0ls. physics less0n mr ch0r was realli fierce but im neutral la don wanna care. had eng extra lessons and was kinda ok. very tiring and had moodswings. =/ went hm and t0ok e bus. i LOVE darling! she's e best! i chatted with her thru my trip home and she agn understand mi s0 well. she's my soul mate! i feel so much better aft that thou i cant take it anymore! anyw my problems are oso her problems too. hahas and i feel so much better now. hai cant take it la. im n0t stress but rit now i hate my life! thats it! =/

things changed, i hate my life. studies and stuff, im damn tired can. jus donno why i cant get down to study for like 3-4 hrs. im already de proving like shit business and im not studying, tired life! and everyday everything is the same nothing ever changes. i hate studying but do i ahf a choice? i still hafta go sch which im hating more and more. I HATE CHEW LAY CHEN! SHE SUCKS CAN! i've got ap! ya attitude problem. and now my r/s with my mom got worst. wad the hell m i doing? and in sch i hafta face some sickening faces. pls dstopp all ur nonsense cos u are jus a FAKER! thx so much for acting better than mi! FAKER! and at home i argue with my mom. im stupid la. useless freak always tinking things will nvr change and be forever there and tot everyone will stand mi. can i don be mi ? sucky life. i need to be alone.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

hey! im finally bck in action! haas. recently my comn was sick and REALLY SICK ! so was send d0wn to repair but was thr0wn away c0s it was dead! l0ls. aint i imaginative?! anyw im now using daddy's lappie! i LOVE DADDIE! =))) let's catch up on e few days i didnt update.

-o3.o4.o6-4f`IANS BIG DAY! our LAST s and d in wwss! s0 we will make it a BEST one! s0 was s0 excited and nervous. but had a hearty laugh at 4e s and d. it was realli hilarious! =) THUMBS UP for 4e! anyw when it was our turn i tot i will be so so so nervous that i will faint hahas. no la but i DID it! and i sh0uted realli out l0ud! c0s it was supposed t0 be very l0ud and touching s0 i used all my energy and did so! and everyone was laughing! hahas bu i feel that we had be the BEST! i love 4f`IANS! 4g one was a bit classy but was nice too. anyw Mr Lau said that our skit e ending did touched mi. hahas. unbelieveable. l0ls. all thx to ryn f0r doing up e script! well thats f0r monday! and i realli thx th0se for supporting mi! LOVE YA GUYS!

-04.04.06-rev up! killing mi la! cant stand it but eunice didnt come! hai she fell sick and was weak. babe pls do take care of urself. b estrong k cos u can. and don worry u can fall on us when things go wrong. i miss ya pls come bck fast! take lotsa care! we had 5 FREE PERIODS! all e way till recess c0s we had 3 free periods initially for the a maths students and aft which is 2 periods of a maths till recess and mdm siti didnt come! so shuang! physics test was still ok la. and we went for heats and we came in fourht but its accroding to timing i hope we get in! and win for cactus! kinda tiring day for mi.

-05.04.06-s and d by 3f was ok. anyw eunice was absent agn! i MISS ya babe! come bck fast hor! anyw we had BORING LESSONS and ended the dy off with mama vergis talk. and we had nth t0 do during her talk but jus keep talking. m0st of them were d0ing wad we are doing. went t0 eat and i was s0 f0olish, imistaken my babe. im sorry to ya. if i known earlier i wouldnt haf done so. i love ya babe, im sorry. den went to meet yv0nne darling and steph mummy did s0me catching upand went home.

04.04.06 was a special nite, a frenship i tot that had been broken and will nvr be mended bck. but u are the one who gave mi hope. i realli miss those days and now that we are bck! i will nvr forget how e nite was so special to mi. we broke off on the 23rd of dec and g0t bck ytd. we used 3 mths and 12 days to get bck . i LOVE AKINSO AKA BIG MAMA! MUACKS!

0ff i go!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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