Thursday, June 30, 2005

arghhhhh!!!!! hate my com sho much now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything in dis com sucks! aiya i wan new com lehs. dis com old and siao siao ler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hai den todae had a beri boring dae in suckx tuh der core now!!!! cos of dat ruhua larh. donno how tuh teach and tok nonsense in klas. den we all do our own things.machiam no one cares onli der interested ones. den eng osho beri boring nors.nearly slpet and i haven hand in compre sure die! lols.den music okkie lorhs.learn smth beri fun! hehes.den e maths. wah piang dat permed hair nearly killed mie wif her boring teaching! osho another one donno how tuh teach. suay! fd was fun wit 3E!! and tey osho say tey enjoy alot wif us cos last tym wif 3G tey all machiam not fun der.hahas.beri happiy tuh hear dat!!!! a maths okkie lorhs. simi beri funni kip kalling Mr Neo den Mr Neo kip say wait wait den create mani jokes. after skool went eat abit den went tuh jp wif candy.irni and laoPo lorhs.den went hm and saw daphne and she tot i was 3G.omg how can dis be?! i sho toopid.hahas mayb i got der looks.lols.den slp on dat way was sho tired.hahas.den reach ler den i go jogging den steph miit mie at lot one den buy things walk ard lorhs.saw someone whom i din realli wanna see.if u don wann see mie den don nid tuh do dis.i jus treated u as a fren and forget it if u don wish tuh be my fren! get lost! since dis ish der way u wann us tuh be!!! and oso pls i din do anything otay!!!!! den don be frens lar i won die!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

todae beri skool nearly slpet during phys.sho boring firz ish a maths.okkie larhs.went tuh com lab den gort air con beri shiok!den machiam tym pass beri fast finish den chem.we do experiment.den den,leonard,jon tey all playing der calculator game lorhs.den leonard kena frm miss sim cos he go everywhere bring der calculator.hahas.den rongies break test tube nors.tuh pro ler.lols.den ss boring lorhs.den i faster go sc.cosi don wann hear him tok.nonsense.den after dat phy beri boring lorhs.1 period machiam one whole day.aiyo den woody cant tahn and den slp ler.den ham osho slp.machiam my grp whole grp zZz.den woody gave mie a beri cute hello kitty biscuit sho nice!i wanna kip don wann eat!!!!den english osho beri sians.beri long and boring.den a maths last 3 periods lorhs.okkie nors i jus kip eating my m n m den forget bout dat tym.den slack a bit den do some work nors.den wait fer yeemun go sc.den we left at 4 den went tuh lot one buy things den saw zhijie wif frens den we buy ler things den go down buy things tuh eat.den went up tuh comics connection den saw him agn.den steph buy tarot cards.beri accurate lorhs.hahas.mayb buying bahs.den went hm and reach hm bout 6 plus lorhs.den eat ler watch'tong xin yuan' den do phys.den online.nitex

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

tmr skol gonna reopen more slacking and osho mus wak up earli ler~ dis morning jus went tuh swmming.i jian fei mahs.tuh fei ler.hahas.den came bal ard 11 plus den do chem hw and den watch tv till tuition starts lorhs.den after tuition went tuh lot one and buy my 'meowmeow' things! whee i;m beginning tuh lurve cats!!!!hahas.den came bak not long ago and i saw zhijie at lot one but he din see mie.hehes den jus eat a bread and bb tea and now sho full ler.*burpss*.hahas.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

hai skol gonna reopen ler lehs. reali feel dat dis holidae tuh short ler marhs. everything rush rush ruhs don even haf tym tuh catch a breathe and din realli enjoy dis holiday. skol der first day sure veri nonsenses. attire check. wad nonsenses is dis? are we pri skol kidos? pls!!! and of cos boring lessons will sure come very fast and hw will pile up and exams veri fast here!!! den everything fail fail fail.lyk wad shit! wad the sai larhs. den alot of stress!!!!!!!!!! hate skol tuh dat core!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 24, 2005

i jus don understand why some ppl out dere in dat world are such a bitch? oh did i say bitch? ya bitch and of cos i bitch forever!!!! wanna be sho bhb den get out of my sight larhs fer wat u wann AC in front of mie. u tink u are better den mie? oh pls tink larhs even 3 yr old kido noes dat bitch! if u wann den get out tuh somewhere far and ac in front of some other ppl and i m sure u will get beaten up by ppl.u better watch out i will sure slap uder! don make mie do dat! i slap u!!!!! BITCH!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

todae went out wit steph n yvonne.lols.wake up ler den prepare ler jiu go miit them at lot one nors. den we 190 tuh go tuh far east and when reach ler jiu go n eat KFC lorhs.beri fun lehs.i ask steph to go toilet wit mi den yvonne prepare der smaly cake and candle den when she come out den she saw it den we sing her a birthday song hehes.den she say she beri gan dong.lols.den went tuh walk walk ard lorhs.haiish don hab money den mie cant buy alot of clothes and stuff nors.den mie going to town on sat agn.hehes buy everything i wann buy.get money frm mOma first.hehes my mOma coming bak todae!!!!!!i miss her sho muchie!!!!!!!!!hehes.i beri siao shun der.den went hm ard 6 plus den went tuh bb courts and look fer zj but cant find him.where are u???everytym i go dere cant find u.donno how mani tyms ler lehs.i will find u one day;den reach hm bath ler jiu watch tong xin yuan.den now use com.later gonna watch jue dui superstar.m2 rOx!!!!sho shuai.and i m gonna watch initial D!!!!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

sho long din blog lers. cos tish few days beri lazy arhs. hehes. todae mie went to lot one nors. at firz ish alone der but stpeh acc mie go nors.den went tuh lot one ler.walk walk mahciam nth tuh walk den went jurong point dan osho walk till sians ler den went to toyRus dan mie saw Benno dere climbing up der ladder *puff* *huff*. hehes den we tok tok lorhs. machiam wad sia. he high high der den mie beri der short sia dan gotto tok beri mafan. dan we go further up dan he hors walk past mie den hit my head! bad Benno!!! hehes. den went tuh lot one agn fer dinnder den i went tuh der pasar malam and buy a s.h.e puzzle fer steph der she din noe. hehes and at toyRus den i buy a flower fer her den she osho donno sia. muacks. hehes. den tmr going tuh town and celebrate her birthday ler!!! yeah!!!!i feel sho !!!!!!!!!!!!itcy now. eeew aww eeww!!! hehes. den going tuh watch tv till late late lers!! yeah!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

hohos.todae woke up at ard 11?lols.forget ler.i donno why mayb i miss mIss oOi too much cOs she leaving our skool ler.den i dream of her leaving and got my new chinese tcher whom i obviously hate her so much dat cried in her klas saying dat wif her ard i will sure fail my chinese and my frens.shimin was slping den kohwei was toking wif mi.den suddenly the tcher cant tahn den kol miss lim here den miss lim gave us some water and donno wad happen.tok to us ler.den okkie liao lorhs.den after dat i woke up all wi tears in my eyes and cried a little bit cos i reali cant tahn animore.she too good to us liao you see.den after dat got tuition den evening tym went tou to eat wif my family.cos father's day and oso celebrate my bro birthday lorhs.keke.had fun all along the way! lols.den came hm den onlin lorhs.sian diao! tmr my parents going china and den i staying hm to take care of my bro and help out den tue off to sentosa! yeah!!! den wed sat yat hm for hw! thur going off town!!! den fri got tuition den cant go aniwhere lorhs.den prepare for skol reopen liao lorhs.i mus work hard and strive to beat alot of ppl dat i aim!!! i will do it de! and of cos i believe dat i can! and wont be beaten down by other's words! =)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

whee.woke up ard 10 plus near tuh 11 lidat lorhs.beri tired.went tuh lot one wif my bro.bought quite alot of things dat i wanted to buy.keke.lols.den din seee him.was hoping to see him but didnt.nvm.niwae was sho happi.den went hm ler.denreach hm beri parents went to china mahs.den thur coming bak.sho mie and my sis take turns to take care of my bro lorhs.den todae my turn mahs.den sian diao nvr out.thur going town.tmr going sentosa agn!!!lols.i m mad!.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

*yawns* berit tired larhhs.todae woke up at ten plus and saw stpeh msg.ask mie whethe wanna go out not.den go lorhs.den mie slp till 11.keke.den went to mit her at her blk den we go plaza.boring lorhs den we went lot one norrs.and when we eating i saw 'him'.hasnt changed after so long.saw him wit 2 other gals frm swiss skol u.den he was helping one of them to carry e baggie.see ler.haiish.den after dat when he went down the escalator we at the kiddy palace der outside and when he turn and saw mie i quickly hide away and he stood dere smiling.he was wit the swiis gals den we went ard lot one lorhs.den went hm ler.den came out to lot one agn and when going to lvl four saw him aln.nvr see the swiss gals.actuali i reali wanted to tok to him but see him wit the gals maybe his stead den forget bout the idea ler lorhs.den wen bb court saw his bro and nvr see him and cant find him i was crying out in my heart regreting not ttoking to him lor.haiish niwae no use der.we cant get bak to wad we used to be veri hard to find him ler.jus hope b4 skol reopen can find him agn and tok to 'him': i hope we can mit lot one or mayb elsewhere.hope dat fate will brings to mit.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 17, 2005

todae woke up at 1o plus lorhs budden still beri tired.den mummi bought breakfast bak for mie.den OMG my face de skin come out lerrs.was sho my face beri ugle leiis.haf to wait for it to come off everything lorhs.den went to cut hair and had a funni hairstyle.keke going to rebond my fringe soon.steph accompany mie go wors.den went hm ard 5 plus liao den watch VCD agn.keke till 7 den go out to lot one wit mummi and bought a pants i tot got reduction but dunch haf.$43 leiis sho ex lorhs.mie everytym blur blur den owesi buy things wrongly.den mummi say nvm.lols.tired arhs.beri tired.skol going to reopen lerrs.den beri stress one leiis.haiish sian.broing lessons coming+tchers+skool+everything!!sians.

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

sian sian sians...stayed at hm de whole dae lerr leiis...and i m sick and tired of this hse lerr...realli very damn sian..actualli todae wanna go bugis de budden nvr go cos i oso veri lazy to go out niax...stayed at hm and watch VCD lorhs...a korean show very did nth todae ...i m going to rebond my fringe ler..cos now not nice mus rebond...den the back hair go do straightening lorhs..don care cant satnd my hair ler and wanna change hairstyle too!mayb tmr going to cut hair den sat going to rebond fringe....don care kao dim my hair firz!

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

pain pain pain!!! i got sunburnt all over my body even my face too!!! keke went to sentosa wit my frens and play dere all thru and got tis! hahas..was so fun and enjoyed myself thoroughly...after dat went to eat and watch 'unleashed' dat movie was so nice!!!! but the cinema was cold...and went hm wif mus and slep on the train cos i was too tired and body is aching...todae went to mit kohwei to make her ic went to lavender all dat way was so long!...wakaka and after dat actualli wanted go play bmt de but was sick and wen hm to slp and was quite fine...den wen lot one da bao food for myself and when i was back my sis was back and i had to make a trip to the market to buy for dad and came bak my fries not nice liao hmphx! den watch tv and did some maths but was stuck and so decided to ask tuition tcher this the 'jue dui superstar' wah some sing beri lousy got one quite handsome sing not bad den got one blind de come sing and sang very well!!! everyone was so touched...mie too! den watch tv again and even forget todae is dar's biorthday!!! happi birthday dar! keke dat's it...nitexnitex and TEKaire! x)

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.

Monday, June 13, 2005

finalli done wit this blog! yeah! hmm well todae is mondae quite sian and of cos monday blues..stay at hm de whole day feeling tired

well i jus came bak frm tw not long ago..its was fun! eat,learn,see and of cos BOUGHT alot of things for reali different frm a'pore..their gals dere realli dress very funki and tey even wear make up to skool..well wad if these were to happwn in our smally and tiny wwss? experince an tiny earthquake dere..i was sleeping well when things start to vibrate u tot i was in my dreamms but it was happening and scare most of us to death..
their themem park is oso very fun! fun and exciting! abnd i tried the rollar coaster which i screamed throughout the way!but stil enjoy alot after all..

later going to pasar malam ler..not going training cos i haf decided to quit!...yupp! and dats my decision! and no one can change it..oso i din mean it kf...sorri x[

&&; /Signed by Yours Truly.


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i love the sun, the sea and the beach! tanning sessions with gfs! chilling out with big mama (: im a shopaholic! i can shop for hrs i LOVEEE to sleeeppp (:


all the bitter food & herbal teas hate being disturbed when im sleeping =x waiting for a very long time


hopes for world peace.well being of my loved see the real santa clus!to be able to swim with the dolphins and to see shooting stars =)


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